March 31, 2006

The Magic Nose Cone!

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- DoD News Briefing on Pentagon Renovation

Saturday, September 15, 2001
Presenter: Mr. Lee Evey, Pentagon Renovation Manager

Q: "That seems to indicate that it came to rest in ring C, the nose cone."

Evey: "The plane actually penetrated through the ... E ring, D ring, C ring.

The nose of the plane just barely broke through the inside of the C ring, so it was extending into A-E Drive a little bit. So that's the extent of penetration of the aircraft."



Anonymous said...

And then the plane melted?

Anonymous said...

Nosecones will do much damage
when 60 tons of aircraft is behind them.
And the F4 test?
No fuel in it, so no fireball.

Anonymous said...

That's a NeoCone!

Anonymous said...

I believe those columns in that diagram were not done to scale. I'm not trying to discount your hypothesis. I believe 9/11 was an inside job. I'm just saying is all.

Anonymous said...

The WTC had steel beams... the Pentagon had steel beams. Yet, you could see the shape of the planes on the towers but not on the Pentagon... maybe the Pentagon has Kreptonite steel!!! Overmore... howcome they recovered bodies of Pentagon workers but none from the plane???

Anonymous said...

Sure they both had steel beams but, remember, the Pentagon had just been reinforced exactly where the object hit. There's also much more concrete in the Pentagon so it makes sense that the airplane "signatures" aren't exactly the same.

Interesting stuff, this cone...stuff. Didn't know about this and will definately look into it--thanks.

Anonymous said...

Where's the plane? The 124ft wing span? The tail section? The 6 ton engines? How does a 757 bore a 16ft diameter hole through three rings of reinforced concrete structure? This fish story stinks.

Anonymous said...

Great reads killtown

The 911 Truth Movement

Anonymous said...

Oh dear oh dear.

It's not the nosecone that's heavy. It's the contents of it.