March 09, 2007

Boycott YouTube!

After a flurry of recent axings of my work, YouTube axed my account today without any notification.

When you go to my old account there, it says:

This user account is suspended.”

However, when I log in it says:

Your account has now been permanently disabled.”

I had almost a 100 videos uploaded there. If any of my videos there were violating their rules, I would have gladly removed them.

Looks like a lot of people have been getting their accounts axed by YouTube. Just check out all the axed accounts of the people who subscribed to TheWebFairy’s and GoatPussy’s account:

So instead of getting mad, let’s get even!

YouTube is censoring and they’ve also sold out to CIA-linked Google, so let's show the government and these corporate pigs that we don’t support censorship by sticking it to them where it hurts and:


If you have a YouTube account with not too many videos uploaded, delete all your videos off of it and upload this short vid:

If you have a lot of videos uploaded there, just state you won’t be uploading to YouTube anymore and upload the YouTube boycott video as your last one.

Remember, Fight the Power!


Anonymous said...

Rock on KT...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a........CONSPIRACY !!!
Thats wierd KT.
Just when you were about to launch your ground breaking video.
It must be TOO HOT!!!
TPTB are trying to shut you up!!
Youve got them on the run KT!!!
Too much TRUTH for TPTB!!!
Time to open a can of WHOOP ASS!!!
GO KT GO !!!!!!

The Silver Shadow said...

Oh yeah, everybody should boycott YouTube, you people are a drop in an ocean.

So now that you're boycotting, does that mean that you're going to stop blogging here because google does own blogger, and according to you, google is backed by the CIA...

Anonymous said...

Who said google linked to CIA? Looks like bullshit. I've been always thought it resists CIA.
YouTube is pressured by fucking copyrights acts defenders...
too sad

The Silver Shadow said...

read the blog, Killtown makes some assumptions, I'm wondering if he'll act to those assumptions...

Anonymous said...

Obergruppenfurher Oliver uses
his JREF jack boots to kick KTs
YouTube account into submission!!!!
This proves that the JREFers are
Nazi World Order agents!!!!!!!
When will Oliver become a camp kommandant and put KT through a "selection" ???????????????
HANG IN THERE KT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

veteran marine corp intel robert steele said he discovered google was funded by the cia, so it is reasonable to assume the cia is still exercising major influence.


Anonymous said...

Are there any other sites that allow free video hosting? I'd imagine there are enough of us 9/11 conspiracy kooks out there that we could send a lot of viewers to one of YouTube's rivals.

Just because YouTube was the first on the scene does not mean that they will ultimately survive. Look at social networking sites, for instance. Friendster had a huge base of users well before MySpace or Facebook came around but they were still overtaken.

Anonymous said...

Ho Ho, this is ridiculous. Hi hi. You and You Tube pretend to be enemies, to give the impression that a video of lies is very important. Just as Alex Jones and BBC pretended to be enemies.

You stupid assholes...

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones has gone completely insane

"9/11 was a Boeing Job"

Killtown works with Jim Hoffman. Hoffman and uses this crashtest:
to explain why the plane disappeared. But this wall can in no way be compared with the Pentagon wall. Whatever hit the Pentagon made a hole in it, and in ring C. No signs of wings. These people are liars.

Anonymous said...

My account was also on March 9, 2007, Suspended. Same message as you. I had about 30 videos on my account, none of which violated their terms of use. My account name was 2xbpro on YouTube. I submitted a contact form asking for my account to be reopened. With an explanation as to why it was closed in the first place. I never got any information regarding a video which was copy written, my work was uploaded!

Pissed off ex-Youtuber.


Anonymous said...

Halifaxion's YouTube account was axed as well.

Anonymous said...

Its all that porn you put up under your alternate name. They know stuff like that.

Sword of Truth said...

Couldn't have happened to a bigger asshole.

Bite the big one, junior.

Anonymous said...

JREFer "Himmler" Oliver announces that HE is responsible for "The Final Solution" of KTs account.

The JREF skeptic SS come here and gloat.Is this the start of their holocaust of the Truth movement????


They cant stop use talking so they try to destroy us instead.


WE ARE WITH YOU KT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Load Vid Here:

The Silver Shadow said...

The JREF skeptic SS come here and gloat.Is this the start of their holocaust of the Truth movement????

Poor, poor child. You get a lot more respect if you decide to reveal yourself rather than putting yourself as "anonymous". Also, I don't gloat. It's not in me to do such a thing.

Anonymous said...

lol, Killtown, "Boycott YouTube!", yeah, yeah, you're calling for Boycott OF YOUR BLOGGING SERVICE, which is Google, because, as you probably know, YouTube's just another one of G00g1e's many faces.

Here's some tips while I'm at it: Google si the best (though very censored) search engine, use to search it and they can't track you (but scroogle can, but I know Daniel and trust him, while I don't trust Google, but this may vary), choose small independant blogging sites (as said, blogspot might as well be named, just as youtube might as well be, and run your own mail server or choose a small independant mail service who don't offer gigabytes of storage space but perhaps also don't scan through your mail "to target advertisements" (yeah, right..).

And beware who's who, rule of thubm: Avoid monopolies. And the web service (Search/Blogging/Video) services today are Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you find a good service that's not one of them then.. use it.

Anonymous said...

I have never put up a video on YouTube. I have never received any warnings about my account. In fact I haven't used it for some time and when I did it was to comment, other than that, I just viewed videos. Today I tried to login and got the glaring message my account had been permanently suspended. I'm in a state of shock and disbelief. I've written them but doubt I'll get an answer, but this is effed up!

I needed to vent. Thank you for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Youtube axed my twice, with 100 videos and 500,000 downloads. It's a WAR. Change your name and upload all 100 videos again. Use cells with multiple accounts, and try to keep hot comments on separate accounts. This is called "counterintelligence". Winners never quit and quitters never win. Are you gonna close your websites because History Channel, CSPAN, Congress and Simon Weiselthal Center name you as a homegrown terrorist?

Mario said...

lol, also debunker are banned from youtube.

96 subscriber, 700K viewed, 180 favourites video, friends, PM, every lost...


Peter Baez said...

they suspended my account as well... and i feel like both: boycotting them, or flooding them with my vids.
... how?
i will let my visitors download from my site and upload freely all over.
i am going to relinquish my copyrights and I dont care.
on another note... all i had was artists interviews, our own movie trailers, all original content shot and edited by us.

Anonymous said...

What were these videos that these axed people had on their accounts? Also, how do we know that you were actually given a notification or not. HMM?

Ben said...