June 21, 2006

Shanksville Crater Oddity

(Updated: 12/05/06)

United Airlines Flight 93 supposedly nosedived straight into the ground like this:

(Photo source)

and burrowed itself into the ground according to the official story and left this shallow crater which looks about 10ft deep:


Now put aside for a second that you can't see much of anything in or around the crater that looks like a giant plane had just crashed there (like the lack of a tail section sticking out of the ground) or that the 5,500 gallons of fuel still on the plane didn't scorch the long dry grass growing around right up to the rim of the crater. What else seems odd about this crater is:

Where did all the dirt go???

Flight 93 was a Boeing 757 with a 155ft long fuselage, 124ft wingspan, and should have weighed about 75 tons at least when it supposedly crashed:

The Boeing 757-200

Operating empty with P&W engines 57,840kg [57.84 tons] (127,520lb) - airliners.net

"Figure 7 shows fuel flow and fuel remaining for UAL Flight 93, calculated in the same way as just described for AAL Flight 77.

Based on ACARS transmissions to the airplane, the fuel load on takeoff was 48,700 lb. This results in about 37,500 lb. [17.01 tons / 5,500 gal*] of fuel remaining upon impact (the end of the DFDR data)." -NTSB (02/13/02) [*One pound of jet fuel = 6.84 pounds per gallon.]

757 Empty weight = 57.84 tons. Reported remaining fuel weight = 17.01 tons.

57.84 + 17.01 = 74.85 tons

The mounds of dirt seen outside the crater looks like about the same amount that would fit back into the 10 ft deep crater:



So a 155ft long plane weighing 75tons at impact nosedives at 580mph and buries itself underground, leaving a shallow 10ft deep crater, but only ejects out enough dirt to fill back in the 10ft deep crater???


Something seems to be missing here.

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Anonymous said...

I saw an image of an engine part in the crator. Perhaps the plane was shot down , and one engine landed there, creating the crator you see.

Killtown said...

Well I would believe an engine created that crater before a intact 757, but then you would have to explain the presence of the wing and tail imprints in the crater.

Also in the
pic of that engine
you're talking about, notice the engine is barely below ground. It's the heaviest/strongest part of the plane, why didn't it burrow itself deeper???

People need to wake up and realize they "crash scene" is totally fake.

u2r2h said...

You have to explain what IS THERE.

Start with the burned trees. How far are they away, how big must the fire-ball have been?

My guess is that it was a bomb.. more than a 500pounder.

Then, how do the airplane-snippets get into the crater, and what is their distribution on the surrounding area?

All these things are inside a report that we have not seen. Until we see it, I hold the US government responsible. I think UN sanctions would be in order.

For a 911 book-list and a
cool cartoon (twice a week)
see my blog:

u2r2h said...


@#$%^&... html...

spooked said...

About that engine-- quite amazing as well that offficially the 150 foot long fuselage accordioned and disappeared into the hole completely-- whereas the engine with all it's weight and thrust barely managed to penetrate the surface.

But clearly that engine is planted. Is there any doubt?

Stogie said...

Yes, there is a lot of doubt that you even have a brain. But if you keep it wrapped in tinfoil, maybe the Feds won't steal your thoughts with radio waves.

Killtown said...

Hey stogie, why do so many conservatives spew such vile, immature, and hateful rhetoric?

Anonymous said...

It is just a whole big messed up mess this story passed on for us to believe. Great work Killtown, keep it up. the 8/7 4:04am blogger who called you, for some reason, to post your address and reveal yourself, didn't even choose a blogger name; they remained anonymous. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'll get a blogger name for further comments.