March 05, 2008

Banned at Randi Rhodes forum

The Randi Rhodes forum says their forum is provided to promote free speech.

The Randi Rhodes Show Message Forum Rules


1) This forum is provided to promote free speech and lively political discussion. Anyone is eligible to join. We do not discriminate on the basis of philosophical, political, or religious affiliation or opinion.

However, pinned at the top in their 9/11 section is a thread about forbidden websites and authors:

List Of Websites, Authors Not Acceptable for the RRMB

Posted by: Libertas Aug 10 2006, 10:27 PM

American Free Press
Christopher Bollyn
Daryl Bradford Smith
Republic Broadcasting Network
Michael Collins Piper
Eric Hufschmid
Jeff Rense (
american defense league

I thought they were being a hypocritical with their rules, so I questioned them on it. Admin "Libertas" apparently didn't like me questioning their hypocritical stance, so he closed my thread because "these websites are not open to discussion."

Doesn't "free speech" entail the ability to question authority?

So I started another thread entitled "So much for free speech" and just wrote "closed" in the body with that word linked to my thread Libertas closed to protest him closing my thread, but apparently Libertas wasn't amused so he took it upon himself to delete my thread and then banned me for helping to "promote free speech."

I'm really not surprised Libertas did this because he is biased towards skeptics. One of the biggest piece of shit skeptic there rarely posts without insulting or smearing truthers. I had complained numerous times to the admins about this POS skeptic's behavior, because his posts only provoked fights. Libertas had responded to my complaints saying he didn't see anything wrong with that POS skeptic's behavior. So I started responded to that POS skeptic that way he responds to truthers and almost immediatly I would get punished with having my posts require mod approval for a couple of days.

Libertas is a true hypocrite
. The Randi Rhodes forum would be wise to de-admin him.

And the censorship list keeps growing and growing and...


Anonymous said...

Heh, I like the list of banned material... all in all that's a quality batch of sites. I'll have to look into the two or three I haven't heard of.

You know, this is slightly off-topic, but is there a good intro to the whole TV-fakery issue out there anywhere for people unfamiliar with it? The September Clues video is good, but a lot of people won't watch a video. Is there a website that goes through the same material? I really feel this evidence is not reaching the audience that it could simply because there is really no good introductory material available.

Most TV fakery sites seem to be aimed at people who already understand the basics, and/or spend too much time griping about how the rest of the 9/11 movement dislikes them. Better to just lay out the evidence and the arguments as clearly as possible. The people who respond to logic and evidence will find it.

Anonymous said...

TV fakery covered here:

who said...

Cripes Killtown, when you are posting in a privately owned forum free speech is not a realistic possibility. Most of these message boards are just glorified chat rooms for verbal compulsives. If you are posting to inform and influence people in these places you have to avoid skirmishes with the local cybercops so that you still have the opportunity to get the truth out.

Sorry that you were banned, but they just ditched the entire board in the wake of Rhodes exit to NovaM and though they have promised to restore it is still MIA. sela

Unknown said...

Have you ever checked out Political Forum Discrepancies ? Freedom of speech does live in some places. I am sure a member or two of the Rhandi Rhodes Forum won't like it one bit but the truth hurts at times like a boil on an asshole.
Hang tough ya hear?~

captainkona said...

Of course, all those "unacceptable" sites have basically one thing in common, anti-Israel speech.

Those sites deal in theory, in many cases sound theory. What bugs me about those who wish to silence this (or any other) discussion is that many of them were singing the same "conspiracy" tune early on in the RRMB life.

My point is that we won't discover what is true and what is not by not examining the evidence. As circumstantial as it may be, people have been convicted and executed for crimes based on far less "credible" evidence.

I don't feel at all threatened by conspiracy theory, I have no idea why anyone other than the average Israel-Firster would in the case of 9/11 culpability.
I have some good friends at RRMB. Or so I thought. Some no longer speak to me because I question Israel.
Some pretty much joined up with the "captainkona's a Nazi" whiner crowd. I don't know, I never though a Socialist militant would make a very good Nazi. ;)

They're perfectly entitled to their views. But going out of the way to ban certain sites regardless of the subject matter is difficult to defend at best.

I've run a board for nearly twelve years. There is no Banned Source at Cannabis Cove.


Unknown said...

Randi Rhodes Message Board is nothing but a damn joke. Just look at a racist like LibLaw who claims he was a Vietnam veteran who they let post there. Get this, LibLaw was banned as Acebass for racially attacking another member but welcomed back in that shit house like he was family. What does that ell you about Randi rhodes Message Board?

Unknown said...

See where that Randi Rhodes Message Board fake Marine up there posted check out Political Forum Discrepancies ? Thats the first words of truth I have ever seen that sorry fraud post. BTW, that there is the suck ass LibLaw formally Acebass pretending to be a veteran again.