May 10, 2007

The Frozen Fireball

(Updated: 07/27/07)

Notice the quality and focus of each frame of the zoom-out is superb even though the zoom-out was extremely fast in the video from CNN's America Remembers.

Notice all of the vehicles on Franklin D. Roosevelt Dr. appear to all be white.

Notice that the white crane arm seems to be swinging out very fast after the camera stops zooming. Remember that the zoomout clip was slowed down from the impact clip.


Phil Cody said...

[i was all set to post this on the 5/3 scott myers video entry when you changed your anonymous policy, anyway here it is again]

ya know, that Real Truther over at blogger seems smarter than most, he gets the pentagon and Shanksville, Isreal/Silverstein and even the fake eyewitness's like harley guy but just can't quite grasp that there weren't any plane crashes in NY either. I don't get it.
I got to hand it to folks like Ningen and yourself for going in to the lions den over there and remaining calm while people like Dem Bruce lee Styles blow gaskets. bwahaha. I see you got some love from jkeogh from arizona. God job killtown. Scott Myers,

Killtown said...

Thanks driftbolt. :)

Online TV said...

I notice the shadow on North Tower is frozen in time and would like to explain. There is this stop watch from Twilight zone that would explain this or sloppy video work.

spooked said...

Nice work Kill.

jth3000 said...


Unknown said...

Brilliant my ass. The first clip is about a third of a second long, shot from a distance of no less than 2 miles. How much change do you think you're going to see given that time frame and that scope? Also: if the shutter speed was set very high (as I can assure you it is from examining the clip) each frame would retain the "quality and focus". In the longer clip (the one with the crane) you can see the fireball growing - again keep in mind the scope of the shot - it's 3/4 of a mile wide! I've edited thousands of hours of video, and I say your conspiracy theories are bull.