January 26, 2006

Received 'TOS' violation notice from Yahoo!

Ok, get a load of this, I received a "Terms of Service" violation notice from Yahoo! today. I have never received one before from them. Here is their letter:

Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 11:51:03 -0800 (PST)
From: "Yahoo!"
To: killtown@yahoo.com
Subject: Yahoo! Administrative Notice

Dear Yahoo! account holder:

By creating and using your Yahoo! account, you agree to abide by
Yahoo!'s Terms of Service (TOS). Pursuant to the TOS, Yahoo! reserves
the right to terminate your account or otherwise prohibit use of your
account in the event that, among other things, Yahoo! believes that you
have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the

It has come to our attention that you may have violated the TOS.
Please reread the TOS and cease any use of your account that may
violate the TOS.

If your use of your Yahoo! account is brought to our attention again,
and we believe that such use violates the TOS, then we may terminate
your account without further notice.

Please do not reply to this email. Any questions concerning Yahoo!'s
Services should be submitted through the on-line form in the help area
( http://help.yahoo.com ).



Is it any coincidence that Yahoo! sends this violation notice to me for the very first time on the eve of this:

This PSA has been approved by Killtown.
Thu Jan 26, 2006 8:08 am [EST]

Keep your eyes on Killtown. He's got something really good, hopefully to be unleashed on the public Friday night or Saturday. You're gonna love it.

LC2E - http://www.loosechange911.com Blog

Yes, I was talking to my good friend Dylan Avery, of the phenomenal Loose Change 9/11 documentaries, last night telling him about some "explosive" news I'm about to post up soon and all of a sudden I receive a TOS violation notice from Yahoo! threatening to TERMINATE my Killtown account at Yahoo!. I sent them a letter asking which of their terms I violated, so I can correct it.

Keep your fingers crossed for me because this might be the end of my geocities homepage that I never had a problem with before. If the worst comes, I will use this blog site as my new homepage.

Peace out and hope for the best.


When I was talking to Dylan last night, we started text messaging via Yahoo! Messenger. We tried to call each other through it, but the calls wouldn't go through which is not unusual with Yahoo's IM service. I told Dylan to download Skype and we were able to call each other through that program, not Yahoo! Messenger.

If the TOS violation noticed I received today from Yahoo! is not just a bizarre coincidence, I'm not necessarily implying that anybody at Yahoo! is behind sending me this notice. Anybody can report abuse to Yahoo! about websites hosted on GeoCities such as mine.

(Also, maybe this notice was sent because of my previous post???)


Killtown said...

No, not your fault at all. This proves two things in my eyes:

1) the 'powers that bad' are getting nervous

2) this is one big frickin coincidence!

Thanks for offering to host me if worst comes to worst!

Anonymous said...

Please keep us posted. We cannot afford to lose the Killtown site.

spooked said...

I thought your site was mirrored at another domain? Webfairy might put up your stuff, if she doesn't already.

Weird about Yahoo. I can't wait to see your new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see such a thing. You might want to re-check that e-mail and make sure it came from Yahoo too.

Anyhoo, if you wish, I can put your stuff (all of it) on this website too:


Anonymous said...

Hey, Killtown

Did you read my comment on your
January 10, 2006
Ground Zero - Quick Facts ?

Somebody destroyed my Hotmail account and as you probably heard, we're living in this era:

Google Refuses Demand for Search Information

Google sees its largest 1-day loss ever
Yahoo! results, worries about Internet advertising market, U.S.
search inquiry spark sell-off.
January 20, 2006: 4:41 PM EST

Yahoo! is one of those who're obedient.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect a reply any different from the one you got to begin with from Yahoo. They violated me one time and I asked them why? Their response, "you violated our TOS".
How? "you violated our TOS" OK, what do I need to change? "you violated our TOS". They are truly sickening when they want to be.
Good luck with them I hope all turn's out OK. In the meantime Keep the Faith, We will Find the TRUTH.


Killtown said...

C Loverain,

Yes I did and when I tried to email you it got bounced back. Email me again when you get the chance.

