April 03, 2007

Stand up against '9/11 Truth' dictators

Yesterday was another sad day in the 9/11 “truth” movement. It seems like there are certain people in the movement who think they know what’s best for movement and want to dictate which 9/11 conspiracy theories are ok to discuss and which ones are forbidden to talk about (ironic, huh?).

Yesterday Dylan Avery, of Loose Change, banned certain conspiracy theories to be discussed at his “9/11 truth” conspiracy forum:

dylan avery Posted: Apr 2 2007, 06:59 PM

Whoever's behind this multiple-IP temporary forwarding no plane spamming nonsense ...

Loose Change Forum is from now on taking a NO TOLERANCE POLICY on "No Planes At WTC"

From this post forward, anyone seen promoting that theory ... first offense, 7 day suspension. Second offense, banning.

This is our forum, and we refuse to allow our reputation to be tarnished any further.

Did you get that? He banned certain conspiracy theories from his conspiracy forum; the ones he feels are harmful to the movement. Why? Because obviously he thinks he knows what’s best for the 9/11 “Truth” movement.

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If you agree with Dylan's decision in banning this particular theory because you feel it has no basis and/or is "discrediting" the movement, how will you feel if/when he bans one of the theories you believe in?

The funniest part is that his overreaction came in part from the result of the actions by a couple spammer trolls who launched an attack on me by bumping all my old threads up in an attempt to make me look bad and when the first spammer got banned, they came back under different names (even copying my own ID somehow) and began bumping more of my old threads up, but this time they got clever and made themselves look like no-planers, the people who Dylan obviously despises. These crafty spammers deliberately did this to make me and no-planers look bad and Dylan fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

When I pointed this out to Dylan, this was his reaction:

dylan avery Posted: Apr 2 2007, 07:21 PM

"QUOTE (Killtown @ Apr 3 2007, 12:20 AM) Dylan, you fell for the oldest trick in the book."

You are now suspended for 7 days.

Start being a responsible person and researcher.

“Start being a responsible person and researcher.” Hmm, that’s pretty funny coming out of his mouth.

But this should not come to any surprise; he’s been abusing his power at his poorly run forums for quite some time. The Loose Change Forum is legendary for deleting posts and banning at will. Now a lot of these deleting of posts and bannings have been towards conspiracy skeptics who’s sole purpose was to disrupt the forum and ridicule 9/11 conspiracy theorists, so I don’t have a problem with taking action against these immature trolls (even though I personally would have handled it differently), but it’s the deleting of posts and banning of legitimate researchers with legitimate questions exploring all aspects of the truth that can not be tolerated. It’s censorship, “plane” and simple.

Dylan also closed down the first Loose Change Forum after he banned a lot of his admins and mods for standing up to him*.

(*Note that there was a lot of corrupt admins at the first LC forum in which I was for them being de-admined, but I was not for Dylan’s mass admin banning and I did not know the whole story at the time about what his reasons were for his mass bannings.)

It’s also very disturbing that one the very few moderators he has at his large and popular forum is Russell Pickering who spends most of his time trying to prove an AA Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon which goes directly against one of the main points in Dylan’s movie Loose Change which advocates that no plane hit the Pentagon. What’s up with that???

A lot of people have been complaining in the background about Dylan’s strong-arm tactics and immature behavior and his seemingly lack of interest at his own forum by allowing trolls there to run amok for quite some time now, but were afraid to speak up because if you brought it up at his forum, you would most likely be banned on the spot. Another reason people haven’t stood up (including me) to say anything about him is because we don’t want to be seen as dividing the movement and don’t want to give ammunition to the immature skeptics who’s sole purpose is to destroy the 9/11 truth movement.

Well we can only stay seated and quiet for so long until we become the very people who we complain about that stay seated and quiet about thinking 9/11 was an inside job. Dylan’s actions of censorship and strong-arming are, in my opinion, discrediting the 9/11 “Truth” Movement just as much, or maybe even more, than the very theories he thinks are discrediting the movement.

Dylan is not the only “big-wig” in the 9/11 Truth Movement who thinks they know what’s best for the movement and, ironically, these other “big-wigs” in the movement who think they know best for everyone think Loose Change is detrimental to the truth movement!

Some truthers will say that exposing 9/11 is too important to worry about free speech because if the New World Order gets its way, there will be no free speech anymore, so we must “suspend” the very things we are fighting for to win our battle for the “truth”.

Well that being said, then there are only two options for the 9/11 truth movement as I see it:

1) Support free speech in our efforts to find the truth about 9/11 and condemn censorship (one of the very things we are supposedly fighting against)

2) Become fascists and support a elitist hierarchy that the majority of truthers (or those who pull the most weight) think will know what’s best for the movement to lead us and attack and ridicule those who the movement's self appointed Messiahs deem "trouble makers" for the movement.

I, for one, am against fascism and support freedom of speech and I’m taking a stand against dictators who think they know what’s best for the 9/11 truth movement.

I’m calling for Dylan Avery to step down as an administrator at the Loose Change Forum and for the other members of Loose Change, Jason Bermas and Korey Rowe, to either take control of the forum and run it more professionally, or close it all together like the did with their last forum.

I also urge other sites, like 911blogger.com, to crack down on members who think they know what’s best for the movement and who viciously attack other truthers who they disagree with.

I urge all truthers who support free speech and who are against bullying tactics to stand up against any member or group in the 9/11 truth movement who they think are stifling free speech and are acting like dictators.

Now is the time to take a stand.

Don’t regret not standing up like Earl McManus did:

If truthers think I am detrimental to the 9/11 truth movement, feel free to take a stand against me.

