July 22, 2008

'Terrorcell' on Vyzygoth tonight talking about Susan McElwain seeing UAV in Shanksville

Domenick DiMaggio (aka "Terrorcell") will be on Vyzygoth's Beyond the Grassy Knoll show tonight at 10:00-12:00 EST.

He will be discussing the smoking gun testimony of Shanksville resident Susan McElwain who witnessed a wing-less UAV flying over her minivan seconds before the alleged crash of Flight 93.

Full interview of Mrs. McElwain by Domenick DiMaggio:

Partial interview:

Susan McElwain: It was pure white, there wasn't any markings on it, there was no rivets. It was that close I would have seen them. It was so molded like it was all one piece... It was cylinder, it came back and this spoiler was across it.

Terrorcell: And there were no wings or...?

Susan: I did not see any wings.

Terrorcell: What do you think it was?

Susan: I can only go by what other people have said to me cuz at the time I thought it was a plane. But like that guy from California who mailed me a bunch of pictures and that guy from Bedford who sent me a bunch of pictures, they all said the same thing that it had to be a missile or an unmanned plane or something...


Tina Powers said...

I've known this crackpot Susan the witch Mcelwaine shes a golddigging bitch who probably made the whole thing up for attention. Quentina Powers DuBois, Pa

lightninboy said...

Hey, Killtown, I have been trying to contact you and Domenick.

I have come to the conclusion that a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III flew over Viola Saylor and the crater field and dumped fake crash debris over Indian Lake and New Baltimore. It is already suspected that the plane above Viola was not really UA93 and could be a painted military plane. But only a cargo plane could have dumped the fake crash debris. The C-17 is a high-wing and Viola was expecting to see a low-wing is why she thought it was upside down. If it really was upside-down and almost touching the tree, the tail would have to be grinding into the ground, right? But it wasn't, and that means Viola knew it wasn't upside down but it seemed that way because she was expecting to see a low-wing. The C-17 has four jet engines with vortex generators and can suck objects off of the ground at low speed and low altitude. Another possibility is the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter and the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy high-wing four-engined jet cargo planes. I suspect the FBI man who visited Susan McElwain was indeed covering up a small UAV drone she saw or the fact that "UA93" was actually a C-17 and he didn't want Susan telling people there was a plane in the neighborhood which had a tail like the rear spoiler on a car. A C-17 tail looks kind of like a winged dragster. The C-17 could have been painted to resemble a commercial airliner for use in a drill about NORAD intercepting a highjacked airliner. The military may have even gotten the C-17’s crew to do the job by following orders without them knowing what they were really doing at the time.

Domenick commented on his Youtube Channel one year ago:
“they didn't blow the plane up in the air. every detail of shanksville was as planned out as the pentagon and wtc complex. the plane flew over the site. it continued flying over indian lake. the small white plane witnessed by susan mcelwain, rick chaney, and so many others is what caused the explosion in the field. that plane did not crash either.”

So that sounds like Domenick DiMaggio could agree with me that a C-17 flew over the crater field and dumped fake crash debris over Indian Lake and New Baltimore.

But I fail to see the little drone Susan saw creating the crater. I think the crater was created by a large missile from the northeast. The little drone would have been for surveillance. It might have tipped the perps off as to when they should launch the large missile. A little drone would definitely not have launched the large missile that created the crater. The missile would have been too large for the little drone to carry. You’d be launching a large missile from a little drone which is moving and barely in the right spot.