Thanks everybody for your support!

Anonymous said...

When is the explosive news coming ??

Killtown said...

It's in my hands, just waiting for final approval! Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Hi Killtown,

Yeah, as I wrote, they destroyed my Hotmail account, and since it was right after I started talking to you, I wondered if you were actually their spy(unlike you wrote you are not). Nowadays, it's hard to see who is on our side and who is on theirs, cause even Scott Ritter(I listened to his lecture last year) sounded very weird though he said many brilliant things.

Anyhow, I think the situation with geocities is really serious. Look what an Aussie activist faced:

Multiple Internet Bans Prove Accuracy of Vialls Investigations

After being banned by "Rumor Mill News" and other minor American web sites, and deliberately undermined by an article on Rense.com, I came under direct attack by two of the biggest IT multinationals in the world. Despite the fact that my 'foundation' web site at http://geocities.com/vialls/ was a paid service charged to my credit card, it was abruptly disconnected by Yahoo without just cause, and without compensation of the monies already extracted from me. Legally and morally this constitutes fraud and theft by Yahoo, a company which in the past has attempted to take the moral high ground.

Within two days of this I was suddenly banned by PayPal, once again without just cause and without compensation. In some ways the illegal PayPal action was worse, because although Yahoo had managed to cause severe damage by removing my "Home Page" and thus the links to every one of my hundreds of other pages across the Internet as a whole, the fraudulent Yahoo action was essentially restricted to me as a single individual. Not so with PayPal. The account contained donations from Americans intended to help with my American web sites and other associated Internet expenses, which can now no longer be used because those donations have all been confiscated [yes, I did write confiscated] by PayPal.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than not delivering on ones word (think 'Explosive' news) is......well now that I think about it there is nothing worse.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be suprised if his blogspot account was suspended too.

Anonymous said...

Don't stress. This is the internet. We can do anything on this huge web. mirrors, new domain names, and get the word out again *smiles* Who's going to stop us? hmm? *LOL*


Anonymous said...

It's past 'midweek' any ETA ?

Anonymous said...

The ip seems to be realy originating from yahoo!. (http://test.blocklist.org/search.php?q=yahoo)

But then, why is it written under the email subject?


Killtown said...


I put the IP address there myself. Perhaps I'll move it on the top or bottom of the email.

ETA on news...

I'm still trying to get a hold of my contact to finish the last little bits. Obviously my contact has been really busy last couple of days. I'm just as anxious and impatient as the rest of you to post the news up. Please be patient, there is no need to stress. Cross your fingers for the weekend.

Peace out!

Anonymous said...

Your credibility is slowly deteriorating. Things like this fuel the 911 conspiracy detractors. Don't feed the fire.

Anonymous said...

i really like the work you've done. long time follower of the site. just wanted to let you know i agree with the previous post; as the long wait is really make the situation look bad. i believe the original post was 2 weeks ago. not sure what you mean by " you hope to get approval"...is someone else planning on a simultaneous release of the info. keep up the good work, but in the future it might be advisable to keep things under tight lips...then just drop the news with no build up. the hype is really backfiring now. peace

Anonymous said...

Well dont speak for everyone I am patiently waiting. What difference does it make if there is hype or not. If you haven't seen enough to be satisfied yet then you never will. There is going to information leaks like this for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

Well said Dylan!
And thank you for your great work.

Now, we're thinking about translating your 2nd Edition to Japanese...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

With regards to the recent Yahoo TOS violation fiasco, and C Loverain's claim that "they destroyed my Hotmail account", I will say this:

Both of you are goddamn fools to trust your email and web services to hotmail and yahoo, when you're involved in the game that you're in.

Recommendation #1: Get an offshore hosting account with company such as katzglobal.com that has a hard-core commitment to privacy and freedom of speech. I believe their packages start at ~$25 a month.

