October 01, 2007

Banned at PrisonPlanet forum

(Update: See who was the censoring culprit below.)

I Well it only took a matter of hours for me to get banned at PrisonPlanet's "anti-police state" forum.

I had saw some people over there mention how they liked my Shanksville research, so I figured I'd post my latest Hoodwinked at Shanksville video over there since I've never posted over there before.

I also saw some hot debates going on about the no-plane theory at the WTC, so I decided to post my Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC article in the same section there because people who poo-poo NPT always ask "why not just crash a plane in the towers", think NPT is illogical, and since that forum had censored a pro-September Clues thread.

About an hour or so later I checked back on it and it was not there. I checked all the other sections thinking they might of moved it, but did not see it.

It became obvious that someone at that "bastion of truth and open-mindedness" forum had deleted my thread. So I decided to post it again in a "more appropriate" section:

I also added a little note at the bottom of my post addressed to the forum:

Then about an hour or so after posting that, I went back to check on it was greeted with:

They also deleted my thread again which I thought was pretty funny since I posted it in their section title this:

Faux Controversies/Immaterial Comments/OffTopic/Everything Else
Issues that are mostly outside the realm of this board, or topics that may attempt to hijack discussions on this Forum

They also deleted a reply of mine to this well known hater truthling who was slandering one of the few 9/11 truth forums that won't censor you for your theories: 911movement.org.

(Update) I just saw that I had received an email from the censoring culprit:

To: killtown@yahoo.com
Subject: New Personal Message: (No subject)
From: "PrisonPlanet Forum"
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007

You have just been sent a personal message by Sane on PrisonPlanet Forum.

The message they sent you was:

If you keep pushing COINTELPRO projects, you will be banned

Apparently this moderator "Sane" is becoming pretty infamous over there. I received this message from a PrisonPlanet forum member:

The mods her suck bro. Especially Sane. He pretty much deletes any post he does not agree with. The information on this sight is so filtered and bias it's ridiculous. Wile I dont agree with your post, I see what you mean about the mods.

Guess PrisonPlanet is right when they say there's a WAR on for your mind!

The latest tally of "truth" sites that censor.


Anonymous said...

I got banned from Prison Planet Forums as well. Someone else on the site was posing the 'other side of the arguement' and they got banned. So I spoke out about it and got banned myself. I believe that we can't properly figure this whole thing out without both sides contributing. Just wanted to say that on your main page alot of your links no longer work. I blog at http://www.liberalblogging.blogspot.com visit me! Thank you for doing your part to help wake people up!

Lu Cifer, @Lu666Cifer said...

They probably didn't like ya posting videos there, SINCE THEY ALWAYS HAVE SHIT OF THEIR OWN...TO SELL!
And I have to say again, F.DU! Jesus on a pogo stick, that site has really jabroned the funk out and gone to total CRAP.

Unknown said...

The actions of "Sane" on the prisonplanet forums are exactly the type of thing that Alex Jones speaks out against. With such a blatant disregard for how this will reflect on Alex Jones, Sane has turned that board into a promotion piece for his opinion, banning and removing anyone and anything that would disagree with him. He's an idiot and needs to go.

realtodd said...

I just got banned and only after one post!
Here's what they found so offensive:

A newbie here,

I read the 9/11 Commission Report, I bought it the first day it was sold to the public. Pun intended.

After reading some of the posts here I am disturbed and distrustful of what I had once viewed as a complete and utter failure of both the Clinton and Bush administrations handling of intelligence.

As many of you may know when the finger pointing started there were numerous references made about a “wall” put up between law enforcement and intelligence agents. The right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing.
“Prior to 9/11 our nation’s intelligence agents, military intelligence officers, and criminal law enforcement officer were not permitted to help one another by freely sharing information.” John Ashcroft, Attorney General
An FBI agent in August of 2001 wrote a memo about the “wall”: “Someday someone will die and, wall or not, the public will not understand why we were not more effective and throwing every resource we had at certain “problems”. Let’s hope the National Security Law Unit [ the layers whose advice was followed ] will stand behind their decisions then, especially since the biggest threat to us now, UBL (Usama Bin Laden), is getting the most protection.” Anonymous FBI agent’s memo.

