October 22, 2007

Banned at "truth"action.org

So if you are a no-planer, don't admit that at "truth"action.org or they will ban you:

I asked "imgstacke" the censorer why he banned me and here is his reason:

On a side-note, imgstacke is one of those "truthers" who likes to yell "Shill!" a lot, so I asked him to give me a list of who the shills are and evidence that they are shills. Here's his response:

Then some admin there (most likely imgstacke) deleted my only thread which I guess was so against what this "activist" site is about:

And the list of censoring sites keeps growing.


Anonymous said...

Don't you find it odd that places like screwloosechange and 9/11 conspiracy smasher DON'T censor you? Aren't we supposed to be gub'mint agents?

TAO said...
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TAO said...

"It is a sad fact that the behavior of a few
individuals in the world can lead to the kinds of restrictions proposed on
all of us."


Lu Cifer, @Lu666Cifer said...

I mean this not in a smart assed way, but dude, you deserve an award for being banned the most! Why do so many of these sites NOT want to be democratic (especially sack of crap DU, may they burn in Hell!) and debate something?! If what you have to say is REALLY so out there orbiting Pluto and shit, then should they welcome it to say "AH HA! SEE! THIS REALLY IS LOONY STUFF!" but nope, the opposite happens. So, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

"truth"action.org is far from being about the truth. they have been over run by cointelpro long ago... when people like jo cressy, aka Col. Jenny Sparks are allowed to post there indiscriminately and people like you and I are banned there without reason it really makes you wonder.

TAO said...

Jennifer: Very interesting.

In my research about Nicolai I have seen some of this identity debate. But I have also seen people write this is a man named "Joe". It is all very confusing. Is there an actual source of confirmation that these people are the same? Perhaps a group they both belong to? Or verifiable witness testimony?

I will share what it looks like to an outsider: it seems that Nicolai is lashing out in frustration, trying to smear one person he doesn't like(Jenny) by connecting him/her with a small group of questionable characters for the purpose of annoying that person.

He has failed to show a documented connection,that can be linked to. But, in spite of this, his assertions are being repeated in all quarters as fact.

I say this as a reluctant admirer of Nicolai. His talent and brilliance with media is unquestionable. But his judgment and the quality of this recent research leave much to be desired.