November 05, 2007

Hate email from 'SimiusDei'

I don't usually post people's emails to me, but couldn't resist with this one. I emphasized my favorite parts:


Damn, you have made quite the little name for yourself since your whiny bitch days at Unfortunately, it's of a pretty pathetic sort.

What exactly do you hope to accomplish with your ignorant tactics? It's bad enough that you are trying to push a theory that has absolutely ZERO supportive evidence, but you go out so far out of your way in promoting your fairy tale that you spend countless hours out of your day verbally attacking any and everyone who happens to doubt your bullshit for a second. What hole was left in your early life that you seem to feel the need to fill it by digitally trying to one up everyone else in the ability to be a complete and total dick?

You say repeatedly, on your little blog, say that you wish to honor those lost on 9/11. HA! You do nothing but disgrace them with your actions and your venomous insults that you direct at everyone that is unfortunate enough to come in contact with you, You, along with Phil Jayhan and a few others, are nothing but a snotty little piece of shit with a digital ego far too large for you to control. You thrust yourself in the midst of a movement that was far better off without you and have succeeded in making a name for yourself, not through intelligence or contribution, but through your undeniable ability to show, time and time again, just what kind of fucking idiot you can really be. In all of the time that you have been a small part of the 9/11 truth community, you have contributed absolutely NOTHING. You, also like Phil Jayhan, hijacked a theory put forth by someone else and passed it off as your own. Unfortunately, you picked a theory that is undeniably false and has long since passed the level of lunacy.

You do absolutely NOTHING for the truth community BUT give it a bad name. In fact, you are SO good at giving it a bad name, I have to wonder if that's not your goal.

Keep watching that clock. Phil Jayhan's 15 minutes ended a short while ago and the second hand of yours is rapidly approaching the 3. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Jasn (aka: SimiusDei@abovetopsecret)

I wonder who he thinks I verbally attack for disagreeing with any of my theories?


Unknown said...

What a mother fucker. In fact, there is ZERO evidence suggesting that 9/11 was caused by Osama. Actually, there's no evidence of any planes, either. People will believe everything they see on TV. God, every day I discover new reasons to believe it was an inside job.

When will people realize that yes, there is a group of leaders in this country that, 6 years ago, created the most heinous plot to put us in a state of fear and war. And boy did it work. So heinous, its literally unbelievable.


skeptosis said...

"Keep watching that clock. ...the second hand of yours is rapidly approaching the 3."

there's something strangely encouraging about the fact that 'Jasn' thinks that the second hand on a clock counts minutes...

Radical Priest said...

why do you even bother with the riffraff you seem to be spending so much time with? AND you spend SO much time doing the wrong thing;
WHY bother??
Worse yet you publicise it all over the place. WHO gives a flying ratsass about TBR chat board, or 9/11 Blogger, or any of the other shiteforbrains idiots out there in the masses.
Trying to convince someone that 9/11 was an inside job is like trying to swing a Ron Paul supporter to Dennis Kucinich; sure it's a good idea, but what are the chances?
Give your self a break and try to focus on interested people, and try to see the additional benefits that Dennis brings to the Presidential table.