As for the 9/11 terrorists: Zacarias Moussaoui, a 9/11 financier, had been attending flight school in Eagan, Minnesota, when his instructor had misgivings about his motivations for attending flight school. The school shared it’s concerns with the FBI and Moussaoui was detained on an immigration violation on August 16, 2001. When the Minnesota field office of the FBI sought to obtain a warrant to search Moussaui’s computer, the request was denied.

Trooper Cadalano pulled over a red 2001 Mitsubishi Galant for speeding on I-95. The date was September 9, 2001; 12:09 am. Ziad Samir Jarrah was issued a speeding ticket for doing 90 in a 65 mile an hour zone. He was here illegally on an expired visa but trooper Cadalano had no idea because that information is compartmentalized and not shared. On September 11th Jarrah boarded Flight 93. They found the car and the speeding ticket 2 days later.

A complete indifference culture was the norm in various government agencies.
“Five Justice Department agencies, including the FBI, reported hundreds of lost or stolen weapons and computers. The FBI, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Drug Enforcement Administration and The US Marshalls Service reported that 775 weapons and 400 laptop computers were missing. The FBI and INS reported the largest number of lost or stolen weapons: 212 and 539, respectively.” U.S. Justice Department inspector general’s June 2002 audit and report.

I always thought it was our government’s ineptitude that allowed 9/11 to happen. Clinton and Bush’s administrations had all the pertinent information to stop 9/11 but because of the “culture” of our government agencies and the “wall” we had no way of connecting the dots.

Now, after reading posts here, I am wondering if this was a snow job by our government for an excuse to go on an empire building mission. Kind of like F.D.R. knowing about Pearl Harbor but needing the attack to push an isolationist America into a war he had been secretly supporting with military supplies to England through a loop hole in our laws. Unconstitutional, but all is forgiven when they bomb America.

Sound Familiar?

Late to the game but making up ground,


Squid said...

This is deplorable.
If you were to call Alex's show and mention that a fellow who has the interest in participating in a debate, but is being withheld because he is espousing an unpopular opinion you would get his interest.
But if you were to express that the person is myself, and that I'm being withheld from participating in the "debate" (a rather homogeneous debate it may be, without much disagreement), Furthermore the people restraining me are you and your forum moderator, he'd hang up on you.
I did call him. I did bring this up, he insulted me, gave me 5 seconds on air and cut me off promptly. He kept speaking as though I was there, for about 30 seconds. I was disgusted by the incongruous approach to allowing dissenting viewpoints in. If you espouse a view which disputes his work and his films he simply will not tolerate it. He may be a smart guy, but I am too, he cut me off when I called because I would have made him blush, because crusading for open and free discussion is one thing, but living it is another.
Please visit a forum I created to respond to this at: http://prisonplanettaboo.freeforums.org/

Anonymous said...

I also got banned by sane 1 month ago about saying that no plane hit pentagon, he keeps bitching about i was giving desinormation and such and showing posts that ive made about theories. Sane is a complete retard destroying the prisonplanet forum.

Anonymous said...

I've also been banned after only two weeks and 4 very benign posts that posted nothing controversial. I'm totally miffed, as I can't figure out what did wrong. My posts were simple questions asking where to locate or source some documents Alex talked about on air. The webmaster has not responded to any of my emails asking what I did wrong.

Can any of you tell me how you found out what the forum moderator found offensive about your posts? How do you know it was Sane that banned you? I can't even get into the forum see which one of my posts they found offensive.

My God, if they found my posts inappropriate, we're in a bigger police state already than anyone can imagine.

If somebody could let me know who to contact at the PP forum to find out what I did wrong, it would be much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Hi Killtown,

You're right about Sane, he is out of control. He must be psycho. Please visit this forum and post on the thread about the situation there if you have time. Sorry you were muzzled at ppf, but I guess that's par for the course these days. I post under the handle thebeacon and I'm waiting for you here to post a comment on the situation if you so choose.