Recommendation #2: Drop the Hotmail, Yahoo, or any other bullshit-unencrypted, security-is-a-joke email services and switch to Hushmail. With Hushmail your email will be stored ENCRYPTED ON THE SERVERS, you view your email over an ENCRYPTED CONNECTION, and it NEVER REVEALS YOUR ORIGINATING IP ADDRESS WHEN SENDING MAIL. Plus, messages sent to other hushmail users will evade any traffic analysis by the spooks.

Recommendation #3: Use TrueCrypt to create an encrypted partition on your computer, and put all of your data on the encrypted partition.

Recommendation #4: Use the Off-the-Record Messaging plug-in in combination with GAIM to secure your Instant Messenger traffic.

Recommendation #5: If you're *really* paranoid, only use laptops, and buy a laptop safe to lock it up when you're not around. Once you've armored yourself with encryption, the bad guys will be looking for the next easiest route, which usually is simply breaking into your residence, copying or seizing hard drives, planting keyloggers...laws be damnned. Locking up your laptop in a safe will at least slow then down and make it difficult for them to hookup a keylogger to snag the passwords you use to encrypt your data. You don't want to end up like this guy:


Anonymous said...

news news news news news news news

Twitch, quiver

Is it a declaration of war?

Wanna know news news news......

Yeah, I know, but I´m freakin´out here waiting for the news...

Anonymous said...

Oh come one man just get it over with! How much more do we have to wait.
It cant be all that can it????

Anonymous said...

Any clues as to what the Big News is, to keep us huddled masses from going insane with lack of patience? Something vague would do nicely, like "you can wear it as a hat". Can we wear it as a hat and, if so, individually or collectively?

...I fear my inner battle of impatience vs. sanity may already be lost.

Killtown said...

I'm trying desperately to get a hold of my contact today for I'm getting impatient too! Please bare with me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seems like they had to ck to see how scared u could get, then see what all ur comrades posting would say--that way they ck their competiton. Yahoo thinks their "contract" covers them, as it will in their corporate legal system--ANYTHING GOES (that's good for corporate business).

But in real world of objective law--if I were judge--they'd have to worry about breach of contract themselves, as they've just attempted to intimidate u. I'd (if I were judge) would nail them for millions--immediately.

But see, we just gotta put in our own legal regime: RULE-OF-LAW like, in accord w. original US Constitution. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Like the poster said a couple of posts back, don't use Hotmail or Yahoo or any of those free accounts.

If you are using Yahoo or MSN messenger use some kind of encryption device. Zone Alarm's security suite allows for encrypted IM conversations.
Phone calls can be tapped and now with the patriot act they can tap your phone without a judges apporval.
Skype offers some encryption and could be cheaper than using a regualr phone line.
Encrypt your email as much as possible, pgp is very good but if you don't want to use pgp winzip has 128 bit encryption.

You're upsetting the powers that be that are trying to keep the events of 9/11 a secret.
I would be very cautious if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny can any verify that dylan is a spook trjan horse governemnt snitch?

Does anyone really have the damn bals to say it too his face that hes a phoney?

Google "Dylan Avery lgf Red and Green Antisemitism"

Or "LGF Dylan Avery Thankgiving 2003"

He says its not him but if you google "lgf troll hits the big time"

You'll see thats it is him and he nver mentions anything about LC1 or its production, I wonder why?

Ask yourself if this is consistant behavior for someone who claims to advocating the truth or is he jsut a paid front man posing for the pictures like a good little snob?

Sentinel(They guy who gladly does nothing but start problems for asshole criminals impersonation patriots)

Anonymous said...

killtown i have info for you i have already tried to make contact with you please reply as instructed(ichihollow) im 1085720330 i no this is weird but i dont have a way to prove im not a gov spook. if you require more info plese send a request via reply to my alt. contact attemped ie. log into everything untill you find my request(i no that sounds wierd) but given the topic everything we see every day is weird. who wants to think that their gov is covering up everything they see

Anonymous said...

just thought this was slightly funny. loose change 1 and 2 have been marked as junk on limewire. unjunking them is easy but just thought it was funny

Anonymous said...

Ever watch the show "Hang em High"? Well, the media moguls are making their own ropes.