July 27, 2007

Freeway Blanc

Why does it appear that all the vehicles on the freeway in this 2nd hit video are white?

Addendum to The Frozen Fireball video.


War On Suckers said...

Because the videos a shoddy fake! Next!

This is just a suggestion. Rather than looking for more evidence of fakery in badly faked videos, wouldn't it be more worthwhile to concentrate on looking for clues of what really happened, perhaps by examining the live broadcasts.

u2r2h said...

Well spotted!

I'm hopeful that the truth about 911 will make it mainstream when the HEART OF THE BUMSTEER is exposed... video fakery.

Why? Because *that* now, is something we can all relate to. Killing people, spilling the guts of innocent women and children, tearing limbs from humans in massive explosions .. hey, no problem, we are required to THINK ABOUT IT every day, without actually having to observe the mangled flesh, separated limbs, spilling guts, blistering burns or decapitated heads.. nor do we have to smell it.

But we think about it! So we make it alright with our power of imagination.. "hey, at least it was a quick death" ... "professionals like doctors, undertakers and soldiers will be alright, they see it every day" and "there are not THAT MANY deaths... " and "some dead people deserved it anyway"

In short.. our compassion is almost dropped to zilch.

Our nationalist thinking does it's job, too.

But TV FAKERY? Now that crosses the red line... We will not go for falsified images in news-broadcasts, we wouldn't be able to believe a single thing and our carefully constructed mental world of good and evil will erode and worry us. This would deliver us straight into a MATRIX-WORLD of smoke and mirrors where we are lost without mental life-boats to cling to.
Let us expose it!


War On Suckers said...

Good point!

However if those who managed to download the hires 1GB live video files from archive.org before access was blocked, would make them available, then maybe more of this riddle could be figured out!

To have them and then sit on them just doesn't make any sense.

Philscbx said...

Ok, now that the mentally ill have commented on something so simple to prove them so.

Simply go out at the exact same time of day with the same gear and reshoot the FDR at the same angle, distance, weather.
Now compare the 2.
That's how you investigate and solve hysteria of the mentally ill.