Unknown said...

I was BANNED too... In as much as these guys talk about freedom of speech and having opinions on matters that are against the grain...the minute you post TRUTH on matters or say anything against what they want you to say...YOU'RE BANNED!!!

Ha HA HA HA that is something from Alex jones who's psycho screaming everyday about FIRST AMMENDMENT rights of citizens...then he goes on to BAN or take away that first ammendment rights of members.


Beijing Yankee said...

Alex's survival is on the line. If he cannot delegate responsibility to people trustworthy around him, he will "crater."

They are hitting him high by banning him everywhere, and they seem to have infiltrated his organization with mods that ban his supporters on the bottom.

I too seem to have locked horns with this mod called "Sane."

Sane came out of nowhere to a thread I started. Sane mentions an apology to me for "hijacking the thread," in his posted dribble completely off topic.

It did not bother me at the time. I took the time to refute him and state my case.

The thread was entitled "Chinese Friendship" with the following paste:

"When the Japanese entered the village they wanted to know where the downed pilots were. When no one would talk the Japanese took the old women of the village and began cutting their fingers off one by one. No one talked! The Japanese then took babies out of mothers’ arms and threw them down wells. No one talked! The Japanese then began bayoneting the men of the village. No one talked! Tiring, finding nothing in the village, and realizing that no villager was going to help them, the Japanese left to search the country side. http://www.flyingtigerheritagepark.com/452/494.html

Sane will hurt Alex in the long run by lacking the education and tolerance needed for people wishing to live in a free society.

Alex talks the talk, but he can't walk the walk.


Anonymous said...

Sane has serious issues with both abuse of power and with cognitive dissonance. He banned me for disagreeing with trivial parts of Loose Change 2nd Edition, and despite in the same post saying I really liked Loose Change Final Cut, that didn't stop him from rolling out the accusations that I am a troll, a strawman (yes, he called me a strawman), and that I was sent to that very forum to troll (even though none of my posts up until that small bit there caused any controversy whatsoever). He is no different than an out of control cop.

Anonymous said...

SANE & ROCK are the same person. Who will ban anyone who disagrees with Alex on anything, talks about the Jesuits/Vatican connections, or isn't a Christian. Alex Jones is well aware of this problem and does nothing about it. Alex also rarely utters more than a sentence about the Jesuit/Vatican connection. Which any amount of research will show you is crucial to understanding the New World Order. I'm tired of seeing people defend Alex Jones. Any time Alex has a caller who disagrees, Alex can't seem to control himself or conduct a civil discussion. He often hangs up on callers. He rarely will talk more than a sentence about the Vatican. He nurtures this image of being such a good Christian helping mankind. Yet, when a caller needs help finding these documents that Alex claims to have, he avoids helping them and often blows up at them. Alex seems to avoid certain topics that are very important. That alone makes me suspicious of him. He also exaggerates grossly about news stories. He presents everything in a way that fits a specific perspective. He's never open minded about things such as the occult or non-mainstream religion. In fact, he attempts to lump the occult, new age, and paganism into Satanism. That's a gross misrepresentation. He never investigates the origins of his own religion, Christianity. In reality he's doing very little to help the truth movement. He does a great job of diverting peoples attention away from very real issues and information. I have come to understand he acts more as a firewall than a leader helping humanity. My opinions only of course.

velocityman said...

I have been banned too and nobody wants to refund the remaining 8 months of my subscription . I believe I was banned by JT Coyote . When I got banned without warning or even a cooling off period or even a explanation I got mad and started digging . The moderator who I am pretty sure that banned me has this link in his signature line http://www.oldyoti.com/ He also left a link to a site on british military weapons and I searched his name and was shocked what I found . Read all the posts and you will see the kind of people ALex allows to moderate his site .
http://britishmilitariaforums.yuku.com/reply/43517#reply-43517 If after reading this you think there are good people there think again .

