March 27, 2008

Year anniversary of Shanksville local claiming 'Flight 93 plume photo' is fake

Some of you still might not know this, but one year ago, a local Shanksville resident, who was one of the witnesses who reportedly saw Flight 93 in the air before it allegedly crashed, confirmed that Val McClatchey's infamous "End of Serenity" photo is fake:

Jeff: Val McClatchey... she has a famous photo.
Ms. Leverknight: It was a fake photo, because it didn't have a mushroom cloud.
Jeff: It what?
Ms. Leverknight: There was no mushroom cloud.

Jeff: So it was a fake photo?
Ms. Leverknight: Yeah.
Jeff: Her photo's faked?
Ms. Leverknight: Yeah.
Jeff: For what? For money?
Ms. Leverknight: Yeah.
Jeff: Why, do you know that for sure?
Ms. Leverknight: Yeah!

Mega props to DJ Shure for making that call!


spooked said...

Thanks for the anniversary reminder-- I never saw the original story!

Anonymous said...

What's with this sick f*cking obsession with this woman??

Killtown said...

For some of the same reasons you guys are "obsessed" with Sylvia Browne.

Professor Taylor said...

KT!! I'm your biggest fan. In an unrelated matter. On May 16, 2006 Alex Jones was on Coast to Coast AM speaking with George about the then newly released five frames of the Pentagon strike. Now this was 2 years ago okay? He told George that he (Alex) was predicting that that they (government) would be releasing crisp digital footage of a 767 hitting the building. George asked "Are you saying it will be fake Alex?" Alex kind of ho hummed and went off into the ether but then winded up saying "Yes George, they will be fake." Now, my question/observation is the obvious. If Alex believes "they" could and will why can't he accept that "they" already did?


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Leverknight would testify under oath in court?
Or,,better yet, Killtown, would you be able to testify that everything you read & reprint on your sites is the truth & only the truth so help you God?

Killtown said...

Anon, are you asking me if I knowingly lied about any of the research on my site? If your answer is yes, then my answer is no.