May 14, 2007

Mysterious moving bridge near the WTC


Notice that the bridge seen in this video that is to the south of the burning WTC is moving towards the left and continues to keep moving to the left even after the camera stops zooming:

(Click photo to see animated gif.)

This mystery bridge seen in the news clip is the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Is it even possible that the news camera could make this bridge that is 7.5 miles away look as if it was relatively close?

Thanks to Still Diggin for help with this post.


spooked said...

where is this video from?

Killtown said...

I'm not sure Spooked. I think it's from the Naudet documentary. Go figure if it is! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how anyone can call this TV Fakery.

It's very clear that the simple answer to all of this is that the bridge was trying to run away from the falling debris.

Animals ran to higher ground before the Tsunami struck, so why shouldn't the Verrazano Bridge try to escape out to sea?

Wake up! The buildings were running away because the sensed danger! TV Fakery is disinfo that's been banned from the Government Sponsored Sites and Loose Change. If the Government Sites and CNN won't admit to TV Fakery neither should you! You need Dylan to tell you what to believe.


Unknown said...

That moving bridge troubled me, cause I couldn't see any logos on it.

But here you can find one with the bridge :

You can see ARD's (TV-channel from Germnay) logo.

Unknown said...

Ok, link screwed up. Again, but cropped in to 3 parts :

unavailable man said...

I just replicated the moving bridge with two cups on my table.

Line two cups up in front of you 2 feet apart from each other.(You can use any object in the background that you want, so if you want to use a board please do)

Line your vision up at the height of the two cups (anywhere but below or above the cups).

Put your hands in a frame a foot or more in front of your face, so your vision of the two cups. Keep em exactly in that spot in relation to your face, like its a camera.

Now you have a camera with a field of view of the front (tower) back(bridge). Be about a foot or more back from front cup. (i guess you could be closer but that seems less a replication

Like all camera men even if your zooming out or moving you still maintain your focus on your subject the tower. So keep the front cup in the middle.

Now that you are all lined up and at least

Remeber while your doing this, you are keeping your camera (hand frame) on your subject the cup.

Now simply maintain your focus on the front object in the middle, or wherever it started on your screen AND JUST MOVE VERY SLOWLY TO THE LEFT.

You can't miss it, the object in the background appears to move to the left in your frame of vision.

But since your focusing on the cup it stays still in relation to the frame.

TADA! The camera man moved LEFT! (oh and he also zoomed out adding additional photographical effects to the picture.)

But what makes this really obvious is that if you measure the width of whats showing of the side face of the builing and the fornt of the builing you see: As the bridge "moves" to the left, the front face of the building increases in size when measured against the right size (or the right side is shrinking in other words) and increase this disparity the farther along in the video you go.

Anyways I'm Joe Vickers, and I like to look for the truth, not look for what fits my beliefs.

unavailable man said...

oh man this a sarasm sight..aat least used my alias.

im fucking retarded