September 11, 2012

Lee Purbaugh's plane, the forest damage, and the three Shanksville High students

Two people supposedly saw a plane actually hit the ground in that Shanksville field.  One was Lee Purbaugh, who a lot of you probably heard of.  The other was Michael Shepley, the son of air-witness Linda Shepley. Michael is not very well known because he was never directly interviewed by the media (and maybe there was a good reason for that as you're about to see).

Both Lee and Michael were working a couple hundred yards up the field at Rollock scrap yard.  (Yes, the closet business to the alleged plane crash that supposedly only left small bits of metal scrap on the field was... a scrap metal yard!

Purbaugh says a plane flew over extremely low only a couple hundred feet over his head coming down at a 45deg angle and then saw it crash into the empty field a couple hundred yards away. He described that the plane was rocking from side to side, then suddenly nose-dive into the ground by the treeline.  

What's interesting about this part of his story is that officials claim Flight 93 crashed at a blistering speed of about 580mph.  How could a 757 going that fast be able to rock from side to side, or suddenly nose-dive after coming in at a 45deg angle in that short of distance from the scrap yard to the treeline???

But the most interesting thing about his story is what he doesn't describe. Flight 93 was a United Airlines plane that supposedly was upside-down when it allegedly crashed (or crashed more on its side as Coroner Wally Miller said he was told).

Purbaugh would have either seen the grey top of the upside-down United Airlines 757 as he looked up, or its two-tone Grey/Blue color scheme if it was more on its side as Wally Miller said he was told it was.  However, Purbaugh never mentions that the plane he saw was either upside-down, on its side, or recognized it as an United Airlines plane!

It's hard to believe the Navy veteran would forget to mention, or not being able to notice that a 757 buzzing so low right over his head was was either upside-down or on its side, or what airlines it was from had it been an United Airlines plane.  In fact, in an interview with Jeff "Shure" Hill, Purbaugh not only described seeing the bottom of the plane that flew over him, but that the bottom of the plane that flew over his head was black!  

The plane Lee Purbaugh described does not sound like an upside-down United Airlines 757, or any plane going around 580mph.  I would really like to see Mr. Purbaugh interviewed again and specifically asked if that plane he saw was upside-down, or not, and if he could recognized if it was a United Airlines plane.  I'd also really love to hear what Michael Shepley has to say!

Purbaugh does however give a description of what happened to the plane after he says he saw it crashed, quoted as saying when it hit it “shook the ground, rolled over in some way and then collapsed,” but that too differs from how officials are trying to make it out that because of the super fast speed that Flight 93 supposedly crashed into the "soft ground" of the reclaimed strip mine at, most of the 757 went straight into the ground, "literally." Interestingly, Purbaugh's description is similar to the one given by Wally Miller, who says was the explanation given to him, presumably by the officials in charge of the scene.  It should also be noted that some hold a little suspicion towards Purbaugh because he was coincidentally only on his 2nd day on the job at Rollock, coupled with being ex-military.

Still, if the plane these two saw was different, but still supposedly crashed, where is this plane's wreckage?  Even Purbaugh basically says the only thing he could identify when running up to the scene was a bookbag and a bunch of mail.

But what if this mystery plane didn't crash?  What if this plane flew over the alleged crash site and kept going?  Do I have any evidence to that?

Well remember those three students from Shanksville High School that described seeing a "fighter" plane flying over their school just seconds after they saw an explosion off in the distance?

John:  We think it was shot down because as soon as it crashed a big fighter plane flew over the school.
Tessa: I think that the passengers took it down.
Brian:  I think it was both. At the same time really... We saw that plane like right after it happened.  We were the only ones who saw it pretty much from the school.  Nobody one else saw.
Narrator: How long after did you guys see the fighter plane?
John:  Like ten seconds.
Brian:  Right there. It was right after everything.
John:  As soon as we saw the mushroom cloud, this plane goes flying over. 

Well, it does all line up!

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