January 02, 2006

Nick Berg decapitation staged?

Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts
"American businessman Nicholas Berg's body was found on May 8 near a Baghdad overpass; a video of his supposed decapitation death by knife appeared on an alleged al-Qaeda-linked website (www.al-ansar.biz) on May 11. But according to what both a leading surgical authority and a noted forensic death expert separately told Asia Times Online, the video depicting the decapitation appears to have been staged." - Asia Times (05/22/04)

Videos of the Nick Berg decapitation (Warning: Graphic!)

Friend: Berg said he was in U.S. custody
"Slain American Nicholas Berg told a friend that he had been arrested by Iraqi police, detained briefly, and then handed over to U.S. troops who held him in a coalition facility for almost two weeks, the friend said.
Chilean freelance journalist Hugo Infante told CNN that weeks before the videotape of Berg's grisly death emerged on the Internet, "Nick told me, 'Iraqi police caught me one night, they saw my passport and my Jewish last name and my Israeli stamp. This guy thought I was a spy so they put me with American soldiers and American soldiers put me in a jail for two weeks.'"

Infante said Berg told him that Iraqi police were suspicious of the electronics equipment he was carrying for his work on radio communications towers when he was arrested in Mosul.
Coalition spokesman Dan Senor said Berg was visited three times by FBI agents while he was in custody of Iraqi police. He said the agents concluded Berg was not involved in terrorist or criminal acts and referred other questions relating to Berg's detention to Mosul police.
The FBI confirmed its agents met with Berg, and also said the Coalition Provisional Authority offered Berg safe passage out of Iraq upon his release.
FBI agents "encouraged him to accept CPA's offer to facilitate his safe passage out of Iraq. Mr. Berg refused these offers," the FBI said in a statement.
Berg's father Michael said it was the family's understanding that Nicholas was in U.S. custody.
Berg's brother David told reporters Wednesday that the family received e-mails from Berg after his release in which he made clear he had been held by U.S. forces.
Infante said he thought Berg was intending to go to Baghdad Airport the following morning and take a flight back to the United States.
The next he heard of Berg was when he heard news of his death.
"I thought he was back in the States. And I thought, my God, this is the guy. A different guy. More skinny, more pallid," Infante said." - CNN (05/13/04)

Berg's encounter with 'terrorist' revealed
"When Nicholas Berg took an Oklahoma bus to a remote college campus a few years ago, the American recently beheaded by terrorists allowed a man with terrorist connections to use his laptop computer, according to his father.
Government sources told CNN that the encounter involved an acquaintance of Zacarias Moussaoui...
According to Berg, his son was taking a course a few years ago at a remote campus of the University of Oklahoma near an airport. He described how on one particular day, his son met "some terrorist people -- who no one knew were terrorists at the time."
At one point during the bus ride, Berg said, the man sitting next to his son asked if he could use Nick's laptop computer.
"It turned out this guy was a terrorist and that he, you know, used my son's e-mail, amongst many other people's e-mail who he did the same thing to," Berg said.
Government sources said Berg gave the man his password, which was later used by Moussaoui, the sources said." - CNN (05/14/04)



Anonymous said...

I think there is something wrong with the video, because USA blame Al-Zarqawi, who probably died in February/March 2004, while the video was made in April/May 2004.

When a dead person gets the blame, something is wrong.

The CIA said Thursday that the voice on a recording purportedly made by the mastermind of bombings and beheadings in Iraq threatening to assassinate Iraqs interim prime minister and fight the Americans, until Islamic rule is back on Earth, is likely that of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The masked assassin shown on a fuzzy videotape beheading American hostage Nick Berg is believed to be terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a U.S. intelligence official said Thursday.

March 4, 2004
«Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead»
«Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in the Sulaimaniyah mountains of northern Iraq, during the American bombing there, according to a statement circulated in Fallujah this week and signed by the Leadership of the Allahu Akbar Mujahedeen. There was no way to verify the authenticity of the statement, one of many leaflets put out by a variety of groups taking part in the anti-U.S. resistance.»
«It said al-Zarqawi was unable to escape the bombing because of his artificial leg.»

«One man, his face contorted with rage, yelled out that the Israelis and Americans were behind the attacks on the hotels, that al-Zarqawi was a religious man. He recounted how al-Zarqawi had once rescued a dog from some young men in the neighborhood who were abusing the animal. His implication was that such a man could not have committed terrorist acts.»

Regards from

Anonymous said...

The video looks very real, a pasty finger does not mean it is an American, and I don't see the hat in the frame.It blends in with the back ground in front of it. i agree with some of your statements, but I do believe Nick's head was literally being removed on tape, whether he was alive or dead.There was a ton of blood on the ground, and remember the iraqi's are very good at be-heading. you can't blame Bush for everything.