August 11, 2009

Banned at

You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Well this was a surprise . . . sorta. (I guess I shouldn't be surprised about getting banned out of the blue considering how moderators love to censor me).

I saw some skeptics trashing me over there and decided to log in and that's when I saw that they banned me (funny the skeptics never get banned for their personal attacks!).

As you can read, no reason was specified. I did try to create a thread a couple of weeks ago about The Boeing 757 Challenge regarding the non-plane crash at Shanksville, but it had to be "pre-approved" and obviously never got approved.

Hard to believe that would be a reason to ban me there for life.

See my banned from list.


Anonymous said...

At least we got out few seconds of fame on History Channel today.

I've been banned from so many forums I've quit counting, including banned from and occasionally deleted from Comments.

Even my public access TV show was banned "forever", and a kosher judge held secret hearings with secret orders to ban me from broadcasting from a courtroom, and ordered the prosecutor to investigate me for arrest for appealing that ban.

My radio show hasn't been banned yet, but station advertisors were threatened and quit advertising for me listing the radio station as a sponsor of my TV show.

All part of the disinfowar.

Anonymous said...

I was banned there too by some bitch named Jiyoo-Freedom for saying, in general, that people are idiots for bashing the President of the United States with racist language and calling his wife and daughters apes.

I get an e-mail from the moderator that my post was not approved. So, I replied that they may as well be for all the racist crap they allow to go on, then ban people for reacting to it.

I told them to get bent, and that their moderation was a joke.

I've been banned for life. Yippie!

Fury said...

I got banned today. PF is known for it's censorship and tyranny when it comes to others opinions. They'd rather silence you than allow you to express themselves. They are a disgrace to the political debate community.

We actually started a new forum that was everything PF is not. We focus on fair moderation, no censorship, and protection of your right to speech. You can ask any of the users what their opinion is of the staff and forum and get a positive answer.

It's and I invite anyone banned from PF or any other debate site to forgo censorship and express their opinions and themselves there. I also invite the admin of this blog as he has been wronged by PF.

I ask that he allow this comment as when you you type Political Forum in on google this is the #2 link under PF. Help us get rid of false political communities like PF and really promote free speech!