Al said...

I watched JTCoyote almost (or maybe he did in the end) ban and close up a thread about states succeeding from the union.

It didn't seem to me to be divisive, as the discussion was about when-and-or-if to begin state succession movements. Folks posted current movements, and began the discussion...

JT came in, locked the thread, and then deleted the whole discussion they were having.

I think we may have believed it was a free and open dialog when we started there- however, just like no one in the pork forum likes chats about lambchops- so too is PrisonPlanet about discussions outside their infowar.

Unknown said...

You people are so gullible. Do you really think that Alex Jones would let ANYBODY moderate his forum? He is far too paranoid and too much of a control-freak for that. All those 'moderators' who just happen to all share the same warped personalities and ideals and ban people from Alex Jones' forum for all the same reason, ARE ALL SOCKPUPPETS OF ALEX JONES.

And considering all the micro-managing his paranoia and ego require him to do, he obviously won't have a lot of time to argue with people he disagrees with on his forum. Thus, a quick delete of the thread and ban of the perpetrator is the perfect remedy. Also, because he is so paranoid, if he bans someone for something who then kicks up a fuss, he is liable to assume that new members are sockpuppets for the enemy he just created, and may ban a new member who coincidentally contacts him asking an 'innocent question' right after he banned someone else.

Paranoid control freaks are the worst people to run forums but unfortunately they're the most likely to create forums to try to control in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I just got banned by sane

wasnt jew hating enough!

instead of fighting the nwo he bans people who dont hate israelis

very productive prison planet

Unknown said...

This comment was blocked on Nov 15, 2008:
"Trust No One" urges people to "work together"--which of course is rather hard when trust is absent! When are contributors of these comments going to realize that the pseudonyms they use are part of mind-control; i.e., the reduction and disintegration of personality? Stop the pathetic role-playing and get yourselves together, people!

The name for Obama's intended indoctrination program, Universal Voluntary Public Service, is an example of what was identified by Prof. Geoffrey Dobbs many years ago as "the technique of the essential adjective", a method of establishing a conflict in thinking that the mind cannot process and hence is paralyzed by. It is a specialized case of Double-Think. It combines in a single concept two incompatible elements, in this case "universal" and "voluntary". A program cannot be both at once, since universality obviously rules out the possibility of choosing not to participate.

The originators of this phrase are playing a Marxist mind game.

In Canada years ago we had a Prime Minister, with a Marxist background, who was elected in the same kind of euphoria (women fainting and all the rest) as Obama. The media-created phenomenon was known as "Trudeaumania". This cultural saboteur offered another stunning example of "the technique of the essential adjective": he proposed to establish what he called "participatory democracy"--as if there can be a form of democracy that prohibits participation!

The war being waged on our minds through linguistic manipulation is contrived by devious and clever intelligences. If ordinary folk are to win it, they must have the humility to study their methods, and then expose them. Mind-control is a science.

WWu777 said...

I just got banned from prison planet for no reason. I didn't even get into a debate or offend anyone. I only asked a few questions about the NWO that I was curious about. Then the moderator insulted me and changed the title of my threads to stupid titles. I wrote that he was acting very immature and juvenile, and then suddenly I was banned! WTF? I thought Jones and his followers were intellectuals and truth seekers?

I wrote Alex through his website this letter: (if you want to complain about his moderators, just use the contact form on his site to email him)

"Dear Alex,
I thought that your forum was for truth seekers. So why is it that I register on there to post some questions on my mind about the NWO. Then the moderator ridicules me and changed my thread title to something dumb to try to insult me. Then when I protest and call that act "immature and juvenile", the moderators ban me?

I broke no rule and did nothing wrong. So why did they do that? Do you have any control over your moderators?

I thought you and them were truth seekers? So why does a fellow truth seeker like me get ridiculed and banned from your forum for no logical reason? This is outrageous and I'm disappointed at the behavior on your forum, since I've been a fan of your films and shows for a while now.

