November 02, 2007

Death threat by a planehugger

(Update: 11/04/07)

Haven't received one of these in a while:

Your claims are simply stoopit Killtown, you are not a member of the truth movement, you are either a liar and a disinfo agent or a very bad researcher.

It is already difficult for us to tell people that bombs were in the buildings, now you want to suggest even more difficult to show, something that will make us all look crazier then we already are: there were no planes. When will you upgrade to the theory that there was no buildings either?

Keep posting anonymously dude, because if I find out where you are I will show you a hologram of a sick disinfo agent hanging off his shower curtain. And that is not a treat, that is a promise. People who speak the truth do not need to speak anonymously.

PepeLapiu a.k.a.
Guy Cotnoir
32 Citadel Meadows Gardens
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Maybe I should tell Alex Floum about this.


And the death threats by PepeLapiu continue:

Killtown is not a truther, Killtown is a liar and a disinfo agent. He should be strung up on the White House lawn right next to Bush and Cheney. I asked me questions politely several times and he kept ignoring them on several forums, not only the one forum. Only now that I get aggressive he claims he won't answer my questions because I am too aggressive, well that's a cop out because he has been ignoring my questions just as you have since the beginning.

Am I being aggressive? -Damn f@cking straight I am!!
We were attacked on 9/11, we have had half of our money stolen from us in the form of taxes to finance 9/11, we are living under a total police state and moving toward even worst. I am aggressive as I not only have the right to get aggressive, that is my duty.

Hopefully you will one day stop peddling your ridiculous no-planer crap and get angry with me so we can both walk up to Washington or Ottawa and hang the f@ckers with a pitch fork stuck up their asses.

Killtown is an idiot, Killtown has no desire to speak the truth, Killtown speaks very little about the demolition of WTC and the videos of WTC-7. Killtown would rather peddle his crap instead of talking about the obvious. Killtown doesn't want to unite the truth movement, Killtown wants everyone to argue about stoopit ridiculous crap like no-planes and holograms and the likes.

Killtown should swing from a rope on the White House lawn - between Bush and Tom Flocco that is.


And another:

You're right .... I'm sorry that the little f@cker is allowed to live and allowed to spread his bullshiit

Honestly I didn't loose my cool. I still feel that Killtown and cie. belong on the front lawn of the White House swinging at the end of a rope.

But they already know that it's meaningless. I am still waiting for the SWAT team to come break my door and arrest me for threatening the life of Killtown .... and not to mention the prez from whom Killtown gets paid.


Unknown said...

Yes, you are obviously sniffing around the right places to bring such verbal assaults out of the woodwork. It seems that everyone who berates you, including that schmuck Dylan Avery, is pissed off that you're shining light on things they are trying to suppress. The truth is unknown by most truthers.

911missled said...

how can anyone call themselves a "truther" and ignore or deny the overwhelming evidence that the mainstream media played a MAJOR role in the 911 atrocity & that it was MISSLES as well as controlled demolition that brought the WTC towers down. it's "no-plane" FACT, not theory. watch the September Clues video a few more times and maybe you'll eventually get one.

LoNDoN said...

I completely agree, Travis. People like this make it painfully clear how thin the line is between staunch Alex Jones/Loose Change/WeAreChange followers and FoxNews sheep. They both react similarly when their subculture's accepted views are contested. I'd actually say the so-called "truthers" actually react MORE irrationally than the average person. There are those of us, however, that are still thinking critically and still keeping an open mind. Glad to be among kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

holy fucking shit you no-planers are fucking stupid. i used to be one of you-for about 5 minutes while i thought about it!

every last one of you little fucks ought to be exterminated

Unknown said...

The Dummies Guide to "No-Planer" theory