May 22, 2007

On the Dynamic Duo show with Jim Fetzer

(Update - Show archive: Hour 1 - Hour 2 )


I'll be on for the full 2 hours (I think).

Show time:

May 22, 2007

3:00pm - 5:00pm Central Time

(4pm EST - 1pm PST)

Listen here
(select Network 2)


Links to follow along:

WTC 'Plane' Crash Videos
(Collection of all the known 1st & 2nd hit videos, plus photos)

The really really really strong wings of 'UA175'
(animated gifs of '175' penetrating the South Tower)

767's Wing Tips Made Of Pentanium Steel?
(my first article on 'no-planes')

South Tower 'exit' hole

The Frozen Fireball

TV Fakery explains the "Pod" phenomenon

WTC Photo Gallery


Unknown said...

Good Luck.

We are pulling for you.

Unknown said...

I know you've got a 1/2 hr left. Your presentation is going well.

War On Suckers said...

Is the audio archived anywhere? Sad to say, woke up in the early hours just to catch the last 10 mins which were dominated by Fetzer repeating things he's said 1000 times already. That guy loves the sound of his own voice.

War On Suckers said...

Thanks for the archive link. That was excellent Killtown! Fetzer's new approach of letting his guests speak is refreshing too.