And frankly, I'm quite offended at how rudely I was treated by your moderators even though I did NOTHING wrong. Can you look into this?

Do you have any control over this?

My username that I posted under was WWu777 in case you need to look into this issue.


Beijing Yankee said...

Oh man the "mods" suck at Prison Planet Forum.

Alex is a John Birch, right wing, fascist. Censorship is what fascists do well.

Alex is apart of the problem, not the solution.

Anonymous said...

FYI -- I was a moderator on that site and found myself suddenly banned by in-SANE also. Reason as I understood it had to do with me expressing myself about UFO's (I b elieve) and such, and the next thing I knew -- BANNED. I asked for my $$ back and got it and never went back.

Anonymous said...

Count me in your club. Sane decided to ban me for stating that some people regard Joseph Stack a hero for ramming a plane into the IRS building. What's hilarious is that Infowars just posted a story on their front page exactly the same thing.


Sane is an *IDIOT*. I see some of your stories basically match mine, and yours date clear back to 2007. How does Infowars continue this guy to moderate for three years? I mean, sometimes you accidentally allow a lemon onto your staff. I could understand that. But when you look the other way in the face of multiple complaints over several years, I'm sorry: that reflects negatively on Infowars.

P.S. How could a MOD like Jerry get banned by Sane just like that? Is Sane a senior mod, admin, or something?

Beijing Yankee said...

Sane is rumored to be Watson...the writer...not to be confused with Hemmingway except he will probably check out the same way Ernie did.

Killtown said...

Well that would certainly make sense Mike!

inSane is obviously high up in the PrisonPlanet circle to be able to censor so much and for so long without being reprimanded or fired.

Mister_Ed said...

Alex traded heavily on Bill Cooper's murder, yet in the same breath he'll tell you he--not Cooper--was the first to blow the lid on the upcoming 9-11 scheme that summer. That's your first tip Alex is less than genuine. The first thing out of his mouth is a lie--this, before you even meet his underlings, before you ever get on his blog, that's Alex's calling card.

Now, here's his second:

political office.

That's what it seems you're being groomed to do on Prison Planet Forum: quietly, without any understanding you are being readied for the question, the big chance to "show your commitment" by going down to Texas and handing out campaign info (or make phone calls from your home)for his Jones For Congress campaign. Maybe not this year--Medina scraped him off her coattails, but I'm pretty sure that was already in the works.

Meanwhile, Alex sells people on the idea "endless profit is always a good thing"--yet complete deregulation is what made the banksters, the oil barons and Bill Gates the unelected kings of America. Virtual laisse-fare is an impossibility in light of current human nature--and although I'm open to suggestions about how humans can improve their nature, Jones tells his listeners they're already perfect.

I'm neither Jones insider nor sworn enemy--in fact, I have yet to be banned from PPF. I'm just saying I've been on his forum and I can attest to everything said by those here. And as far as his political goals, I really don't see how Jones can be satisfied with a radio show where his largest demographic is ah-cant-spel-buttI-can-kick-yer-azz hillbillies. He's too smart for that, yet too uncharismatic and unimaginative to be accepted at much else.

Perhaps we can agree on the following: the idea you get some "seal of approval" just for keeping your posts inline lets you know you are on a "free" forum which isn't, one created under the pretense of a man who pretends to be something he isn't.

Trypt said...

I don't know whats up with prison planet forum. I was in a middle of several debates, and I was getting a lot of feedback, all of it positive. My posts were all scientific, and I also posted about September Clues and law and behold,I just tried to get in to view a reply, and it says I'm banned. I couldn't understand it at first because my posts were all viewed by many people and debated, until I read this and realized that probably it was the no-plane factual account of sept 11 that got me banned. weird.

Beijing Yankee said...

"My wife is a Christian" says Alex. Her Grandfather was Jewish and he was a doctor. He married a nurse."


I never heard of a religious denomination called "nurse."

