May 31, 2010

We caused our Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday to commemorate U.S. soldiers who died from military combat.  

I think the average America would add "while protecting our nation" when thinking of the meaning of this holiday, so they believe our Memorial Day was, in a sense, "caused" by foreign forces trying to destroy America.

However, if you look back at the history of all U.S. military operations where U.S. soldiers died from, I'd argue most of these operations were unnecessary, illegal, and spawned from false-flag events.  (Shouldn't be surprising since the U.S. has been the most imperialist country in the world for quite a while now.)

So the sad reality is most of our fallen soldiers that we are commemorating today died not as a result from protecting the USA from foreign forces, but died because of our own corrupt politician's personal and economic agendas.


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Gary Anderson said...

The killtown website is very informative and I liked the info about that wolf in sheep's clothing, Warren Buffet. Did the author know that the Taliban went to Texas in 1997 and the failure of the Taliban to allow the pipeline to Halliburton investments resulted in motive for 911? Here is the link to the Taliban visit: