June 30, 2006

CDI: 'Pull It' Means 'Pull It Down'

For those who still question what Larry Silverstein meant when he said "pull it" when talking about the collapse of the WTC 7, Jeff from PumpItOut.com called demolition experts Controlled Demolition, Inc (CDI) and asked them what "pull it" means in demolition terms. This is what CDI told him:

Female receptionist: Good afternoon, Loizeaux Company.
Jeff: Um, sorry, do I -- is this Controlled Demolitions?
CDI: Yes it is.
Jeff: Ok, I was wondering if there was someone I could talk to briefly -- just ask a question I had?
CDI: Well what kind of question?
Jeff: Well I just wanted to know what a term meant in demolition terms.
CDI: Ok, what type of term?
Jeff: Well, if you were in the demolition business and you said the, the term "pull it," I was wondering what exactly that would mean?
CDI: "Pull it"?
Jeff: Yeah.
CDI: Hmm? Hold on a minute.
Jeff: Thank you.
CDI: Sir?
Jeff: Yes?
CDI: "Pull it" is when they actually pull it down.
Jeff: Oh, well thank you very much for your time.
CDI: Ok.
Jeff: Bye.
CDI: Bye.

(Remember that Controlled Demolitions, Inc was hired to help with the clean up at ground zero.)

The definition of "pull down":

pull down - To demolish; destroy: pull down an old office building.

pull down 1. To pull down or break up so that reconstruction is impossible: demolish, destroy, dismantle, dynamite, knock down, level, pulverize, raze, tear down, wreck

Again, here's the WTC owner Larry Silverstein's comment about the collapse of the WTC 7:

"I remember getting a call from the, uh, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'You know we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it.' Uh, and they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse."

The WTC 7 imploding (notice its penthouse on the top left collapses in half and disappears into the building first):

Reporter: "...that building number 7 was going to collapse.
That appears to be what has happened now."

Hats off to Jeff from PumpItOut.com for taking the initiative to call CDI and reaffirming from the demolition experts themselves what the true meaning of the phrase "pull it" means; demolish!

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Anonymous said...

when he says "maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it."

how can the smartest thing to do can be to demolish the building? if the building is burning beyond control, who is going to plant explosives? how can a fire like the one one the venezuela or the one in madrid were able to be controlled, but a building that has in storage thousands of very important documents be allowed to burn to the ground?.

Anonymous said...

"Female receptionist: Good afternoon, Loizeaux Company."

No wonder you stooges are laughed at - you trumpet a victory over something some receptionist said. You conspiradroids make me laugh...

Anonymous said...

A demolition company called "Controlled Demolition Inc." is hired to help clean up the World Trade Center disaster, their president, Mark Loizeaux,

hello Loizeaux company as in, Mark Loizeaux company, as in Controlled Demolitions inc.

get it !

Anonymous said...

I am really full mihop, but lately I have grown so tired of the Silverstein quote!
It makes absolutely no sense.
On one hand we want to argue that it would have taken weeks to prepare the towers for demolition, and now we want Silverstein and the fire department commander, to make a spontaneous agreement to demolish the house???
And why on earth would he make such an agreement with fire department commander?
Since when have the fire department been in the demolition bussiness???

This is so absurd, I think it is an insult to the intelligence of all those fine people, who have otherwise nice arguments.
I cannot fathom how intelligent people lige Griffin can peddle this nonsense.

Also, why on earth would Silverstein volunteer to incriminate himself???

If there ever was an aspect of 9/11 that seemed like a honey-trap, this is it - so much more than Pentagon.
I think the entire 911truth movement should wake up and leave this trail.

Washingtons Blog said...

Great work, Killtown!!!

Killtown said...

[shaking head]

Conspiracy Smasher, maybe you missed this part:

CDI: "Pull it"?
Jeff: Yeah.
CDI: Hmm? Hold on a minute.

Obviously the receptionist didn't know what the term meant and told jeff to "hold on a minute" while she went and asked somebody in the office. Didn't you listen to the recording? Did you think she put Jeff on hold to go tinkle or something?

And you laugh and call us "stooges"!

Looks like Conspiracy Smasher just got SMASHED!

Killtown said...

Anonymous said...

1) and now we want Silverstein and the fire department commander, to make a spontaneous agreement to demolish the house???
2) Since when have the fire department been in the demolition bussiness???
3) Also, why on earth would Silverstein volunteer to incriminate himself???"

