June 17, 2006

Flight 77's Missing Tail Section

The best smoking gun that no 757 hit the Pentagon.

(Revised 06/30/06)

This is how the official story has Flight 77 flying into the Pentagon:

Notice it's fuselage strikes between the 1st and 2nd floors and it's vertical tail (or stabilizer/rudder) extends above the 3rd floor and it's right horizontal stabilizer should have contacted the wall between the 1st and 2nd story windows:

Now here are some different accounts from witnesses as to what happened to the tail section (note that there are no witness reports of any part of the tail section flying over the building when the plane hit):

"AP reporter Dave Winslow also saw the crash. He said, "I saw the tail of a large airliner ... It ploughed right into the Pentagon." - Guardian (09/12/01)


Statement from Penny Elgas

"The plane seemed to be floating as if it were a paper glider and I watched in horror as it gently rocked and slowly glided straight into the Pentagon. At the point where the fuselage hit the wall, it seemed to simply melt into the building... At that point, the wings disappeared into the Pentagon. And then I saw an explosion and watched the tail of the plane slip into the building." - Smithsonian Institute


"The World Trade Center attacks were followed by a similar attack on the Pentagon. An airliner crashed into the building, causing a major explosion and fire. Witnesses saw a tail section sticking out of the building." - 720 WGSE


"The plane exploded after it hit, the tail came off and it began burning immediately. Within five minutes, police and emergency vehicles began arriving," said Vin Narayanan, a reporter at USA TODAY.com, who was driving near the Pentagon when the plane hit." -USA Today (09/11/01)

A Boeing 757's tail section is huge and should have either left a gash in the wall if it partially entered, or left a very noticeable mark on it if it sheered off and crumpled against it before bouncing off, or from being obliterated into a million pieces from hitting the recently retrofitted wall at a blistering speed of 530 mph. However, you can clearly see that none of that happened:

Also notice there is a piece of column still hanging from the 3rd floor. Columns are usually made of long thin steel rebar incased with concrete, so this piece should have been bent back into the building in the direction the
supposed plane crashed in and not dangling as if it were attached by strings:

You can see from this early photo taken before the roof
collapsed (which was about 30 mins after the "crash" at about 9:38 am) that there is no large plane debris from a tail section or any other section from a 757:

I have yet to come across any photo or video that shows what looks like debris from a 757's tail section or any photo showing a mark on the Pentagon's facade where the vertical and/or right horizontal tail section smashed up against.

Tail sections usually survive plane crashes since they are usually the last to hit the object the plane crashes into and because it's at the rear of the plane:

If you get into a debate with someone who still believes in the official story that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, just show them that there is no evidence of a 757's tail section hitting the wall and sheering off, or obliterating against it. Also, mention that tail sections from planes do not simply disappear without a trace.

The missing tail section from Flight 77 is the best smoking gun that a Boeing 757 did not crash into the Pentagon.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I'm much more convinced by this article:


Killtown said...

And what does that article say?...

"I don't care if you assume there has to be an indentation of the tail on the building, even though it's complete speculation whether or not it should have left it."

Funny this site doesn't address the missing tail!

Btw, I challenged this site to explain away the missing tail. Still waiting to here back from them.

Anonymous said...

I am apologizing for my English. I am a foreigner.
The question sounds:
- were flights existing really?
- what did they do with passengers of these flights? Did they shot them down?

spooked said...

IMO, the best evidence (smoking gun) for no 757 is the approach path, the alleged speed and the ground effect-- no way a 757 could have come in so low at that speed at that angle. It's physically impossible.

But the lack of a tail section at any 9/11 crash has always made me question whether any large planes were involved.

Murdervillage said...

Killtown, you didn't post a photo of the blast from another jet crash. How can you say this doesn't look like that if you have nothing to compare it to?

Murdervillage said...

Why in the world would the tail section of flight 77 be intact after striking the Pentagon head-on at 350 mph? It's physically impossible for such a thing to happen.

Murdervillage said...

B-52 crash, Fairchild Air Show 1994. No ordnance on board.


beervolcano said...

Again I ask you to please concentrate on real shit. NORAD, FAA, war games simulations, Able Danger. Not stupid shit like this. Thank you for trying your best not to distract people from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, your speculation is merely that.
It reminds me of the story of three blindfolded men trying to describe an elephant. The description from each man varied greatly from the others.
Sorry, but I think your blog is rubbish.

Anonymous said...

If a plane did not hit the pentagon, how do you explain the eye witness reports? duh...

VON HEXEN said...

i think we all have to alter our STRATEGIC thinking and take in account the UNCONVENTIONAL ways too.
for example we are not familiar with big airliners flying extremely fast and low since we still have in our mind REGULATIONS,MANUALS and other RESTRICTIONS.

people be aware that ISLAM TERRORISTS do not follow any of the above !
they just want to make their unconventional attacks/killings no
they are the KAMIKAZES of the 21st

so a B-757 can be flown into any building,at any height and any speed because the terrorists don4t care about handbooks & manuals.
so they assume as flying full speed
and as low they can get just to hit their target.
(no normal pilot would do this because they have always in an emergency in their head to save the plane & passengers but terrorists don't care about this important fact.)

terrorist don't care to for any F.A.A. ,U.S.A.F. or other controling body since they will not survive the crashing attack.

we have to face the fact that nowadays (2006) EXTREME LOW TECH terrorists can beat the HIGH TECH SYSTEM.

too long we have been too gentle to the islam without realising that
we were paying for our own doomsday !
taxpayers money went to support for islam propaganda,building mosks & islam schools and getting
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for them it is easy now BY NUMBERS
to fool the government and to organise in small cells for their terror to the civilised world.

i think it is already too late to stop the war between MODERN WORLD Vs ISLAM TERROR.

Anonymous said...

Eyewitness report from a USA Today reporter? COme on! They pick and choose the "eyewitnesses" they want to air. The media is controlled dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Israel did it.



Yojay said...

So, what happened to Flight 77 then? Where is the plane and where are all the passengers and flight crew?

Shirt says it all

Unknown said...

This is for the one who said, "What about the eye witnesses? Duh???" Ok, one eye witness was the present governor of NY, another was the reincarnated Helen Keller, and the third was the one who said what about the eye witnesses, Duh?