April 15, 2007

New Shanksville aerial photo shows no debris in excavated crater

I just stumbled upon this Shanksville aerial photo I hadn’t seen before that looks like it was taken a few days after 9/11 when they started excavating the crater:

Officials are telling us that 80% of Flight 93 was found in the crater. If that is true, then why is the only thing that seems to be being excavated from that crater is dirt?  33 cars-worth of wreckage should have been down there!

Remember that there is only one photo that shows debris in the crater during the excavation and that photo just happens to be the one with the small rusted engine scrap with no dirt embedded in it in which I showed how they planted it after 9/11:

Note that there is also the close-up photo of one of the alleged black boxes that was photographed in a crater, however there is no proof that it was actually taken in that Shanksville crater and not some other staged crater.

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