April 09, 2007

MySpace axes Killtown

Well, I knew it was only a matter of time until I got axed by MySpace. Not too terribly upset though since MySpace has been caught censoring since Rupert Murdoch bought it to drive traffic to his Fox TV sites and try to take back control of the internet. They also would rather shut down sites to make the immature low-life Randi’s kids happy rather than to help catch a killer. That’s why my nickname for MySpace is “MyWhore”.

Censored at Myspace (twice), at YouTube, and who knows how many times I've been censored at the Loose Change forums, that’s why I choose this for my avatar:


Anonymous said...

What exactly did you do to get axed? What was the straw that broke the camel's back? Aren't there tons
of 9-11 myspace sites? thanks

Killtown said...

Dunno, they just emailed me a generic "TOS violation" email.

Yes, there are TONS of 9/11 myspaces with TONS of pics and TONS of videos on them. Funny mine is one of the few 9/11 myspaces to get axed.

Fred said...

It's sad but true: there's an organized effort to censor and harass researchers who are exposing the lies of 9/11.

The official story is a lie, and hundreds of millions of tax dollars are being spent on fake news stories and attempts to shut down anyone who exposes the fraud and corruption.


spooked said...

Definitely you've pissed off the wrong people, Killtown!

Which means you must be doing something right!

Unknown said...

Every place where i see you have posted copyrighted material, I report that copyrighted material, including myspace. 3 of us sat on the internet one night doing exactly that, reporting you for copyright violations to various sites in which you participate and bumping your LCF threads.

The war against the paranoid, mentally ill persons such as yourself who sank the 9/11 truth movement has already begun.

Homer said...

i agree with "Spooked" maybe the only reason killtown got cutoff was because all the researching and relaying all the to the public.

i've been gettin harrased now because of 9/11. i found it strange that out of no where kill wasn't posting blogs. then i notice 1 friend missing. Killtown, keep doing what you're doing, it's working.

best regards, Homer

FatesWebb said...

damn! this sucks, and the community forums are down too..

do you have a new myspace?

add me if you do


Unknown said...

Looks like someone got to Killtown's PC and axed that too! lol!