March 29, 2007

Perp down for the count?

(Update 03/30/01: After 2 weeks being down and only one day after this post, the spook site is back up!)

Back in Nov '06 I started raising questions about this site and called them out again in February that this site might be a perp site in the guise of a 9/11 conspiracy site specifically started about a week after 9/11 to distract our attention away from the fake crash site at Shanksville and make us believe that Flight 93, whether shot down or not, crashed in Shanksville:

Now I've never seen this website down before, but I noticed that for the last two weeks that when you click on their site, all that comes up is a blank screen:

Is it only temporary, or did we run these perps out of town!


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Anonymous said...

The perps are on the run. Anyone with half a brain can see that the Bush administration is doomed and that the cover for this covert operation has been completely blown. The smart operators will sneak off, lay low and wait for the dust to settle.