May 15, 2007

The spinning WTC

There may be an explanation for why it looks like a bridge is continuing to move behind the WTC even after the camera stops zooming. Seems like the bridge wasn't really moving, but that the WTC was built on a giant revolving platter:

The video is being shot from the south tip of Lower Manhattan and is showing gash on the south face of the South Tower allegedly made by Flight 175 crashing into it. Notice you can also see the east face of the South Tower throughout the entire shot.

The tall skyscraper on the far right with the pointy top is the Empire State Building, which is about 3 miles from the WTC. (1st pic)

When the camera zooms, you can see what looks like the WTC 7 just to the right of the South tower. This building is actually the 1 Pennsylvania Plaza building; two blocks from the Empire State Building. (2nd pic)

Now the 1 Penn Plaza is seen to the left of the North Tower. (3rd pic)

And finally, the Empire State Building is seen almost right next to the right side of the South Tower as if the WTC was on a revolving platter rotating left. (4th pic)

The camera continues to show the south face of the South Tower the entire time.

The buildings in the WCBS video do not line up with the buildings using Google Earth.

Photos of the Empire State Building:

This WCBS shot is like the moving bridge shot in which the Verranzano-Narrows bridge looks like it's relatively close to the WTC in the video, but in reality it is 7.5 miles away.

(Thanks to Still Diggin for this.)


Phil Cody said...

Interesting short paragraph in the middle of the
new Steven Jones paper. He's talking about the top 14 floors of the tower meeting resistance or in freefall but look at the comparison he uses......

"From experience you know that if you hit something stationary (like another car) while driving it will slow you down, right? This slowing from collisions is due to conservation of momentum and energy. Now which one of these blocks is going to fall faster? The one falling in air or the one falling onto the remaining 94 floors? Of course, the block falling in air is going to fall a lot faster!"

hmm, so if this is true for cars hitting cars, wouldn't it also be true of planes hitting buildings?
Or is that a different kind of conservation of momentum and energy?

spooked said...

We were so fucked with that day.

spooked said...

Though, it's possible this is just a weird optical illusion related to the distance the chooper was from the WTC and the distance the WTC was from those other large bldgs. Small changes in WTC perspective can make drastic changes in the background.

Phil Cody said...

Pic 2 and 4 are from different angles though not much. If 2nd pic camera is at say 6 o'clock then pic 4
(with no east face visible) would be from more to the left at say 7 or even 8 oclock which could be enough to bring the Empire state building in to the picture though it still seems awfully close (the heavy zoom could account for this). The Penn. building seems to move more extremely from pics 2 to 3 and doesnt seem anywhere to be found in pic 4. Spooked's right tho about small changes in WTC perspective effecting background more drastically.

Anonymous said...