September 01, 2005

How Killtown Got Started

When the attacks of Sept. 11 happened, I was shocked, horrified, saddened, and angry just like everybody else. However, there was one more emotion running through me; bewilderment. While most people seemed to be asking why did this happen to us, I was asking how did this happen to us? How did 19 people manage to hijack four commercial airliners and penetrate through the most powerful, sophisticated, and expense military in the world?

Surely our Air Force with jetfighters that fly 3x faster than the hijacked planes and are always on alert and patrolling our skies could have at least intercepted one of these four hijacked planes.

Where was NORAD with all of its expensive and sophisticated radar and warning systems? How did the hijackers successfully infiltrate the cockpits on all four planes and take over without a single one of the eight pilots and co-pilots on board activating any distress signals from the planes? And the most puzzling one for me was, how in the hell did they manage to hit the Pentagon???

The Pentagon is our nation's military headquarters, arguably our most prime military target to be attacked. It has a restricted airspace around it. Andrews Air Force Base is less the 15 miles away and is home to the D.C. Air Nation Guard and Air Force One.

The plane that hit there crashed at approx. 9:38 am, 35 minutes after our military knew we were under attack after the 2nd WTC plane crash at 9:03 am, 42 minutes after Flight 77’s transponder was turned off at approx. 8:56 am, and 105 minutes after NORAD first claimed the FAA alerted them at approx. 8:43 am of the 2nd hijacking in the air. Why didn’t our military send up jetfighters immediately to protect Washington D.C. and other strategic areas of our country during an attack? Are we supposed to believe that our military, with all of its knowledge and might, never thought to protect its headquarters against an attack?

Things just didn’t add up. The attacks just seemed too massive to just come out of the blue without any warnings and it seemed so odd to me that the terrorists would plan multiple hard-target suicide attacks and no soft-target attacks. We were attacked in a most dramatic way and then as fast as it happened, it was all over. No follow up attacks, no nothing. Not even a peep out of any terrorist group trying to claim responsibility that I was aware of.

Weeks later, my skepticism grew. On the radio, I heard that the area where the plane hit the Pentagon just happened to hit a section that was nearly empty due to renovation and to top it off, it was being renovated to "bolster it against an attack." As my eyes rolled after I heard this whopper of a coincidence, I remember saying to myself, "Oh geez, they [the military] probably allowed it to crash there." I know what I was saying had severe implications, but at the time I really didn’t think too much more about it. I was still going through the shock and horror from the attacks and thinking about all those poor souls who died so horribly when watching the WTC towers collapsing and crushing them to death over, and over, and over again from being glued to the TV for days afterwards.

Another thing that I was wondering about was how weird it was that two huge skyscrapers could not only collapse, but virtually disintegrate...

into a pile of rubble only a few stories high.

Even though I believed planes crashed into them and without knowing much about structural engineering, they just seemed to collapse too perfectly. If one tower collapsed straight down as they did, but the other one didn’t collapse or the top section that started to collapse slid off to the side and left most or some of the tower still standing, I probably wouldn’t have ever thought anything weird about it.

Then, a couple months later, it all came together for me. One day while killing time on an internet message board (you know, I was bored at work) I came across a post with a link on it that changed my thoughts about 9/11 forever. When I clicked on it out of curiosity, it showed something that never dawned on me to check out before; pictures of the Pentagon crash scene.

Literally within seconds of looking at the photos, I instantly knew that the plane we were told that crashed into the Pentagon didn’t.

A few weeks later after that, my belief in a government conspiracy regarding 9/11 was reaffirmed exponentially after seeing another whopper of a discover on the internet, the collapse of another huge WTC building on 9/11 that I somehow missed seeing or even hearing about in the news even though I was glued to the TV, radio, and internet for weeks after the attacks.

Funny how the collapse of a third huge skyscraper, one that collapsed hours after the North Tower did and wasn’t hit by a plane or right next to the twin towers, barely got any media attention.

With these two obvious smoking guns in my mind, I thought it would be easy to help wake up the rest of the country to what really happened on 9/11 and to bring the real culprits to justice. Little did I know that these were the types of people I was up against...