1)Spontaneous? How about the final go-ahead? If they had planned to demo the building in advance and the owner is one of the main culprits, don't you think the other culprits that would be involved with demo'ing the 7 would discuss the final go-ahead with him before they pull his building?
2) Did you ever stop to think this fire department commander (if he really was one) was in on it also?
3) Who said Silverstein volunteered himself? People says conspirators couldn't keep such a massive conspiracy secret for long, well here is their proof; Silverstein let the thruth slip!

Anonymous said...

Silverstein later came out and said that what he meant by the comment was to pull the firefighters from the building. However, this doesn't seem right. Why would he tell the firefighters to stop doing what they get paid to do? The fire might have grown bigger and spread to neighboring structures. How did he know that the building was on the brink of collapse?

spooked said...

The problem is that the "pull it" comment doesn't make sense either way. It's clearly a demolition term, and given the way the bldg fell, would strongly indicate that Silverstein gave the go-ahead. But it makes no sense that Silverstein made a slip and admitted demolition, because of the implications.

I never heard that Silverstein said that he meant "pull" the firefighters. I thought he only said he didn't meean demolition by "pull". But that could have been a backtracking lie.

Pulling the ifrefighters doesn't make sense because it is not clear there were ever any firefighter IN WTC7 fighting the fire. Really, after the collapse of WTC1 and 2, there were not many firefighters left-- and how many of these were going to go into another burning Silverstein skyscraper?

In the context of Silverstein's original remark, it seems as though he was admitting that they demolished the bldg in order to prevent uncontrolled collapse that would take more lives-- of course leaving unspoken the whole idea that WTC7 was pre-wired and also raising a huge flag for the WTC1 and 2 collapses.

All in all, it is just another inexplicable part of 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Silverstein was practicing "damage control" when he gave the interview where he said "pull it." If he had planned to demolish all three buildings, but only two planes had struck their targets (assuming flt 93 had been intended to strike WTC 7), then WTC 7 was sitting there full of explosives and ready to be "pulled." Silverstein went ahead and "pulled" it anyway. That meant that he had to begin to "explain" how such a thing was possible, for a building that had not been hit by a plane. So he gave the interview, intending to gradually construct a "reasonable" explanation for the demolition. But--contrary to common sense--the public and the media didn't question the collapse of WTC 7, so he decided to change his story and insist that it "just disintegrated" and that was that. It was much easier to use that lie than try to explain how the building was rigged to be demolished. The thing is, Silverstein, being and intelligent man who knows about building construction, didn't believe that anybody would "buy" the notion that the building just "disintegrated." But he underestimated the gullibilty of the public.

Incidentally, "pull" means "demolish" in any context involving firefighting. You can find examples of the use of the word "pull" to mean demolish by merely using Google to search for "firefighter" and "pull."


"E7's crew pulled the wall and knocked the fire quickly"

taken from here:


Anonymous said...

It is clear what Silverstein meant when he said, "Pull it."

He wanted someone to pull his finger so he could fart and have a laugh.

Now THAT is funny.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Salomon for 3 years up until the day of 9/11 at 7WTC.

We had 18 floors. A number of them had people there 24/7 since they were trading floors.

I worked crazy hours myself along with others and it was an always bustling place to work...even on the weekends.

There was NEVER a time where I can remember anything significant at all in construction done on the floors Salomon had. Being in technology, I was forced to floor hop to meet with different groups and it was wall to wall people on every floor.

Since Salomon had floors 28-45, could someone please tell me how they wired the buildings for a controlled demolition when I or none of my former co-workers can barely remember a construction project of any magnitude on these floors?

Now back to your conspiracy fun.

Anonymous said...

Salomon you say because you worked in the building for 3 years and never seen a work crew wearing jackets with writing on their backs saying "Illegal bomb planting team that it must be lies and the building really did fall into its own foundations because of fire..

To be honest i am amazed that you honestly beleive the official bullshit after seeing the building fall the way it did but hey each to his own i suppose.

So for the first time in history we get 3 steel framed buildings collapsing within hours from fire, note the number 3 not 1 but 3. Now 1 steel framed building (modern at that) i might of believed but 3 in 1 day come on dude smell the coffee.

And as for those who say well a plane went into 2 of those buildings does not cut it with most..Those buildings were designed to take multiple hits of planes..The lattice design of the buildings alone made sure of this.

