September 07, 2005

Killtown is 'CIA Free'!

And is a 'Non-Bogus' Website! Woo Hoo!

There are a couple of 9/11 truth websites that have pages that list other 9/11 truth websites that they caution against. One is called, "The CIA's Internet Fakes." It lists over a 100 websites (not all 9/11 truth sites) that, I guess, seems to think that all are somehow run, controlled, or influenced by the CIA. It says in part...

"...the government is running not only the 9/11 movement, but also controlling the 9/11 issue in the alternative media. It was relatively easy to do so, because they have controlled both mainstream and alternative media and politics increasingly over the last twenty years. This was just an extension of those operations.

Given the number of assets deployed in support of the 9/11 operation, and the operational requirements of the 9/11 attacks themselves, their origin is now clear. 9/11 was not carried out by some 'rogue group,' nor was it a fully official US Government-sanctioned operation.

But it was orchestrated by the highest levels of the US Military and military-industrial complex; on behalf of the national and international politicians, corporates, and moneyed interests. It had, and still has the full support of the US Military/intelligence apparatus -who control much of the alternative media and the 9/11 movement."

So if you read through their comprehensive list, you will see that Killtown is not on there. Killtown is "CIA free!" Yeah baby, I always knew I wasn't part of the CIA!

Another site has a page called, "Bogus 9/11 truth websites," which lists about 30 sites. It says in part...

"muddying the waters with phony claims to discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement

A tactic similar to (if not part of) the Karl Rove strategy of promoting true material wrapped in a package of lies, such as the supposedly fake documents that were given to CBS News that had the accurate conclusion that Bush went AWOL from the National Guard."

And once again, if you look through their list, you'll see that Killtown is not listed. Killtown is not a "bogus" website. (Whew!)

Now I have nothing against these sites and I've even used some of their research on my site. I'm not even disagreeing that some of these websites on their lists are making a mockery of 9/11 truthers (heck, some of you might think my site is a mockery!). I'm just poking a little fun at them because if you've been following the 9/11 skeptics or truth movement (which ever you prefer) at all, you'll notice that we are our own worst enemy. There is so much obsessive infighting and bickering that it seems like just about everybody, at one point or another, has pointing fingers at each other claiming that they're a "government shill" or "disinfo agent." No one trusts anybody. No one knows who to trust. I mean come on people, can't we all just get along?!

Now I'm not saying that no person or website is a "shill" or has poor research to "muddy the waters." I even think that some of these 9/11 truthers who argue that a Boeing 757 did crash into the Pentagon have pretty weak arguments (and I'm sure they disagree with some of my arguments), but just because we disagree on one of the many areas of interest revolving around 9/11 doesn't mean I necessarily think any less of them or that they should be thought of as "shady" or "controlled by the CIA."

It seems like some 9/11 truthers spend more time trying to "expose" other 9/11 truthers then using their time and talents to expose what we are all trying to expose, that 9/11 was an inside job.

Killtown has never operated in a manner to point fingers at other 9/11 truther sites I disagree with. I try to list 9/11 truther sites on my 9/11 Links page regardless of whether I agree with them or not. I'll let my viewers choose who they trust or not.

I hope that some of my fellow 9/11 truthers can put aside their personal differences (and pride) for just one second to learn how to disagree in a cordial manner if they do disagree with each other and focus more on what we agree with so we can peacefully co-exist and work together, not against each other, to achieve our ultimate goal; exposing the 9/11 fraud.

I hope some of those who have gotten caught up in the finger pointing phenomena will take a step back, swallow their pride and offer an olive branch to the one's that they have a problem with now or in the past. I also hope that the people who are being offered an olive branch will step up to the plate and except it.

In the meantime, I'm going to do what I've always done, spend my time more constructively to help prove that 9/11 was an inside job.

Are you with me?

Oops, one thing on the CIA Internet Fakes page I just saw...

Note: We do not contend that everyone associated with these websites are knowing intelligence operatives. Some have been professionally manipulated, others merely misled. In any event these are promoting the psyop agendas and disinformation themes of the covert controllers. This is also not meant to be a fully comprehensive listing of all the fake websites.

Uh oh, their list isn't a "fully comprehensive listing," so maybe they just haven't listed me yet? Maybe Killtown isn't "CIA free" after all?!

Well, at least I'm not a crackpot.


Anonymous said...


Why does killtown stand by dylan avery a known thief and mr hollbrook who willingly post disimfo writen by wingtv even after knowing that it was bullshit?

Sometimes the truth is lot harder than the fantasy of promoting truth.

Jason Bermus like calling people unstable but from the looks from that fox news clip he loos like a meth freak and with the talk of dylan being under the influence i bet its a hard monkey to carry.

why do they say the same shit as wingtv. Instead of coming clean about stealing opther people stuff to make money, they used the same line "LUNATIC", thats how you spot a conspiracy.

"Guity by association"

We'll be seeing you at the wtc memorial next year, spookie

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)
Paul Isaac Jr

Anonymous said...

