January 02, 2005

Banned from

This is an archive of all the forums, or websites I'm banned from and the reason(s) why.

911blogger.com - being a no-planer

AboveTopSecret.com - protesting NPT censorship & trolls

CIT - being a no-planer

JackBloodForum - for 'free speech'

DemocraticUnderground - linking sites like WRH for 9/11 info

LetsRoll - posting NPT

LooseChange - posting NPT

Pilots For 911 Truth - protesting NPT censorship & Admin trolls

PoliticalForum.com - reason unspecified

PrisonPlanet - posting NPT

Randi Rhodes - protesting censorship & forum hypocrisy

Sherdog - posting NPT

truthaction.org - being a no-planer

TruthNetRadioLive.com - protesting NPT censorship & trolls

TruTV/Jesse Venture forum - Officially: spamming my site and starting trouble. Real reason: reporting troll posts from skeptics

WTCDEMOLITION.COM - protesting gatekeeper sites like LCF

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