January 10, 2006

Ground Zero - Quick Facts

(partial list)

Initial estimate for clean-up:
$2 billion

Actual cost of clean-up:
$650 million

Final cost to build the Twin Towers in 1972:
about $1 billion

Agency in charge of recovery and clean up:
NYC Department of Design and Construction

Weight of each tower:
600,000 tons

Number of construction firms assigned to clean-up:

Number of buildings completely destroyed:

Number of people killed in the attack at the WTC:

Percent of victims who have been identified:

Number of firemen killed in the attack:

Number of New York Police Officers killed in the attack:

Number of workers who died during the construction of the World Trade Center:

Type of plane that hit the Twin Towers:
Boeing 767, 137 tons

Source: America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero - Quick Facts


d power biggs said...

wow, 60 people died making the towers?

Anonymous said...

Hi Killtown,

This is interesting, especially the huge discrepancy between the estimate and actual cost of clean-up. Wonder who were those four, who clearned the mess up apart from the CD who worked at the OKC as well.

Also, were you actually a CIA spy or any of them tapping our conversation? Somebody did a good job and now my account there has been cancelled!

Did you write me back?

spooked said...

Indeed-- that 60 people died making the towers is rather striking.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe 60 workers died during construction. Every thing I have read mentioned no deaths at all during construction of the towers. What source do you have for this info?

Anonymous said...

Killtown what is your sorce for the 60 deaths during construction

Anonymous said...

There were actually 347FDNY Firemen which should've included the two chiefs and one capt retiring also numerous paid and vol firemen w/1 JCFD Disp and the 1 firepatrolman NYC Fire Patrol.


Anonymous said...

Nick da 1da was very creative in the production of "Loose Change 2" .
I enjoyed the detail and creativity that went into making it.
The teams who are researching the 911 info are very professional and have quality video repro equipment.
Very convincing with no doubt that the info presented is quality and the repro thought out.
Thanks agian for all you have done and are continuing to do to presnt this mess in such a great view.