January 23, 2006

What are the odds?

Is it me, or do you find this very odd too:

North WTC Tower

South WTC Tower

What are the odds that the two Boeing 767's that were said to have crashed into the Twin Towers crashed at practically the same angle?

Flight 11 and Flight 175 said to have crashed into the buildings at 470 and 590 mph respectively.

PS - the "plane" the crashed into the Pentagon tilted to the left too.

Source of pics: gallerize.com


spooked said...

I always thought the south tower hit was at more of an angle than the north tower hit. But seeing them side-by-side, they look very similar. It's odd all right What is also odd is how the north tower hole is bigger than the south tower hole. There are other abnormalities too of course, the holes, although close to a 767 size, do not align perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the terrorists flying the planes were Liberals.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this information...I know I believe things I shouldn't. But thank God for a friend of mine. Forwarded me a link to watch the documentary Loose Change II. A REAL EYE OPENER!!! Now just trying to convince my family, and giving them the facts.