January 21, 2008

If Operation Northwoods had been implemented...

If Operation Northwoods had been implemented, do you think the skeptics would have tried to expose it, or tried to defend its official story?

Do you think they would have been fooled by the many rumors spread by clandestine radio?

Do you think they would have figured out that the captured Cubans saboteurs inside U.S. bases were really friendlies?

Do you think they would have been duped by the U.S. burning their own aircraft, lobbing mortar shells in their own base that damaged some installations, sabotaged their own ships in the harbor, and conducting funerals for mock-victims?

Do you think they would have known that Cuba didn't blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay?

Do you think they would have been hoodwinked by the unmanned vessel that was blown up in Cuban waters near Havanna and thought that the Cuban planes and ship that were coming to just investigate the intent of the vessel had attacked it?

Do you think they would have found out that the U.S. air/sea rescue operation of this vessel was a pretend evacuation of remaining members from a non-existent crew?

Do you think they would have been deceived by the fake casualty lists printed in U.S. newspapers that was done to cause a helpful wave of national indignation?

Do you think they would have understood that the terror campaigns in Florida cities and Washington were not committed by Communist Cubans and that Cuban refugees seeking haven in the United States were just being blamed for them?

Do you think it would have been obvious to them that the boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida that was sunk, the wounded Cuban refugees in the United States that were widely publicized, the plastic bombs that were exploded, the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of documents substantiating Cuban involvement were all done by the U.S. to help project the idea of an irresponsible Cuban government?

Do you think it would have been self-evident to them that the Cuban C-46 aircraft that made the cane-burning raids at night, the Soviet Bloc incendiaries and Cuban arm shipments found on the beach, and the Cuban messages to the Communist underground in the Dominican Republic were all carried out and planted by the U.S.?

Do you think they would have discovered that the harassment of civil air, attacks on surface shipping, and destruction of U.S. aircraft by Cuban MIGs that air passengers thought they saw were really painted F-86's with U.S. pilots just announcing that they were Cuban and that the destroyed U.S. aircraft were just drones?

Do you think they would have been double-crossed by the hijacking attempts against civil air and surface craft trying to make it look like they were condoned by the Cuban government?

Do you think they would have eventually realized that the non-scheduled chartered civil airliner carrying a group of college students off on a holiday enroute from the United States flying over Cuba to Jamaica that radio stations in the Western Hemisphere said had signaled an international "MAY DAY" distress call that it was being attacked by a Cuban MIG was really a drone that belonged to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area that was blown-up via remote control?

Do you think they would have figured out that the passengers that had originally taken off on the CIA group's plane were all boarded under carefully prepared aliases and at a rendezvous point, that they were substituted onto a duplicate aircraft that was painted and numbered at Eglin AFB which then descended to minimum altitude and flew directly into an auxiliary field back at Eglin and that the distress signal that was put out was so foreign radio stations would tell the U.S. what has happened to the aircraft so the U.S. wouldn't have to sell the incident?

Do you think they would have known that the USAF F-101 aircraft destroyed a over international waters by Cuban MIGs in an apparent unprovoked attack was really never shot down, but was being flown by a pre-briefed pilot who was taking part in a 5-plane air defense exercise in southern Florida and had broadcasted when flying near a Cuban Island that he had been jumped by MIGs and was going down and then flew back at an extremely low altitude and landed at a secure base in which the aircraft was met by the proper people, quickly stored and given a new tail number and the pilot had performed the mission under an alias and resumed his proper identity and returned to his normal place of business which made it look like the pilot and aircraft had disappeared?

Do you think they could prove that the parts from an F-101 found by search ships and aircraft near the area the USAF jet was presumably shot down were planted by a U.S. submarine?

Do you think they would have subjected themselves to being mocked and ridiculed by trying to convince others that this provocation was not committed by "hostile Cuban forces," but was really a deception plan by corrupt factions in the United States military to deceive the its own people in an attempt to provide justification for U.S. military intervention in Cuba, or do you think they would defend the official story like they are currently defending the official story of 9/11 and belittle anyone who thought 9/11 was an inside job?


Anonymous said...

yes, heck they argue that the declassified document is a conspiracy theory, so why would they believe it wasnt real? baaaaa baaaaaaa

spooked said...

Interesting questions in general-- though I would suppose "skeptics" would be, well, skeptical.

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Yo Killtown,

What are your thoughts on Aktion Reinhard? I know you've been "skeptical" in the past..

hppav said...

You spot a white plane going by in the background, I've found your plane:


His photos line up with the trajectory that the white plane was going.