May 08, 2008

BlogTalkRadio censors 9/11 conspiracy talk after Killtown interview

(Update 05/13/08: BlogTalkRadio's response.)

I was on Vyzygoth's internet radio show yesterday talking about various 9/11 conspiracy topics.

Vyzygoth's show is powered by BlogTalkRadio.

Vyzygoth sent out an email after the show saying that BlogTalkRadio deleted Vyzygoth's account afterwards and is apparently not going to allow any future talk of 9/11 conspiracies:

Date: Wed, 07 May 2008
From: "Vyzygoth"
Subject: Re: Radio Interview with Killtown 5/7/2008

Wednesday, May 7, on the weekly live show, I conducted an interview with Killtown about Flight 93 and other issues regarding 9-11, nothing untoward for me as you all may know.

The live show went on without a hitch, but was pulled from to prevent replays and downloads.

The following e-mail was sent from one of the suits on that website to Jim, who runs the show for me. He, in turn, forwarded it to me.

Get used to this sports fans because this is the shape of things to come in the USSA.

The first entry is from Sweet (right), the italics are Jim's comments to me regarding his phone conversation with him on the follow up.

The show's content may be lost forever, but I'll do it again.

The live format will be lost, but I'll keep doing what I've been doing. I'd even ask that the show be spread as far and wide as possible to counter this censorship.

It's the old story: If the speech is unpleasant for some, eradicate it.

And this is what I-Man has been saying all along: Screw our Constitutional rights. We have none. Zero.

Jim, please contact me after your show is completed this afternoon. We need to discuss the content you aired today and your previous shows.

John C Sweet

Director Customer Relations


This was the email I got. Then I called them, and they said there will be no more 911 shows on their network.

Some of Vyzygoth's non-9/11 shows still show up at BlogTalkRadio.

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Unknown said...

Surely a threat to the Homeland.

Professor Taylor said...

KT!!! That is some wild.....hey holla at me and Jim Fetzer. We want to get you back on the show.

Killtown said...

Hey PT. Let me know when you want me on!

Professor Taylor said...

Hit me at

Unknown said...

In all honesty, Vyz should join WTPRN if at all possible. I think he would go over real well with that network.