So again i will finish of by saying the explosives that were set throughout the building were not planted over night, they were put in place over a long period time and in such a way that probably 2 teams of 3 men crews as basic janitor looking workers could of did the work without rousing suspicion over a period of a few weeks very easy indeed, especially when those in charge are behind it in the first place.

Dude everything that has been said from that day onwards aswell as the inactions on that day, speaks volumes on who really was behind that day.

Remember that the longer people refuse to accept what is in front of their eyes, they are supporting an administration that are murderers of their own people on a huge scale, and it sickens me to see how easy these people in power are being allowed and yes i mean ALLOWED to get away with such terrible crimes.

You finish your post with saying to us all we can get back to our conspiracy fun. Well first let me say i and others find no fun in seeing through the bullshit we have been fed and wanting to see those criminals in and outside Government being punished for their crimes instead of being free to keep killing that each day passes, i mean lets be honest how many hundreds of thousands have died since 9/11 as a spin off of 9/11?, and how easy it is for you make light of this topic, and throwing the words conspiracy and fun.I am sure it is meant to give the impact that what we say is daft and how dare we question the official story. i guess you would like us all to bury our heads in the sand aslong as we get to eat well drive our SUVs daily, why rock the boat.

beervolcano said...

Silverstein said,
"The best thing to do would be to pull it


we watched the building fall."

Please for the love of god, concentrate on real shit, not this.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so then... according to that video, Larry Silverstein told them to demolish the building. That would mean that after the towers had already fallen, the demo team ran into a building that was on fire and completely surrounded and filled with smoke and debris and perfectly set up explosives to bring down building 7 (which shouldn't have fallen to begin with) - afterwhich running back through the fire and debris and smoke to exit the building before demolishing it.

That doesn't make any sense. That then means that building 7 was ALREADY hooked up to explosives prior to 9/11 (which proves that the owner and then also the government knew about it and orchestrated it) - which then means that the towers were hooked up as well. Seems to me that the conservatives messed up when they offered that statement as evidence as to "why building 7 fell". Good job guys...

Anonymous said...

Silverstein said,
"The best thing to do would be to pull it


we watched the building fall."

Please for the love of god, concentrate on real shit, not this.

No, no you are very, very wrong there. You need to turn up your speakers very loud and listen to him. He said exactly word for word what was quoted. He said that they made the decision to demolish the building and watched it go down. That means that this government authorized the demolition team to go into building 7 (and clearly the towers) BEFORE 9/11 and set up explosives. You should probably focus more on real shit... not what the media tells you.

Anonymous said...

Since Salomon had floors 28-45, could someone please tell me how they wired the buildings for a controlled demolition when I or none of my former co-workers can barely remember a construction project of any magnitude on these floors?

My god you crazy people. It's not like the only time people have access to any buildings they demolish is when people are AT work. There are night time hours and even people who (when done illegally like this was) are dressed up like "normal people" so as not to bring attention to what is being done.

I wish you arrogant little shits would grow up. This isn't a game to argue over. This government killed 1000s of our people and have killed 1000s of innocent people in this premediated war and you're okay with it. You're a sick person...

Anonymous said...

I've personally seen a building collapse once in Manila, they go down somewhat slowly, a few floors at a time.

That vid of WTC 7 going down is controlled demolition.

Vey GOOD controlled demolition

Anonymous said...

As a demo tech it would have taken no less that 48 hours to wire WTC to implode with a team of 15 or so. This is if the team had the plans to do. WTC was imploded of that I have no doubt. This seriously begs the questions as to why WTC 1 and 2 looked and acted so much like implosions. Because if you are going to wire one of your buildings ahead of time why not wire them all?

Anonymous said...

Hello people from america.

