March 20, 2009

The Boeing 757 Challenge!


Coki said...

After watching this video I have a couple of questions:

How did they manage to get United Airlines to be a part of all this? Isn´t there a lot of people who may be able to tell that there were no such planes in the air that day? For example, the air controllers.

UA (and other airlines) had to face HUGE revenue plummets after 9/11.

Can you explain this?


Killtown said...

There is no way to know that U.A. was in on it, or how many at U.A. were in on it if they were.

ATC's would only be seeing a blip on there screens which could easily be faked by substitute planes, or inserting phantom blips.

The ATC at Johnstown airport 20 miles from the "crash" site tried to physically look for a United 757 with their binoculars, but admitted they never did see one.

Coki said...

Thanks for the answer.

I understand what you say, but how many people is needed to conspirate to hide that a plane that should lift-off didn´t?

I mean... there´s a lot of people involved in an airport and an airline, do you think that they are ALL a part of the conspiration? Or they didn´t notice that there are three planes that never existed?

I mean... even anyone in the "public" didn´t see in the airport monitors that those flights never took off?

Killtown said...

I'm not saying that Flight 93, or a dummy plane, didn't take off. What's interesting though is how the alleged plane supposedly boarded its passengers.

See: Flight 93's passenger boarding method in conflict

Coki said...

Oh, I see. But that happened a long time ago.
I find very hard to believe that no one ever noted that something strange was happening with that plane.
I mean, a lot of frequent flyers may notice that there´s something wrong with an usual scheduled flight.

Again, there would be too much people needed to pull this through, and that would make too fragile an incredibly big and dangerous conspiration.

Don said...

If you look at the earth, it is made up of sand, gravel and larger chunks of broken rock -- presumably from the mining operation.

This is not "soft earth". It's very solid and supports the weight of heavy excavation equipment. NOTHING can just "insert" itself into this material, and to a depth of 35 feet.

An enormous amount of material would have to be laterally ejected at point of impact, i.e. a crater would form first, and then some of the material would embed in the center of the crater to maybe a few feet.

The absurdity of this account is extraordinary. What remains now to end this nonsense is a complete physics analysis of this crash. The photos are numerous and excellent, and all the other factors are know as well. Once that's done any wiggle room for this tale is over, as well as the official account of 9/11.