Quote from dylans mouth

"He set out to write a FICTIONAL story about discovering that 9-11 was an inside job"

He said this to a supronos star as he was bartendding for the opening of his restaurant.

Now how do you suppose he got to this party if he was waiting table in DC?

His mouth will sink him. It ussually happens like that with drunks and weedsmokers.

Short term memory loss.

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

Anonymous said...

If you Google: "Dylan Avery LGF Racist" You'll turn up something quite interesting this individual.

There is some very enlightening funny shit to this person that people should be aware of.

You may want to reconsider your position on this person.

I got you.

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

Anonymous said...

Correction Google: "Dylan Avery LGF Jew Hater"

Also Google: "Dylan AverY Nazy Turdbuuble"

Dylan Avery Exposed

We'll be seeing you at the next WTC Memorial for Comfirmation obn this since you like to play the run and hide game, Loose and Strange.

That is why they didn't have any respect for the dead. Criminal Networks don't have respect for the dead.

Thats why he protected the other criminals Wingtv as proven on his last edition to loosechange.

But I'm sure anyone searching the above imfo will find quite a bit of usefull stuff.

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

dylan avery said...

Bwahaha! Paul, you are absolutely hilarious. You've lost your goddamn mind. I met James Gandolfini in 2002...I was waiting tables in DC in 2004. That's how.



Anonymous said...

Hey Dylan aka "I think being a moonbat is nice" Remember this oldie but goodie?

Love me daddy?

or what about this one writen and directed by dylan avery himself:

Reposted by shiplord kirel of LGF on 11/27/2003 at 0102hrs

Our old friend the banned moonbat "DYLAN AVERY" is back on NAZIMEDIA to denounce this very string:

"Charles Johnson just thought he would get in the true spirit of thanksgiving by giving thanks to the GENOCIDAL AMERICAN SOLDIERS IN IRAQ, way to to be in the spirit Charles.

Quite disgusting really, that is the true spirit of thanksgiving.......

And today EVIL-DOERS across the country give thanks to a NEW BREED OF GENOCIDAL IRAQI OCCUPATION."

End Quote

Hey stupid, you didn't seem to learn your lesson in 2003 so I'll go over it again.

I've comfirmed this one to;

Remember Zulubaby? Well he's back.

12/16/2003 12:29am PST

" I just realized something! That E-mail address, is DYLAN AVERY aka Abe Smoling aka Scholom Kats and a multitude of other jewish sounding names. He is a RABID JEW HATER and has posted tons of vicious slander about charles on NAZIMEADIA. He even posted something about REPORTING ME AND CHARLES AND DEATHBERG TO THE HATE CRIMES BRANCH OF THE RMCP. ( Aside to DYLAN AVERY, If you're reading this, it doesn't say zulubaby on my passport, ya freak)

End quote

You can find this and many more by googling his name and nazijewhater and you'll see it yourself.

Oh, and by the way Jason Bermas has stated that he is 1 quarter collaborating jew, too.

So lets see what we have so far.

Jason is a camoflaged nazi worling with an Iraqi Veteran who by the statement above see the american fighting forces not to his like and hes' working with a 1 quarter collaborating german jew. according to thoughs who have run into him in 2003 he is an extreme jew hater.

all sounds so funny to me.

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

heres something that will blow a hole in your head adolph:

LGF Charles Johson 10/24/2003 06:34pm PST

NOTE: "Abe smoling" and shlomo katz" are the same sock puppets, posting from STERLING HEIGHTS,MICHIGAN and this creep is now banned.

End Quote


All things that glitter aren't gold they're nazis in camoflage.

Note to the american nazi party, get rid of this scumbag he isn't real.

We're going to see what the people think at the next wtc anniversy SNITCH

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)


Anonymous said...

Have to apologize to killtown for the screw up on the writing. You we "government agents" having to use the brooblyn public libraries have a 30 minute time limit that the bush admin gives us to search and post. LOL

It was supposed to say

Jason Bermas 1 quarter german jew admits to working with an anti semite rabid jew hater who hates our "GENOCIDAL AMERICAN FIGHTING FORCES IN IRAQ".

Got to make you wonder how Korey Rowe must feel about that?

Then they're promoted by none other than FOXnews40NY?

Paul Isaac JR (Sentinel

Anonymous said...

Also want to state that the wingtv article about the last wtc memorial
"Fireman admits again 911 inside job" Is bullshit. The people are governement snitches to. Google:Lisa Guliani calls FBI on Revere Radio Network" and you'll see just how full of shit these spooks are to.

What amazes me even more are all the crackpot wannabe journalist who never even research the materail to see if its even the truth. Just a simple google search of my name will be suffice to see the truth behind the bullshit.

There are many spooks operating on the net and alot of idiots who will readly believe anything they read.

The war has already started. The enemy are the liers who post propaganda.

If you research the names of the "Wingedpiper and Sisyfus" you'll learn the evil meaning behind these names and you'll think twice about believing these clowns.

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

Anonymous said...

