January 17, 2008

Suzanne Jovin case reopens, missing thesis ending revealed?

The case of Suzanne Jovin, who was brutally stabbed 17 times in the back, neck, and head the night of Dec. 4, 1998, has reopened:

Jovin Case Reopens With $150k Reward

November 30, 2007

Nine years after Yale student Suzanne Jovin was stabbed to death in East Rock, four ex-cops are taking a fresh look at the unsolved case.

Those with information are encouraged to call the investigative team at this private number: (203)676-1575, or at this email address.

Suzanne was murdered approx. 5 hours after she turned in her final senior thesis draft at her senior thesis advisor's office, Prof. James Van de Velde, and 4 days before it was due. Suzanne had complained numerous times that Van de Velde was essentially blowing her off in helping her with her thesis. The only publicly named suspect in the case was Van de Velde, who lived 3 blocks away from the murder scene and who an eyewitness swears they spotted walking behind Suzanne about 20 minutes before her murder. Local police said that Suzanne was most likely driven to the spot she was killed by someone she knew.

Suzanne's senior thesis was on Osama bin Laden. Prof. Van de Velde happens to be an expert on Al Qaeda, Navy Intel, and has top Pentagon security clearance.

When Suzanne turned in her final draft, it wasn't fully complete in which she says she was "saving the conclusion for last.” However, it looks like the draft of her conclusion has now been revealed (although it's unclear if it is indeed her conclusion). What had she written? Did she reveal something about bin Laden, or Al Qaeda, that may have provoked her "Al Qaeda expert" Professor with top Pentagon security clearance to off her?

Apparently she did not, however, we will probably never really know. Why? Because guess who provided her "unfinished paragraphs" to the News:

Her paper was virtually complete, except for the conclusion. In neat handwriting on the margins of page 20, she wrote about the final paragraphs: “I’m saving the conclusion for last.”

“She had a few hours more work to go,” says James Van de Velde ’82, her senior essay adviser and the instructor of her political science seminar, “Strategy and Policy in the Conduct of War.”

In the unfinished paragraphs, which were provided to the News by Van de Velde, she ended her paper with a warning to foreign-policy makers: “To ultimately defeat bin Laden in his ‘holy war’ against the United States and the non-Muslims, we must be prepared to ‘stand some more heat.’ Certainly, there is nothing to suggest that this ‘holy war’ will turn cold anytime soon.”


Some recent footage of the crime scene:

"Intersection of Edgehill and East Rock roads close to where Yale student Suzanne Jovin was found the night of Dec. 4, 1998"

Spot Suzanne's body was found

"This is the house at 305 St. Ronan St. where James Van de Velde lived on the night of the murder."

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Anonymous said...

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spooked said...

well that settles it! Suzanne was murdered by al qaeda for daring to tell the world the truth about their dastardly plan to wage a "hot" holy war.

Or something.

Seriously, that van de velde dude needs to be locked up -- for spreading disinfo if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone contacted Jovin's family about all this, and if so, what do they think about it? Do think think Van Velde might have killed her?

Suspicious said...

There is no question in my mind that Van de Velde killed her. It is called 'hubris.' He was behaving in a passive/aggressive manner not getting with her about her paper, probably because he had made a subtle pass at her which she rebuffed. He had a history of not being adept with women. She, being a classic Ivy League grade grubber, was threatening to file a complaint against him. It would be very interesting to learn why his appointment in California ended so abruptly. He was on thin ice and she was a threat to him. Go back and look at the ABC special in 1999. He comes across as Mr. Super Spy in his expensive trench coat and as Mr. Big Man on Campus jogging. What single man his age watches reruns of "Friends" on a Friday night?

Unknown said...

But Suspicious -- the DNA under her fingernails didn't match him. Although not conclusively evidentiary, I think it can be presumed that whoever's skin is under those nails is the person that did the deed. I also think the handprint on the Fresca bottle means nothing; it could have been left by the clerk that stocked it in the fridge at the store.

On the other hand, it does seem odd that she was killed so close to his residence. Perhaps he paid someone else to do it, and that would explain someone else's DNA under her fingernails...

Killtown said...

See the link "A Ghastly Murder At Yale" above. They theorize that Suzanne was taken to the woods that's on the same street where she was found, but across the bridge.

If the Professor was behind her murder, he could of had some CIA henchmen kill her in the woods and the DNA under her nails come from one of them.

Then they dumped her body right down the same street. Makes sense how someone can get stabbed 17x in a residential area and no one sees it.

Unknown said...

I only found out about the Jovin case after Annie Le, but I couldn't stop reading about it - I guess because it remains such a mistery. To connect her death to 9/11, you would have to believe in the U.S. government conspiracy, which I don't. From all I read VDV wasn't too interested in her or the paper she was writing, so it is very unlikely that could be the motive. However, he could have been the killer. He could have known that she would have to return the keys that night, so it's possible that he would have waited there and then follow her. But his vehicle was not used... he is certainly intelligent enough to deceive the police and not to leave clues to tie him to the case. But then, no motive, no evidence, only proximity... unless he is a psycho who fantasized of killing, he could not have done it. Then the possibility remains that it is a random act/robbery or act of a serial killer. I just hope it will be solved some day.

Unknown said...

How fast was she walking? The witnesses who saw her could have described her pace. Did they ever prove that she had made it to the convenience store? If she had, at what approximate time would she have been there? Then, if she was picked up by a car, was there enough time to drive her to the woods, kill her and dump her in the neighborhood? Did the police ever search the woods for clues? Did VDV ever drink Fresca? How much did a bottle cost? Would she have gotten any change back? Or did she carry change with her? I don't know what questions the police were able to answer in order to reconstruct, but surely the case was not handled competently from the start and that's the problem. The older the case, the more you have to rely on the evidence collected at the scene, which is very limited. If VDV did it, the case will never be solved unless he comes out when he is old and crumbled and admits. If someone else did it, it could be solved accidentally or if there is another crime committed by the same person.

workplace psychopath said...

an eyewitness swears they spotted walking behind Suzanne about 20 minutes before her murder