The guy's lawyer is uber zionist Bronfman's personal lawyer. This is the guy that was fingered in the JFK assassination. The Novemeber 22, 1963 coup was inspired by the zionists because they wanted "the bomb." JFK stood in their way big time and had to go. JFK's executive order allowing the Treasury to print silver certificates was the straw that broke the camel's back.

The zionists were the administrators to the oligarchs that own big oil, big banks and the military industrial complex. Their personal police force is the CIA. This is where the John Birch Society comes into play. Key members in this group were among the founders of the CIA.

It was a marriage made in hell. The zionists ran the cover-up in the media and the courts. The CIA along with the FBI and the quisling zionists in the courts made sure any investigation would protect the guilty and enrich the oligarchs. Enrichment came by deceiving the people to engage in foreign intrigue and illegal wars, i.e. Gulf of Tonkin.

U.S. foreign policy fell into the hands of the zionist shadow government after Dallas 1963.

Alex's job as a zionist shill is to deflect the attention away from the crimes committed by the zionist agents from the House of Rothchild.

His recent apology about his wife being a Christian ("her grandfather was a Jewish doctor and he married a nurse") is a perfect and classic example of a zionist shill. The dead giveaway was when Alex said "you're just jealous of someone being successful. I feel sorry for you bro." This is the standard response I have heard the zionists use for decades to respond to all criticism of zionism. At this point, like the zionists, Alex kills freedom of speech, cuts the caller off and plays the anti Semite card. "The reason I don't go there is because these people are liars,...sick...losers..."

It's obvious our government has been infiltrated and taken over by this foreign, end of the world, death cult.

The White House Chief of Staff is a Mossad agent. There is no debate as far as I am concerned the United States has been conquered and is under occupation from this zionist/Israeli/oligarch/Rothchild cabal.

“The New World Order” is code for Rothchild. There is no bigger oligarch than this house from hell.

Alex’s job is damage control. His part in the play is the “nut job.” He is to tell the "tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."

It’s a good strategy to have a documented “nut job” exercise freedom of speech by talking about the zionist elephant in the living room and call it “the New World Order.”

This guy is quick to hide behind the skirts of his Bronfman attorney squealing 'Free Speech! Free Speech!' like a victim in the movie "Deliverance." But when it comes to defending free speech for you and I on his message board, permit me to use a NY American Italian word, "forgetaboutit."

Anonymous said...

I didnt even get a chance to login to my brand new account and I was banned. I've spent maybe 5 minutes reading a couple of posts before ont eh site and nothing more. I wrote them asking what the issue is and never heard back. I've lost respect for Alex Jones and Prison Planet TV as a result. Glad I never spent any money there.

Anonymous said...

Sane banned me too. I did some research into who he is, based on his personal background. Something to do with his apparent work as webmaster/historian for a British school history website spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk

You might find some of my PP comments and threads by piratenews. One thread about ex Power Hour host Dave Von Kleist, alleged heir to 35 Nazi generals, who moved to Argentina as ex co-cost with Brent Johnson.

Beijing Yankee said...

At first glance I don't think Watson has anything to do with Spartacus. I love that website. It's a great website. I'd be shocked to see if that smug turdball Watson has anything to do it. I will do some legwork though. I do believe all of the members are listed.

TBone said...


Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

Controvist said...

I'm with you folks. I joined the masses banned from the PP forum after only 7 posts. Alex's own private police state!?
I did say some provocative stuff but I thought that PP forum was the apropriate place for some freedom of speech. After I got pounced on by "Dig" (a forum pig), I pointed out "how can we have any meaningful discussion in this McCarthy witch-hunt atmosphere?"
I was instantly banned.

I fell into one of the oldest tricks in the political toolkit. I wanted to believe Alex was genuine and an honest ally in our struggle against diabolical tyranny. I have tried to forgive his habit of silencing, shouting over and ridiculing callers and interviewees. I cannot believe that Alex doesn't know what the moderators are doing. He seems to be a hands-on lord an master of all Alex Jones Companies. I too suspect that he intends to run for election one day.

His work exposing the plans of the Elite Dynasties is valuable, but he is too blinkered about the causes of the problem to be any help in suggesting effective solutions.

