March 28, 2007

TV Fakery explains the "Pod" phenomenon

(Updated: 06/20/07)

I slowed the Courtesy CNN and CNN Exclusive fake 2nd hit videos down to 1fps using VirtualDub to, again, try to show the Podders that their beloved "pod" is not some special mechanical add-on on some one-off drone 767 that is used to fire out a missile from it a fraction of a second before it hits the South WTC Tower, but that it is just a result of sloppy animation of fake planes in fake videos. When doing this, I discovered what explains the appearance of a "pod" underneath the planes along with the disappearing wings & tails as the cartoon plane is about to melt through the cartoon building.

When the planes in the videos come into view against the blue sky background, there are no pods or other visible anomalies seen on the planes. ALL the observed anomalies happened when the cartoon planes pass in front of the black smoke coming out of the North Tower which suggests it's a result of animation blunders with the inserted CGI planes (or however they did it) when they pass in front of a different color from being moved across the blue sky (think blue screen in a sense). You can see that a "pod" immediately forms under the plane and gets more pronounced as the cartoon plane gets closer to the cartoon South Tower as if it is growing. Also notice that the planes stagger awkwardly across the screen.

But don't fret Podders!

Even though your theory that the "pod" underneath is a mechanical add-on is now debunked, there is still a "pod" underneath the plane that shouldn't be there, it's just not made out of aluminum, but pixels!

(SIDE NOTE: I also believe the Courtesy CNN video was aired before the CNN Exclusive because you’ll notice what crappy quality the Courtesy CNN video is compared to Exclusive CNN’s crisp and obvious computer enhanced colors.)

(Updated) The vonKleist cover-up

Dave vonKleist of 911 In Plane Site isn't purposely covering-up that this plane isn't showing a "pod" underneath when it's in front of blue sky to try to save his pod theory is he?

(See 38:25 into 911 In Plane Site to see this clip.)

And no, I'm not suggesting Dave vonKleist is a shill, but I just couldn't help notice that he is inadvertently(?) covering-up the underbelly of the CGI plane that does not show the "pod" when this "plane" is in front of the blue screen, er sky.

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Anonymous said...

Fake plane, Fake pod.

Anonymous said...

you are so full of crap. People like you that say that 911 was a hologram or an animation SPIT in the face of everyone who was there and SAW it with their own eyes. A person could alter perhaps one video but NOT from several different angles and taken by several different people. YOU ARE DISINFORMATION. The FLASH has been verified by multiple angles in video taken by multiple cameras that day.

spooked said...

Ken D Webber-- it would be nice if you could say what you saw, assuming you saw something there. If you weren't there, and didn't see it live, then you really don't know WHAT happened.

One thing that just occurred to me about this is that the POD does appear about the time as the "plane" comes out of the shadow made by the WTC1 smoke trail. This would correlate with the POD coming on as the plane nears the smoke and tower.

Ultimately, I don't think the POD can prove anything. Most likely I think it is an artifact made by the perps who made the video. The most important thing is that this plane really doesn't look like a normal Boeing 767-200. For instance, the tail is misaligned and the port wing is not at a normal angle.

Anonymous said...

i know a guy whose wife's sister's friend's brother got his haircut at the same time as another guy who said that his neighbor's daughter's elementary school teacher's husband was walking their dog on 9/11/01 and he just happened to look at the exact right moment and saw the airplane hit the tower - he could see the faces of the terrified passengers pressed up against the little windows as it flew over.
whatever ken webber - go back to watching your TV.

Anonymous said...

oh i know! the flash could only have been the visible manifestation of the signal from a giant garage door opener remote control which opened up a giant garage door at the last moment and let the plane in.
now we must determine whether this giant garage door utilized a chain drive or a screw drive...

Anonymous said...

I believe I pointd this out some time ago when I wrote "Ghost Gun UA175" which is now called "The WTC2 Media Hoax".

It appears in "Michael Hezarkhani Video / CNN Best Angle - "The Money Shot Files For Bankruptcy" section.


However I never saw a pod at any time on this "plane".

So I'm not sure what the fuss is about anyway!

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