I am a german medicine student and I have never ever been involved with conspiracy theories anytime in my life. Everytime a friend or anyone else said something about the americans not being landed on the moon, or jfk being killed by more people than that lone oswald with his tiny gun I replied with my scientific and psychological knowledge, immediately explaining to that person the real backgrounds of the specific event and the psychological reasons, why he now thinks that his thoughts are true and he discovered something new, something so amazing and unbelievable, that it changes history immediately. It is psychologically proven, that conspiration theories arise in situations, where a terrible hard fact stands against the possibility of something even more terrible. I repeat: the POSSIBILITY! not another fact, which can be proven by natures laws. People create conspiration theories, when they have the opportunity to BELIEVE in something, which is in any way more interesting than the actual state of discussion to date and when they can blame other hated persons (like the government)or other evil events or things for some terrible crime. In a society whith so many people living on earth and so few in control of the real power, people feel better when they can oppose those few in power by simply sharing a "knowledge" about those evil upper 10000 (by the way alone laws of statistics teach not necessarily EVERY person in power is evil..)If a conspiration theory arises, people feel understood and can say to themselves: "I am not the only one, who is thinking against mainstream lies, everyone does it! So we have won a victory against those damn politics! We all know they are wrong (or bad) So let them tell there lies over and over again, morally we are the winners. We have the true power, we have the endless power of truth." Conspiration theory authors do not really scientifically need to PROVE their thoughts. It is totally enough to just think in specific directions or speculate over something. The better you hang out the details of a new sensationel conspiration theory in areas, where you never EVER can prove or unprove the content, the faster and easier and more exciting it is to become a fan of this idea, to get people to believe in the possibility and to spread the thoughts.

So it was always pretty easy for me to detect the areas of the stories of my "conspiration-friends” (of which i have plenty , mostly those who are into startrek and things like that..) where they tend to believe something BECAUSE of its non-provability.

But now, we have something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

This blog entry is the first I make about the new 9/11 information circling in the web, sitting in front of my computer for 2 ½ days now. Since now I went through the steps, through which everyone of the preceeding bloggers went through who gets angry when reading those sprincled conspiration haters threads above and anywhere else in the media or private surrounding. 1st, someone gave me the link to the LooseChange Video on GoogleVideo on Tuesday(three day ago) 2nd: I first replied to the link-giver that I just read another detailed analysis of the ATTA-group and the backgrounds behind the terroristic attacks of 9/11 which was published this week on Monday in the most respected weekly german newspaper “Der Spiegel” I told him that for the first time in history of “Der Spiegel” (which is the equivalent of Time Magazine in the USA and has even Design-similarities with it) a DVD was added to the customers of “Der Spiegel” who get it by mail (which I do) as a giveaway, which also covered the ATTA-story in extreme detail. I told him, that I don’t believe in conspirations and that only because of his upsetness, I will have a look at it.
3rd : I watched the video and began thinking.. Deeper and deeper, until it ended. The thing with the loose change video is, that it partly FEELS like a typical conspiration movie, but has a true basis. As a intelligent person, watching this damn film gets you to seriously thinking about what you have just heard and seen. 3rd I decided that I HAVE TO research for my own. It is the first time ever for me to hear a conspiration theory and not immediately see through it. I first just sat there and couldn’t stop thinking. As a upcoming nature scientist, my brain sees those hard-knocking scientific facts, and tries to uncover the trap, to see through the whole thing, to free my soul from thinking: if this is true, this is the greatest catastrophy of human kind since hitler. But I found no door out!
4th I researched all arguments in that film for myself , discovering more arguments while searching I watched all the videos on google video and youtube, read through many websites of those obviously growing 911-truth movement which forms out at the time in your country and seemingly worldwide now.
5th After some time a was convinced. This is extraordinary for me because when I begun researching for myself I thought, that I will have to search for months and talk to all my friends, my parents, architects and statics which are friends of my parents and will always have this distict doubt in my head, that this is TOO BIG to be true. But the thing is the following:

The main problem is the structure of this so-called conspiracy theory of high politic or military officials pulling down the world trade center to fund war for years and morally overcome everyone by saying that they are the good guys against the bad terrorists.

The problem is that the new theory is NOT based on possibilities. YES, it gives us this warm feeling to know the horrible truth and the man in power to be the evil in person. YES, most people feel, that the main thoughts can be never finally proven, but: NO, this shit is NOT based on possibilities: The heart of this theory is the controlled demolition of the World trade center. If this is true, the whole idea of terrorists causing the collapse is totally obsolete. It is not like: This, and this and this and this has to happen, then would be proven, that terrorists can’t be the cause. Simply the one sole fact, that planted explosives have brought down world trade center uncovers the lie. And what a lie! All the other things seem very very unusual and interesting and true to me too, but one can save time in solving the mistery by simply looking at that one fact of the “falling” towers.

