April 10, 2006

Take the $10,000 challenge!

For those of you who still think Hani Hanjour -- or any of the other alleged hijackers -- crashed Flight 77 into the Pentagon, here's a challenge for you:

Go to a flight school that has a simulator for a Boeing 757 with simulated terrain. Have the flight instructors take off at or near Dulles airport and fly the 757 out near the Ohio/Kentucky border where Hanjour and his gang of merry thugs supposedly took over the plane.

Then you will take over the controls by yourself...

...and turn the plane around and head back towards the D.C. area and try to crash into the Pentagon any place you wish. You can hit it from the side, from the top, or where ever. It doesn’t matter where you hit it as long as some part of the plane touches the building, even if it’s just the tip of the wing.

Now here’s the catch, since Hani Hanjour was on a suicide mission, you have only ONE chance to commandeer the 757 into the Pentagon and since it’s hard to simulate the feelings of knowing you are going to die soon from crashing your plane into your intended target, you have to bet the flight school $10,000 that you can do it in ONE try. Oh, and you have to be going over 500mph the entire time.

Think you could do it knowing you might lose $10,000 of your own money? Still think Hani Hanjour could have flown the plane into the Pentagon?

Put your money where your mouth is
and take the $10,000 challenge!


Anonymous said...

Killtown, I love this challenge. make it more realistic to get pilots/flight students/simulator users involved.

Offer a small cash prize to the first person to hit he penatgon in a simulator following a similar flight path to the alledged terrorists.

Have a realistic challenge that they will attempt to do...get them (pilots etc) talking!

Anonymous said...

forget a simulator, if u play video games... play battlefield 2 and try to hit any building on the ground at full speed with one of those jets.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Killtown

I've just signed up my whole family!

(Family Feud was booked three years staright)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying this on FS2004 just for the heck of it...

Anonymous said...

I'll need better than 1-1 odds to make it worthwhile...

Anonymous said...


So why is anyone still talking about a hijacked-by-Muslims 757 hitting the Pentagon?

We already know that no 757 hit the Pentagon:

Even the U.S. government, which claims that a hijacked-by-Muslims 757 hit the Pentagon, has told (shown) us otherwise:

The only imagery we've ever seen of whatever hit the Pentagon does not show us a 757. BUT IT DOES SHOW US THAT WHATEVER IT WAS, IT WAS TOO SMALL TO BE A 757!

Thus, AFAIC, it is distractive, to say the least, to still be arguing over whether or not a hijacked-by-Muslims 757 hit the Pentagon, as if this was still in question.

(When most people still believed that it was possible that a 757 hit the Pentagon, this challenge would have been pulling in the right direction. But now that we know better, I have my doubts. And putting up a headline pic of Hanni Hanjour atop a Flight77-Pentagon article is the lying govt's job -- to try and reinforce that fictitious linkage -- not ours.)

So I'm not thrilled with this challenge, even though I understand its aerial navigation point, with which I agree. (Another way of making the point, which I tried for myself when Google satellite maps first appeared and was free and open to the public, was to try to navigate via the aerial images from S. OH to D.C. -- I found it to be virtually impossible at any speed; I kept trying to find an interstate highway to help direct me, and I still failed repeatedly.)

The blatantly transparent disinformers are the ones (and there are so many; the movement is thick with them...) who talk about the Pentagon videos without ever mentioning what they've already revealed.

izzysykopth said...

This is outstanding!!! For another $10,000 Reward see izzysykopth channel at you tube. Regarding ground zero column cuts.

dallasgoldbug said...

I would rather start a non profit that pays whistle blowers CASH if they turn over documents that bring down the corrupt. Thats the reason why people don't do the right thing, they know they will lose their job and possibly their lives along with their family.

But what if you knew you would be handed 200K or something substantial that would allow you and your family to relocate to Australia and live beach side for a while. I think it would really get the ball rolling. In fact, I am going to look into it, anyone care to help out? email me dallasgoldbug [at] g mail [dot] co m.

Len said...

Hanjour had a commercial pilots certificate, time flying Boeings on simulators as well as time on PC simulators.

Killtown said...


That's awesome. Now go find a pilot with similar experience and have them withdraw $10,000 of their own money and go take the challenge. Let us know how the results go.