My banned from list.


Anonymous said...

Screw 'em.

We don't need no leaders.

We are each our own leaders.

No one should be dependent upon any forum or site to get their words or opinions out. People can set up their own sites if they wish.

While there will always be people who just want to follow what the popular people and leaders think, ultimately, the truth will come out for people who can handle the truth.

I think too many people simply CAN'T handle the truth.

That's the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah don't worry about it - it's not as if its a free speech issue. We've got the whole of the web to discuss anything we want to. Let's use it.

No need for personal attacks - just let our arguments speak for themselves and stand or fall on their merit alone.

CHF said...

Killtown...do you have any idea how messed up you have to be in order for the folks at LCF to think you're too crazy?

You need help, kid. Serious psychological help.

Killtown said...

Why do I care what a bunch of immature truthers and JFUCK trolls pretending to be truthers over think?

Unknown said...

All in all, Dylan's behavior makes it easy to be on the lookout for the flaws in LC Final Cut.

FWIW, I'm a "no-jetliner", not a no-planer.

Anonymous said...

You're being generous, Killtown, LC is being financed by "someone" to draw attention AWAY from the truth. Because of attention the media fakery has been receiving lately, they probably have instructions to "tighten the screws"

Anonymous said...

I take it they won't be covering TV fakery in Final Cut then eh? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! (That's the perps laughing not me). And what's with this "theatrical release" anyway? wow, hey Grandma, get in the car, we're goin to the Cineplex...WTF! Why would anyone want to drive to a theater to see Loose Change? To admire the gorgeous cinematography? Written and directed by Dylan Avery? huh? What did he write? What did he direct? Oh, thats right it's not fiction, it's a documentary. Will Roger Ebert review it? Will Avery be the toast at Sundance! Will new offers come pouring in. WTF, this is nuts, seems like someone's forgotten what the topic of the film is even about. ( It's a snuff film for christ sakes) Oh but that's right, it's not about the money, or hanging out with Charlie Sheen or flying in Mark Cubans private jet, it's about asking questions and demanding answers and you can direct all that to my agent, Jerry Goldberg at......Puhleeze, can you believe this 23 year old ass clown is actually going to try and parlay 9-11 into a Hollywood movie career? Unbelievable. "Well, James Gandolfini told me, if I wanted to make it in movies, I had to have
something to say to the world, so I thought, hmmm...I want to say 9-11 was an inside job, I don't know why, I just do, I was just making it up so imagine my surprise when I found out it was true, WOW so now I'm famous in the 9-11 truth movement which is cool but" (end quote)........anyway, will the next aspiring film maker who stumbles across 9-11 truth and decides to make a movie about it do us all a favor
and make it by ANONYMOUS, thanks. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!

Ps. There were no planes, there were no hijackers
you dip-shits...

Anonymous said...

You suckers don't get it. Avery and so many others have always been in it strictly for the money. 9/11 truth is first and foremost a cottage industry. A place for ner'do wells to make a little scratch on the side. That's numero uno.

Avery has a chance at turning "loose change" into a mainstream money machine with the involvement of Sheen/Cuban and other big bucks cats.

Simply put, retailing the most palitable "theories" to the largest number of paying customers is his game.

Welcome to the big time Dylan. Say goodbye to the unwashed masses.

Matt Lodder said...

Well, if you can't discuss those no plane theories at LCF any more, you know that no-one ever gets banned simply for their opinions on the JREF forums - come give us your best evidence for no planes over there, Killtown!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of starting your own forum ?

Anonymous said...

i've found your work credible before, but if banning the discussion of the no-plane-theory throws you for a loop, you need to reanalyze your own intentions. i hope i'm speaking for more than myself here, but we're not looking for endless routes of research, but those which are effective to specific, tangible ends. i brought morgan reynolds and his no-plane-theory to speak in front of hundreds at my university (after he spammed me with requests to do so) only to watch my entire organization fall to shambles. it's gone now, entirely, so score 1 cointelpro. it's manipulative activity on behalf of cointelpro fucks, and for people who truly believe in the potential of this movement to fall prey is fucking pathetic. read these words, recognize what the impact is upon otherwise collected efforts, and get a fucking clue.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you just like to use the word "Cointelpro". Did John Albanese teach you that? Let's see now, what University are we talking about here? Morgan Reynolds, who must be in his late sixties and retired, is out there spamming to get speaking engagements? That's odd, the guy doesn't even blog or post @ forums. (That we know of) And why did you bring someone to speak in front of hundreds whose ideas you didn't already agree with somewhat anyway. Isn't that like hiring a band you don't even like and then complaining about it? It's not like Reynolds hides his opinions. You had to have known beforehand
where he stood. It sounds to me like you're calling
yourself pathetic for falling prey (even though you didn't since what Reynolds is saying is true).. You
get duped so to say and then have the gall to tell others to "get a fucking clue". Huh???. I agree, you are pathetic. You should heed your own advice hammerhead and wake up to the truth. There were no hijackers, there were no hijacked plane crashes, TV fakery was used. The pentagon staged the wargames and Isreali Zionist / goyim mercenaries blew up the towers.

Fred said...

Morgan Reynolds begged you to come to your University? You've got to be kidding right? Your "movement" is so weak that your little sheep couldn't handle the truth about the planes? Come on!

Lucky Larry right. The anonymous poster above sounds exactly like that Suspected Al Qaida Terrorist Itchy Alba. You never know what will set off a dangerous lunatic and make him decide to blow himself up at a shopping mall. Where is Homeland Security when you need it??