March 25, 2007

Someone is impersonating me with hate emails

If you received an email with stupid immature threats on it coming from my email address (, it wasn’t from me.

Some loser is using Flirga to send stupid threatening emails to 9/11 truthers with my email address attached to them to make them think they are coming from me in some pathetic attempt to try to discredit me.

A couple of them actually were sent to my inbox after they bounced from their intended target (that’s how I first found out), but some have unfortunately made it through to people.

So if you received a threatening email from my address along with some immature threats that looks like it was written by a teenager, it wasn’t from me.

The emails most likely are coming from the loser Randi kids over at JFUCK. Whoever is doing it, they are getting really desperate.

Here are some of the stupid immature threats on these emails:

Subject: Shill!


Subject: Loser

You ARE a loser, ****. Go and pimp your mum.


Subject: You Government Shill!

I used to believe you. Say Hallo to the cops, Shill.


Subject: Hello cointelpro expert

I will continue to expose your plane-hugging disinfo, Shill. You had your muddy, little disinfo show. Go pimp your mum instead.


Subject: NSA Shills in the 9/11 house

I revealed your dirty little secrets. You better stop or...


Subject: 9/11 and their spies

Women are bad for the movement. Especially if they work for the NSA.

You better watch out. Leave the movement. NOW!


Subject: Wake up, you Lunatic!

There is no room for so called researcher like you, spreading disinfo after disinfo. You never cared about 9/11 and your whole research is nothing but made up lies to divide people. These are your last days in our movenent,


Subject: Disinfo Agent

I will spread the message about you and your disinfo friends

Say good bye to the movement, Shill.


spooked said...
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spooked said...

they are desperate, no doubt-- and their desperation gives me hope!

Anonymous said...

I think this indidvidual here might be involved in sending the fake e-mails:

Anonymous said...

sup killtown!
there is one individual who comments at the spooked blog that practically froths at the mouth at the merest thought of you - this individual uses the moniker sword of truth.

Anonymous said...

Sword of Truth is a known JREF'er. And he/she posts on "Screw Loose Change" blog. Is this really a surprise? I thing not.


Anonymous said...


Killtown said...

Ah yes, "sort of truth". Know him well (unfortunately).