If the Constitution is a foolproof blueprint for a free-market utopia, why is the US so bucked? How can a man who exposes scams and mind control not recognize that the Papal/Vatican Empire ruled the western world most of the time since the Romans handed over.

He regularly claims to be like God, seeing into people's minds and recognizing evil in all it's guises. His sponsors profit from fear of Armageddon so it is his duty to be the prophet of doom.

If The Evil Overlords have their way, water filters, stored food, gold or guns aren't going to save us. I don't think he is a total fraud; but he is locked into his own reality, limiting his growth by rigorously shutting out all alternative perspectives.

Unknown said...

Controvist back again. I would like to withdraw what I said above. I didn't read or obey the forum rules, so can only blame myself for the ban. The forum gives Alex a lot of headaches. I didn't understand how serious and deadly the infowar really is.

So here's a big SORRY to Alex and his team. In my ignorance, I misjudged him and vented my anger in completely the wrong direction.

Having listened to the Alex Jones Show regularly since my foolish outburst above, I realize that he is absolutely genuine and understands what his role is and his limitations. He is absolutely brilliant and gets better all the time.

I am so grateful to the infowars team for their relentless efforts to inform and awaken. The exceptional analysis of news and Alex's inspiring rants are great motivation to keep finding ways to resit the sociopathic corporatocracy and redirect the course of history.

Sorry and thanks again.

Together, we may renovate reality!

mysterion said...

dang i just got my account deleted from PP had to find a previous post of mine and it too disappeared they wiped my existence clean last thing i posted was about the forum software simple machines having an Illuminati symbol not like i was bashing them for using or insinuating they are the bad guys for using the most popular free forum software i was simply saying hey? anyone else fucking notice this? and boom i get shit canned

heirsofliberty said...

As agentbluescreen I contributed nearly 8,000 posts on PPF and was also made a moderator over the course of 5 years. Then suddenly simply because I did not agree with Dig (Sane) and Dok his little religious fascist KJV nutcase moderator about Ron and Rand Paul's RepublicRAT trustworthiness as honest Truthers (Support Jesse Ventura, Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, or Ralph Nader or any honest independent Truth candidate over them any day) I was also banned.

The Dig internet kill switch is alive and well on the prison planet so-called "forum". No person who would ever pursue the power to destroy this planet shall ever lead it.

Unknown said...

I recently got one post deleted on their PPM forum journal section, in "Land Value Taxation: Rebuttals to Common Objections", one of the stickies. The topic was silent for two to three weeks and he must've red it the day after since he was making a long post in topic above and I think I got his attention pretty well there. So I don't think it's Geolibertian who took my post away even though I can't know. But if it was him, he sure didn't do it on impulse.

The core flaw in his system is that we need to make money in order to pay a tax everyone has to pay, and thus we're tied to making money. My argument was that we should be self-sufficient in things like food and energy production and make sustainable solutions for the whole society: so much could be improved with surprisingly little work. Of course we need to pay taxes to keep the roads from falling apart and keeping our policemen, firemen and doctors fed. My point was that we already have enough to arrange these things in a way where we wouldn't have to pay taxes. A self-sufficient way. Permaculture: it will solve erosion, water and food problems if used. If you get known to it you'll understand much of how things could be made better. The only thing you might not understand is why people hang into their egos and petty fights rather than try make the world a better place.

If making money is a necessity, it in itself encourages us to do potentially destructive things. Because if it's a necessity you WILL get it one way or another. In reality money is a necessity only if we make it so. Food, clean water and roof over your head are actual necessities.

Rickyboy999 said...

I got banned for nothing controversiak - all I did was post a thread asking if Ron Paul got elected as President how would he work against the global Elite, NWO and banking cartels as his agenda would be different to theirs - I son't understand the problem?? Seems a fair question to me??

Unknown said...

Just got banned for posting a true but mild assessment of AJ's leniency towards Zionism and Zionist Jews and how down the road the NWO will use his leniency to skew the reality about the danger posed by these organized ideological mafia groups which form a major part of the NWO.