So my (and everyone elses) brain had to proove, that WTC collapsed because of the fires of the airplanes. But immediately, brain tells one to make a thought-experiment like einstein: If the towers really collapsed freely because of the kerosin fires melting the steel, how would they have fallen according to natures laws?

The simple answer, that convinced me, that there must be explosives is, the clear and authentic footage of the towers falling, which is not only the main proove of the official version of 9/11 being completely obsolete from one moment to the next, but also the shear SYMBOL of the following fear-campaign of the us government and the ONE main crystal clear worldwide symbol of terroristic attacks for every person of the world who had seen it.

The minor the change in the process of an event surrounded by a conspiracy theory must be to cause a huge change of human history, the more unbelievable, the more unrealistic, the more rotten the conspiracy theory seems to be.

In this perticular case, the one fact, how the towers came down, how they fall, how the material of the world trade center would reach the ground, decides about the world being led by a new hitler or the world being sunken in terror, where hitler is the one god, that stands heavily against it. When I came to this thought, I shivered. How can the officialy blown out pictures and videos on thousands of newspapars worldwide an watched in exausting detail by millions of people live in front of their television sets be the one prove, that changes history? How can that be? .. It was heavy to stand my HUGE doubts! I had to go on, I had to fucking proove, that those buildings fell like they were supposed to fall by the laws of Newton!!

Well, they didn’t: The reason why mankind has to awake is:

Material can’t be pushed neither upwards nor horizontally out from a falling object, which is supposed to be moving only because of the earths gravity. And: material doesn’t eliminate itself. It is only converted into energy or another aggregate-state of existance.

In the footage we all now, we can clearly see a sphere-like expanding dust/smoke-object moving downwards with each tower. Its center is always the current collapse-center and moves downward with it. Every single person who watches the footage carefully sees, that the material of the collapsing buildings is obviously spread outward, not only pulled down by gravity. As each tower is half the way down, the sphere of smoke-material has reached a radius of at least half of the height of the building, that means, that watched from the central vertical axis of the building, world trade center material is being horizontally pushed away the distance that equals about a quarter of the height of the world trade center by some force which can’t be gravity, which always pulls toward the center of the earth. That are about one hundred meters. Everyony who ever ran a 100m run at school or anywhere else can imagine that distance. It is simply impossible to have random hits between building-pieces cause bouce-forces so intense, that material homogenically is blown out sphere-like in every direction.

It is simply impossible to have random hits between building-pieces or even random explosions of kerosin, electrical gear, generators or anything else like that causes bounce-forces so intense, that material homogenically is blown out sphere-like in every direction.
For ignorants: That is supposed to be have happend exactly twice on 9/11. 

Now I could stop argumenting, because it is already clear, that ther must be high energy-explosions planted in the building to cause that force. And the explosions had to be EXTREMELY precisely coordinated in order to keep up this perfect nice sphere-link shape over the entire collapse-time. Every mistake in planting the explosives would have caused the whole implosion to look more real and more believable.

But because I mentioned it before, here the second negative proove for the natural collapse by gravity and kerosin: All of the concrete is supposed to be coming down exactly at ground zero. All beton materials, the furniture, the walls, the floors, the computers, the shear mass of the interior of this building which is not constructed of steel. Everyone who had visited world trade center knows how god damn much material this thing has to offer. 400! Meters high, one of the biggest builings of modern human history!!!

But the material never ended up being found on ground zero….. It was pulverized to dust! It was spread hand-thick all over manhatten!! So there must not only be

1. A force that pushed material away from the central vertical axis, but a

2. force that managed it to pulverize so many tons of concrete at a so high temperatures, that the resulting dust-cloud got so hot, that it managed to simply move upward and outward kilometers away with the wind to come down everywhere in Manhatten centimeter-thick! And:

3. A force that precisely cutted miles of steel-grids, which were build to work against gravity and not with it into small transportable pieces and sink them into the six underground floors of the world trade center complex.

This force cannot be anything else then high-tech explosives.

So there is no doubt anymore and I can tell you that when I finally researched the term “being pulled” on goolge and landed here, I read all the comments here and I knew that all the people who know the truth must stand up. I realized that my own very first impulse of rejecting the loose change link and calling the link-giver a conspiracy theorist is the ONE and only reason for the bush administration to get away with their lies since five years now.

It is the perfide mean achievement of the bush administration to manage it to plant a symbol of fear into millions of peoples brains over the mass media which itself contains the big lie and its scientific proove on top of it. So just the precise analysis of a average human brain of that lie would immediately dismantle the whole human history running at high-speed into inferno lead by evil in person.

