May 08, 2007

Holy shit, now there's an extra "Oh my God!"

I had previously shown to you in one of the many versions of CNN's "Michael Hezarkhani" 2nd hit video that you can hear a man saying "Oh my God!" at the end of one version and in another longer version of the same video, this man is not heard.

Now in another version of this same CNN video, this man is again heard, but this time he is heard saying "Holy shit! Oh my God!" and he is heard saying this much later in the video:

Here is the original "OMG" version which is the same guy saying "OMG", but early than in the video above:

Note that I think the "Holy shit, OMG" video at top has the same audio track as this "missing OMG" version below, but this version just stops a couple seconds sooner so that's why you don't hear any "OMG" in it:

Once again, credit to the immortal Fred for this fabulous find.

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War On Suckers said...

CNN weren't the only ones messing with the audio on their video creations. The Naudet video creation received similar treatment in the various propaganda sewers. "Holy shit!" being the praise of choice to receive a mashing.