July 06, 2007

SEPTEMBER CLUES part6: "Forgeries, Inc."

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Tactical111 said...

The "smoking gun" in my mind is that shot of the "plane" hitting the second tower and the aluminum nose emerging intact after punching through huge, solid steel beams. And the "news" banner trying to conceal it. Big corp money is behind this whole operation including insurance/mortgtage cos.( see Hawks Cafe site), the military industrial contractors ( GE, Boeing) who profit from war and who control major media btw. How did CNN KNOW that bldg 7 was going to "collapse" as they reported before it happened for instance? Connect the dots. There are plenty of them and they are all about money and power. " Oppresion and tyranny when it comes will be in the guise of a foreign enemy." James Madison, author of the US Constitution

Unknown said...

Regarding the "impossible framreate plane": note that the buildings images also seem to skip frames in the same rate as they drift slightly to the right. So, this skipping most likely is a video format conversion error.