This “conspiracy theory” has a structure, that lets us doubt ourselves and our friends when trying to dismantle it. And it does that not just bye the way or addionally to something else, but it is the sole purpose of it. They (whoever it was in detail) searched carefully and desperatly and scientifically-trained for that way to manipulate the highest number of people possible.

So I can tell you, America, I am on your side. Try to fight ignorance, the truth is on its way. It rechaches germany and my personel environment right now, this week. nearly all of my friends who I had not told that story independently heard of it this week from other sources. I found relatively few german websites covering that topic, but I am absolutely shure this will change soon. All we have to try is to help our personal envirenment out of their brain-wash by simply explaining some natural facts to them and repeating it.

Thank you for your patience,

Thomas, Berlin, Germany (8.9.2006)

Anonymous said...

Hello my German friend,

Im from Holland myself and i also studied alot of videos from the internet about the 9/11 events, and i would like to point u to the next video


Or u can watch the entire video:


I hope u like the videos and that it opens your eyes.

Anonymous said...

So, "pull it" means pull it down? So they attached giant unseen cables to the towers and pulled them all down?

Anonymous said...

Just Wait till THOMAS gets to Alex Jones

Unknown said...

If you watch the entire pbs report...the demolition guys use the word "pull" again as they demolish the rest of the somewhat standing building frames...

pull IS in fact the definition of controlled demolition by use of explosives.

Larry Silverstein was NOT referring to the fire department as he said "the smartest thing to do is pull IT and then we watched the building come down"
LOL to think that he meant anything else but the building is just moronic at best.

i've never referred to a group of people as IT and then spoke about a building right after that....Maybe if i was referring to a building i might call it an it...A group of people would probably be called them...

Joel A. Machiela said...

"pull it" does NOT in fact mean "to demolish with explosives" as many here would like to believe. here's a legal document from a hearing at a demolition site accident in which they talk about what "pull" actually means. it's about literally pulling the structure with cables. demolition crews actually did use the term "pull" when talking about building 6, because they physically pulled down sections with cable during cleanup.


enjoy. but i'm sure some will still remain willfully ignorant. also, the receptionist simply said "actually pull it down." she did not use the word "demolish" nor did she use the word "explosives." and keep in mind that it was the receptionist. a real researcher would have talked to an actual engineer. That same demolition company has defined that word to mean pulled down with cables. I'm sure you intrepid interneters can find that.

retroactive said...

I know this thread is old, and tired but... Has it ever occurred to anyone that says "well why would they plant explosives and bring down WTC7 with no plane, and plan a plane to go into the other two?" That all three buildings were wired, and each one was meant to be hit by a plane.

The problem is the third place made an "unscheduled stop" leaving WTC7 still standing wired to go. It went down five hours later, most likely due to the fact they were awaiting the arrival of the third plane and realized it made an unscheduled stop and it would not make it to WTC7.

Then it most likely took them time to consider "Do we detonate WTC7 without the plane now, or what?".

Then after some consideration decided it was more preferrable to have unanswered questions about it's collapse than to leave the building wired and left standing, if they did that how would they get back in and unwire it without being noticed... and even if they could it would leave trace evidence that would prove all three buildings were wired.

So obviously they decided it was best to leave unanswered questions and detonated it without the plane going into it first. No plan is perfect and this one was no exception.

Unknown said...

This would be an example of a 'Red Herring'. Why do you think that building would be necessary to "pull". Do you think it is possible that he was talking about pulling the firefighters and their operation out? Or demoing it later but it collapsed on its own. This is the weakest bit of evidence of all the conspiracy and makes the rest of it look like a joke too. Since we are all very skeptical of the official story, how about a little skepticism towards each and every conspiritorial idea!! That includes holygram planes, etc.

Unknown said...

Buildings don't fall at near freefall speed into their own footprint due to fire!!! Larry Silverstein: "I remember getting a call from the, uh, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'You know we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it.' Uh, and they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse." The CIA had offices in building 7 as did the state of New York. And, for those that said they worked in the building, you did not have access such as maintenance would have had; you had access to certain floors. If there were demolition experts in the building with maintenance uniforms on, I don't think you would be able to tell the difference...

Unknown said...

As Kennedy said open dIscussion is needed if America is to remain free!