Here is my post:

With the cover that the likes of AJ provide for Jews that endorse violence like the JIDF group, they can and will continue to engage in such violence against righteous denunciation of their massive conspiracies of evil. Their ideology of violence and hostility towards anything just and godly that has been perfected and codified throughout the ages will not be exposed by the likes of AJ, although these same people make the claim that they offer full-spectrum analysis and that they are champions of uncompromised freedom of speech and that they might burn the Quran just to prove what they stand for. They should back down from this misleading claim so people can know that they will have to look for some of the truths elsewhere and that they are not offering the real full-spectrum instead of creating a cult following that, like poor Jason, will have a reflex of obscuring the reality and, believe me, down the line, generations later, if this fight will still be on, the NWO will use AJ leniency towards this crowd of ideologically hardened criminals to shift the blame to other groups, perhaps a Muslim group, thereby contributing enormously in deflecting the attacks away from the mafia dons onto their minions. AJ will then be recompensed enormously for his services by having statues of him everywhere, and a day to celebrate him like they do King and others before. And a new page will be turned, and a new massive conspiracy can be launched by the same group. Because they get cover.

Dragonater said...

"We found another excellent website that details much of the evidence of government prior knowledge and involvement, September 9-11 Surprise. You have got to see this website!"
-Alex Jones, Infowars 9/11 Resources, GCN Radio Network, WBCR 1470AM Alcoa, TN, October 31, 2001

As owner/webmaster of September911Surprise.com, I was banned by "sane" at PP forum. To get all you have to do is post published facts. My email at infowars.net was also banned without explanation and 10 years of email illegally seized by infowars. My webhost was infowars.net that banned my domain name September911Surprise.com for several years, after September911Surprise.com and PirateNews.org were named by History channel's 9/11 Conspiracies Fact or Fiction with Alex Jones, for my conversation with Jones and Colonel Donn de GRandpre re Flight 93 shot down. Alex Jones wanted me on his show and to run his websites, until he realized I wasn't willing to overlook the prime suspects of 9/11. As an Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist on supersonic nuclear alert bombers, my job in the US Air Force was controlled demolition of active US military bases in highly populated areas by detonating C4 on live nuclear bombs and military aircraft, under command of NATO not the Pentagon, and targeting nukes at West Germany not Communist Russia. During Operation El dorado Canyon in 1986, I was involved in bombing Libya in an unprovoked First Strike under cover of a "NATO wargame exercise", that turned out to be a false flag covert pirate radio broadcast by Israeli Mossad in Libya in Operation Trojan. That USAF/RAF attack on Libya murdered the baby daughter of President Gadaffi and 60 innocent people as they slept in their beds. The chief of public affairs for the US Marine corps at the Pentagon was Dr Stoney Merriman PhD, who said "US Special Forces rescued Gadaffi before US jets bombed his house, to prevent an incident if visiting workd dignitaries were killed." My wife was the senior NCO and First Sgt in her USAF squadron, who filed felony charges in congressional complaints (part of Iran Contra) that got the 4-star general USAF chief of staff fired while leading Operation Desert Storm in the first Iraq War, then was offered a job working directly for Secretary of Defense Dick "Tater" Cheney at the Pentagon (the investigative part of the Pentagon hit on 9/11). During that time family's lawfirm was part of the RICO class action suing the Bush Sr White House for narcoterror bombings that killed US jounalists during Iran Contra (Christic Institute case of Avirgan v Hull). My dad helped take the deposition of US ambassador Lewis Tams, who was expelled from Costa Rica forusing the US embassy to import tons of cocaine in USA. Now I have my own TV and radio show, something every Truther should do in their own town, and everyone should own their own radio station either licensed or pirated. Go make as much money as you can to take care of your family and friends and to fund your own Truth empire. Not even Alex Jones has a TV show, after the Commies beat his ass in the parking lot of Austin's public access station. Live life and prosper. Do it NOW.