April 02, 2007

Oh my God, there's a missing "Oh my God!"

(Update: Holy shit, now there's an extra "Oh my God!")

Listen to this CNN's "Michael Hezarkhani" video of the alleged 2nd plane crash and pay particular attention to the screams of the people:

You should have heard a lady scream, “Oh my God!”, and then at the very end a man say, Oh my God!” in a less panicky tone.

Now listen to a different version of that same CNN video with a longer ending:

Did you hear the man say, “Oh my God!” in the last one?

Oh my God!!!

Credit to Fred for this find.


Homer said...

well i don't know. some of the screams did sound off or different. maybe the mic of video was taken at a different place.

Killtown said...

It's the SAME video! Just at a different version (ie different logos).

Anonymous said...

well, the question is, why the cameraman is filming THE TOWER, not the incoming plane,

if i were him i would quickly turn to the left to catch the plane, but no, everybody is filming tower...

spooked said...

I simply can't believe you are accusing someone of altering 9/11 videos!


Though I agree that the cameraman's reaction is highly abnormal. No way he can just flip the camera up to catch the plane like that and follow it into the tower.

Anonymous said...

1 thing you have to think of is the fact of the sorces like the 1st vid how was it put on the net how did it get encoded into Mpeg or avi was it recoreed but a cam watching a tv with the dude caming the tv as the plain hit .

there is a lot of resons that the extra OMG Got there but if you looking for resons to find the truth about 9/11 i think your looking in the Wrong place.