Paul Isaac Jr,
I'm trying to follow what you're saying, but it is made difficult by your lack of correct spelling and grammar. From what I have gathered, it seems that you are intent on trying to discredit/insult/"expose" this Dylan Avery character. I am interested to know what it is that you have against this entity.
Please do not take this as an attack upon your person, as I can see that upsetting you is not a wise decision. I am just wondering.
(There's a good chance that I will forget about this post, and never reply, but an answer would still be appreciated, as I'm sure there are others who have the same questions as I.)

Anonymous said...

Keep reading jerkoff

My spelling and grammer may be off but at least I can spot a spook a mile away.

You're just tooooo smart for me. I at least figured out that " and sundevils" and "cointel" is all around you and you're tooo smart to see.

Everyone wants to see the truth so bad and cointel is going to give it to you.

Don't question the messenger just accept what he says at face value.

Little racist anti-semite thief is part of a criminal network to hoodwink you into believing he did the project,but, if you check his records from 2003 on LGF you notice that he is acting like a brainwashed kid who has a temper trantrum because he can't get some racist jews to believe him.

No need to respond because you're too intel for me. I may not be able to comprehend your stupidity.


Anonymous said...

He goes on his own website to state that people seeing the lgf forum topics where stated his racist comment isn't him.

Google "LGF troll hits big time"


Anonymous said...

Official Loose Change Blog
Entered at 0537HRS


"Oh... and it appears someone with the same name as me had some pretty nasty things to say back in 2003. I only bring this up because certain people seem to think this is solid evidence I'm a government plant, or a "jew hater."

No, its just someone with the same name. that all"

End Quote

Why would he write this if it weren't true and he wasn't trying to slip the noose?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if Dylan is a Jew hater or an Arab hater or a spy, but Loose Change is FULL of LIES and disinfo.

The truth is, anyone who belives NORAD "failed" for 90 minutes, is a kook. And most people don't know the chronological history of documented covert support for Al-Qaeda by US Clandestine Services. One period of that comes from the whacky "conspiracy theorist" group known as The Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

But other parts of Dylans movie has been debunked as re-warmed In Plane Site.

Anonymous said...

If you google )letsroll :wingtv spreading lies and censoring the truth) you'll see wingtv promoting child pornography. Scroll down for roxdogs complaint about lisas' bullshit and you'll see what victor and lisa is really into.

Really nice example of the truth movement.


Anonymous said...

So here we have it. The so-called truth movement who will bann and censor all those who do not conform to their views.

Lets take a look at some...3

Revere radio Network has banned me twice after a bait and switch manuver. Quite funny how Roxdog will through insults and slander people even creating phoshoped pictures to add insult but once you calll his little bluf and skid his ass across the floor into the street he cries like a little girl to have you banned. So I brought it to another website belonging to jackblood deadline live and brought on a new topic on these idiots and guess what? I was banned there too.

Even though Lisa and her pet victor are known to snitch left and right to the goverment I have to believ lisa when she acuses QUEER RADIO of not acting in good faith.

And lisa is a lying piece of shit when she stated on the SOTT radio that I was in collusion with QUEER RADIO in that we plan in attacking her. That is total bullshit as I would never be in collusion with pussies who cry and wine over being lied upon then turning around and doing the same shit.

But I'll leave you with this...

If you plan on acting out like you guys did last year rest asured you'll have more to deal with than me kicking the living shit out of you jerkoffs.

Everyone is waiting for you to show up sleazbag.

Sentinel: Legion of the damned

ungeziefer said...

Sentiniel / Paul Isaac Jr,

As far as being banned, I can't believe you're not banned from "Killtown." (Or is this your own blog?) How many comments are you planning on posting, anyway?

I found "Killtown" through a post on IndyMedia about the "Loose Change" film (" ) -- and you were ranting and raving on there as well, copying and pasting all the exact same stuff -- from LGF, no less! What's wrong with you?

I don't know anything about Dylan Avery, but I do know that I would believe any story in the "Weekly World News" before taking seriously a single word in "Little Green Footballs." Why are you using them as a credible source for anything? Are you insane?

(That last question is rhetorical, by the way.)

That's o.k., you're right at home with the vast majority of the "9/11 Truth Movement." (And this is coming from someone who firmly believes that our government allowed the attacks to happen and may have known about them well in advance . . .).

Oh well. Guess we're all nuts.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you have a problem with lgf then take it up with them. The racist jew basher made the comment long before I got to it.

And as far as you are concerend you ahev notadded anything for or against the issue on 9-11.

So WTF do you have a problem with by me exposing dylan as a high school drop out who came to NYC last year for the memorial to exploit it for his finacial and egotistical benefit?

Don't tell me you believe his Documental statement about the Empire State building getting hit with a B-52 Bomber?


Anonymous said...

Interesting that the post refers to a list of "fakes" at The webmaster of that site wanted to hook up and have a few beers. My personal opinion is that that particular site is a CIA (or Homeland Security Corp.) fake and that having a beer with that webmaster could involve getting shot in the head. However, the facts on killtown's sites always check out.. thanks, killtown