March 23, 2008

War Profiteering


(Scanned from: The Nation "The Costs of War" pg 25, March 31, 2008)

War means a windfall for CEOs

While policymakers in Washington wrangle over how much progress the U.S. has made in Iraq, one thing is clear: The war on terror is making some people rich.

Bush's military build-up has caused defence-contractor revenue to double, triple and even more during the past five years, and their executives have reaped huge bonuses and stock windfalls as the companies' share prices have jumped.

Take a look:

-CEOs at top defence contractors have reaped annual pay gains of 200% to 688% in the years since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.


"In the most privatized war in history, lucrative opportunities abound for chief executives of defence contractors," says Sarah Anderson of the Institute for Policy Studies.


Anonymous said...


It has been nearly two(2)weeks since your employer instructed you to contact me about a legal matter.

Please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you.

T. Brown

Killtown said...

Huh, funny. The CIA never contacted me about that. (Whoops, did I just say "CIA"?)

Anonymous said...


Thank you for responding.

As you know, the CIA has nothing to do with this matter.

You have refused to respond to a request by your administrator to contact me, but instead make a factious comment in your blog: this does not put you in a good light.

It has been two(2) days since I left the above comment. You were active online during that time. Among your activities are posting claims you are being stalked.

If this is in fact the case, you should contact the authorities immediately. But if it is a facile attempt to pretend professional contact in a legal matter is "stalking", please stop playing games.

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Thank you.

T. Brown

Anonymous said...

t brown needs a new hobby, he's watching when you are online?

Anonymous said...

accompanied by screen shots of your responses... HAHAHAHHA! that will hold up!


Anonymous said...

"accompanied by screen shots of your responses... HAHAHAHHA! that will hold up!"

Of course screenshots will not "hold up"... by themselves. As "killtown" knows(assuming you are not actually "killtown") they will be added to the existing record.

However it is notable that you, "anonymous" poster, believe there is a matter that would need proof to "hold up". "Hold up" where? In court? If this is your meaning, how do you know this a matter that could go to court?

If so, the sensible thing for "killtown" to do is contact me as requested.

You will note "killtown" has failed to ask the question most people who genuinely have no knowledge would have asked: "Who are you and what are you talking about?"

BTW: This is not a hobby. As has been explained in the email "killtown" was forwarded, I am assisting in an investigation.

I will expect an email soon. Blogger comments are not the appropriate place to discuss this matter.

T. Brown

Anonymous said...

how would they know hold up ment court????because u said T.brown that the legal system wishes people handle it outta court genius. anyway u are harassing people contacting employers and checking to see online time, sound pretty weird to me. btw what is this about anyway??? highly strange u want to contact but went to the employer instead of email straight to the person. just sounds like a very strange person. its obvious your trying to harass him by contacting his employer.

Killtown said...

To my friends, pay no attention to these threats against me. This isn't the first time some fictitious person has threatened to sue me.

My last anonymous friend nailed it. If they legal action was legit, they would have emailed me straight to my email and not say that they "sent it to my work".

Total amateur.

Killtown said...

Well, well, well. Looks like "T. Brown" is none other than Jo Cressy (a.k.a Col Jenny Sparks), the new best friend of psycho Genghis.

Birds of a feather...