March 30, 2007

The really really really strong wings of 'UA175'

and its indestructible tail section...

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Its wings that are loaded with fuel don’t even explode and its tail section doesn't even get hacked off as they shredded those wimpy steel girders and floor slabs!


Its wings are so strong that they can even cut through elevators in the middle of skyscrapers!

The bottom wing of United Flight 175 ripped through the south tower's 78th floor elevator lobby. – USA Today

Here’s how wimpy plane’s tail sections hold up during hard landings:

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PR said...

I'm a big skeptic regarding the hypotesis of image fakery... but I should admit it strange. Improbable. But strange.

Killtown said...

I appreciate your reply. You are obviously open-minded which seems so rare these days.

Anonymous said...

maybe it was the speed of the impact? that plane in the video below was a slow plane. the time it took to land the wheels should be about the time the wtc flight took to crash into the south tower.

i don't know. in a way it does make a point.

Anonymous said...

you have only to look at one of the images of the plane gliding into the tower to realize that there was fakery.

pollenb said...

Homer, objects in collision dont know which is moving. The building could have been travelling at 250mph the plane at 250mph., the outcome would be the exact same according to Newtons laws of motion. Every action and all that.

Anonymous said...

dunno, i am having a hard time myself swallowing the no plane theory but it's true the footage looks odd and phoney. regardless i think to promote the no plane hit the towers stuff may do more harm than good to the truth movement. infact wether planes impacted or not it doesn't make any difference and sure it does nothing to strenghten the case against the govt since it is already slum dunk anyways.


spooked said...

I'm having trouble understanding how pursuing the truth hurts the truth movement.

Anonymous said...

The planes that impacted the Twin Towers were most likely remote controlled U.S. Air Force E8 modified 707 with Jstars pod attached. The pod housed either a missile or incendiary device such as Thermate. You can tell a missile or incendiary device was fired by the bright flash before both planes impact.

The Masked Writer said...

Hey Killtown, does that second source camera footage ever remind you of a global hawk with a "big jet" overlay?

I was looking at it again on this blog and that was the first thing that came to mind. From the missing left wing to what appears to be the V shaped rear tail.

Could the missing left wing be a result of color/video washout or what?

Not sure on the fakery thing, but if a straw can penetrate a telephone pole during a tornado without breaking, then this could be possible.

Anonymous said...

it's not because it may or may not be the truth but because it will be hard to prove and even more hard to be accepeted by anyone who will look at all the facts before starting a serious investigation...when that happens. it could compromise our credibility and undermine all of our arguments just by fixating on the improbablity of hologram-projected planes.


Anonymous said...

well, i think that chavez should build replica of one of the towers and then fly in it with a remote controlled boeing,... :)

Unknown said...

It's very difficult to believe that no planes hit the towers. The easiest explanation is in the flight records of the planes and the monitoring by flight control:

"The flight was piloted by Captain Victor Saracini, with Michael Horrocks as first officer. At 08:37:08, flight control asked the pilots of UA175 whether they could see American Airlines Flight 11 out their viewpoint, and the response was affirmative. They were ordered to maintain distance from the flight since it was now known that it had been hijacked.[2] Approximately 7 minutes later, UA175 was also hijacked."

Further researched discusses flight control following the planes until their ultimate disappearance over NYC.

FL350 said...

First of all, consider this: Water can cut through steel when traveling at 900 mph. Secondly, those wings need to hold up the entire weight of the fully loaded 767. They aren't just aluminum skins, they contain a significant amount of steel. Furthermore, when loaded with fuel, the pair of wings can weigh up to 127,300 lbs. Finally, the structural beams are simply 3/8" thick tubular material. Between these beams was only aluminum casements and

You're crazy if you think a 65,000 lb steel ribbed wing moving at 500 mph cannot make a hole in a building.