October 11, 2009

Forum is temporarily down

Been down since last night. I'm trying to contact the other Admins to see what the problem is.


A forum member couldn't help notice today's coincidental date that the forum is down: 10/11/9

The forum is under temporary maintenance while we restructure things. Sorry for the inconvenience. Stay tuned for updates.

Just waiting to hear back from InvisionFree. As they state on their site, it may take a while to complete.

UPDATE 10/17:
Was hoping to hear back from InvisionFree before the weekend, so let's hope for early next week.

UPDATE 11/26:
Forum was closed because owner 'Slick' was blackmailed.


spooked said...

down for good?

Anonymous said...

Hi Killtown - Over at Spooked's blog you said you might have an idea why the forum was taken down. Are you able to post any more information on this? Thanks - TP