That's when I started Killtown.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your efforts. Ever so slowly Dr Jones material will expose the lies. Peace Tom Spellman

TheFrog said...

Wow !!!! What an astonishing and colossal work !!! You must have spent so many hours creating that site and putting together all those facts and evidences, with all the sources. I discovered your site last week and I didn't spend one day at work without going on your site. How can so many people be so blind (me first, I mean, I had doubts, but now I'm more that convinced) for so long...I'm a French Canadian from Quebec and I'd like to know if there's a French version of that site ? If not, I'd be really interested in translating that site into French, so more people can finally know what happened that day, or what didn't happened. Big changes starts with little things, never forget that.

Keep up the good work, sooner or later, the world will know the truth.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you started with ignorance and never let that get in your way of PROVING your ignorance.

You made many false claims without ANY investigation.

You continue to this day to do so.

I guess that is why you are a so-called investigator and not a real one.

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture of the types of people we are up against. Where I used to live, some numbskull painted his foreign made pick-up truck stars and stripes and on the back bumper wrote "nuke em all" Poor bastard.

Boris Epstein said...

An outstanding effort!

I've got a few 9/11-related pieces on my site, too, if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

please post articles at:

Anonymous said...

You people need to quit looking for conspiracy theories and learn to think for yourselves, instead of agreeing with everything this site says. It seems every article I read there is at least one unsubstantiated fact thrown in there...Instead of conjuring secret societies and reasons they would do this, look at the most obvious explanation. Radical Muslims, who hate the US and all it stands for, attacked us. It isn't the first time, and it won't be the last. Next thing I'm going to see on here is that the military is planting IED's in Iraq so they can later get blown up by them. Or the US is firing rockets at Israel so war breaks out and the US can take over the Middle East and control the worlds oil...

Anonymous said...

I have to thank you for your hard work. I, like you, stumbled into a peculiar feeling about the events of that day, and sort of like you, started spending my lunch hours at work to see what others think. And oddly enough, "Killtown" was one of my early favorites! Whatever happened was truly strange, and clearly not what we have been spoon-fed to believe. Hopefully keeping open minds and objectively looking at the facts, even the ones the gov't spouts, will show the glaring weirdness of what came down on 9-11, and I'm not just talking about the towers. Thanks again -- PJH

Anonymous said...

I'd just gotten off a flight from the west coast on the morning of 9-11, drove to my home in Northern
VA, just up the river from the Pentagon, turned on the TV and saw the towers burning. When the first one collapsed, my son noted the sudden cloud of dust and wondered what had happened. I recall saying to him that there was only one circumstance I knew that produced that kind of cloud. So I wasn't surprised moments later, when it became clear that the tower had gone down ... I just didn't put it all together, until a long time later, when like you I saw the video-tape of Building 7 collapsing and knew, as anyone must who looks at it with an open mind, that it could not have been due to a few scattered fires. Hell, even Dan Rather said it. Once! (Amazing what pussies these guys have become!)
I didn't realize at first that others had the same thoughts - until I read The New Pearl Harbor. If you read my blog, you'll see that was my last post there.
Ever since I've been posting on other blogs, mostly conservative sites, trying to open some eyes.
As some of the posts here show, that ain't easy. It's amazing how these folks scream about facts and evidence and "common sense" (that's one of their favorites) when the story they swallow is devoid of any of these!
Nevertheless, it's heartening to read excellent blogs like yours and to watch the recent C-SPAN coverage of the big 9-11 meeting in the midwest, and to realize that the truth is sweeping across the country in spite of everything that's being done to squelch it.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Whats so strange, is that I knew it was an inside job the first day.


Anonymous said...

What a total load of shit. You're fucked in the head.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the writer of this blog is in the Michael Moore fan club? You guys love to twist the truth and distort anything you can to make America look bad. Why don't you take an American Airlines flight over to Afghanistan and live there... it'd do us all a favor, because we don't want scum like you living on our soil.