May 03, 2007

Oddities of the Scott Myers 2nd WTC hit video

This video is said to be taken by a Scott Myers. As far as I can tell, this person has never been interviewed or has publicly talked about filming this video (just like most of the other alleged 2nd WTC hit video filmers) and there is no evidence this Scott Myers exists other than taking the word of the gov't.

The camera is supposedly taken from a building on Broadway & John St and looks to be mounted on some kind of tripod as its filming up at the burning WTC.

Notice that the camera is pointed up at the middle of the two towers even though the North Tower on the right is only on fire.

It's as if he was anticipating the 2nd crash and the camera angle shows a perfectly unobstructed view of where this 2nd "plane" will eventually hit.

Also, notice that this video has audio and it recorded the sounds of multiple sirens going off, the sound of a plane, and also the sound of an explosion. However, not a single person is heard talking or screaming in this video. The alleged filmer (Myers) is not even heard in it.

Where are all the people? Where are all the screams after the 2nd plane hit? Where was this Scott Myers at any time during this video? Did he set his camera up on a tripod and then take off? Seems extremely odd that this video was able to record the sounds of all the sirens going off, the sound of a plane coming in, the sound of the explosion, but no humans talking or screaming.

Another extremely odd thing about this video is that all the sirens heard suddenly stop after the "plane" hits!

Other things to notice is that the sound of the explosion is greatly delayed from when the explosion happens and there is no deceleration, crumpling and/or breaking of this alleged aluminum plane as it is seen crashing into the side of this steel skyscraper.


Fred said...

Gosh. It almost seems like the video must be fake? Who would do such a thing!

spooked said...

Excellent points, KT

CherokeePilot said...

Maybe the screams of horror and the sirens were covered up by the loud noise of the aircraft's engine and the explosion?

Unknown said...

Sound of explosion being delayed after visual of explosion...

Speed of Light = 186,000 miles/second
Speed of Sound ~= 769 miles/hour

Ever been to a baseball game? Ever notice that, if you are sitting in "the cheap seats" that you hear the crack of the bat WAY AFTER you see it?

Unknown said...

Sound of sirens not heard after explosion sound is heard...

Ever hear of AGC (Automatic Gain Control)? AGC has been around a LONG time!

Dude, your conspiracy theory observations are quite humorous - you obviously have no idea how the real world works... and you obviously SO WANT to believe in these nutty theories, that you folks ignore the obvious scientific explanations when the are given to you.

David Biedny said...

Scott Myers is one of my closest and oldest friends, that footage is ABSOLUTELY genuine, and I can attest that it has not been touched or tampered with in any way. I understand - and agree - with the idea that there some serious issues that terrible day, but to suggest that this footage is not real is just daffy. I can attest that this is exactly what Scott shot, it's as real as the planet we're all standing on right now.