April 13, 2010

Memorial Ambassador: 'Over 90% of Flight 93 found, basically all from in the ground'

Flight 93 Memorial Ambassador: ...before impact, [Flight 93] turned on its back and then it just telescoped into the ground. It hit at 580mph, which is cruising speed.

Gideon: How much of the plane was recovered?

Ambassador: Over 90%.

Gideon: Where was it -- was it all found in the crater?

Ambassador: Basically all in the crater.
There were few small pieces [above ground], but basically everything was recovered from in the ground.

This is for those who still don't believe the official story states that of the FBI's claim that 95% of Flight 93 was recovered, most of that wreckage was supposed recovered underground.

This confirms another Ambassador's quote that gave the specific figure that about 80% of the plane was underground.

Of course this part of the Shanksville official story is totally absurd (like most parts of the Shanksville story) because there is hardly any proof that  30+ cars-worth of debris was dug out of the ground (only the staged engine photo is their evidence!).

And don't forget the two most absurd parts of this absurd tale that most of plane managed to bury itself. First is that after most of Flight 93 allegedly buried itself after crashing, the earth fell back in on itself which covered up the hole that would have been left by the Boeing 757 tunneling through the ground and this "remarkably" left a shallow crater in the ground as if a bomb hit there! Second is the only part of the plane that didn't allegedly get buried after crashing at the reported blistering 580mph is the part of the plane that you would think was the most likely to get buried, the cockpit (if that's even possible to become buried!)

Above video was taken by Gideon in 2006.


Anonymous said...

Importantly, Flight 93 had the good sense and decency to pull the ground in over the top of itself.

Killtown said...

Haha! Thanks for reminding me that. I added that absurd tale along with the other absurd tale that of all the sections of the plane that didn't happen to allegedly bury was the cockpit.