April 16, 2008

Best evidence 'UA93 recorder' in crater staged

(Update 04/18/08: accompanying video below.)

In my Back in Black boxes video, I pointed out several reasons why the recorder-in-the-crater photo was staged, such as:

  1. There is no evidence this photo was taken at the Shanksville scene other than some official website saying so.
  2. The photographer is unknown.
  3. The recorder is not caked with dirt after supposedly burrowing 25ft underground.
  4. The is no fire damage to it.
  5. It is nicely propped up on a piece of metal to be level for the photo.
  6. There is a mysterious piece of wood in the photo.
  7. The parts of both recorders that were photographed happened to be the labeled parts.
  8. The crater photo is the only one that shows any wires from the "crash" even though "95% of the plane" was supposedly recovered.
  9. The brand of the squared recorder is Allied-Signal, where as the brand on the cylinder recorder is Honeywell.

However, the best piece of evidence that this photo of the recorder in the crater is staged that I didn't think of at the time I made my video is that the perps were stupid enough to photograph this flight recorder IN A CRATER!!!

Seriously, why in the world would a recovery crew personnel jump in hole they where excavating with a camera and photograph a recorder???
- Why not wait until they scooped it out and dumped it on the ground before grabbing it to photograph so they wouldn't have to interrupt the excavation process?
- Why was it so important for them to get down in the hole and photograph a piece of plane debris?
- Have you ever seen a flight recorder (or any other plane debris) photographed underground like this from another plane crash?

This photo of a flight recorder being photographed down in a hole is unprecedented.

For the above photo to have been taken like that, this is scenario that officials would have us believable:
  1. The recovery crew begins to excavate the crater for plane debris.
  2. One of the crew members spots the recognizable red color of the recorder while digging up the dirt.
  3. They stop the excavation process.
  4. Someone grabs a camera and jumps in the hole
  5. They pick up the recorder, wipe of all the dirt and make it spit-shine it clean.
  6. They set it back down on a piece of metal to make it level for the shot with the label facing.
  7. They crouch down and take a photo of it.
  8. They pick up the recorder and remove it by hand from the hole.

That scenario is just down right absurd to believe. Some conspiracy skeptics might say "well if they didn't photograph the recorder like that, you CTs would claim the recorders were never recovered there." That would entail that the officials of the recovery process were thinking so far ahead about what CTs would think in advance and why would they care what CTs might think if the plane crash was legit?

Usually photos of recovered flight recorders just show the recorders being moved by the recovery crew:

The flight recorders hold data from the final moments before the crash - aljazeera.net
Russian authorities carry the black box found amongst the wreckage of russian Tupolev Tu-134 plane near Tula, some 150 km (93 miles) from Moscow, August 25, 2004. - english.people.com.cn
A rescue worker (R) holds the second flight data recorder, or known as the "black box", of the crashed CRJ-200 jet, which was salvaged out of the lake in Baotou, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Nov. 24, 2004. - newsgd.com
Rescue workers salvage the first flight data recorder - newsgd.com
Two "black box" flight recorders have been found amongst the crash debris. - BBC
In this picture released by the Brazilian Air Force, air force men hold the black box of the Gol airlines Boeing 737-800 that crashed in Serra do Cachimbo on Sept. 29. - CBS
An unidentified police officer carries a data voice recorder at a crash site in Abuja, Nigeria, Monday, Oct. 30, 2006. - daylife.com

A Cambodian rescuer carries a flight data recorder at the crash site of a Russian-made AN-24 which disappeared after leaving the Angkor temple town of Siem Reap early 25 June, on top of Bokor Mountain, 27 June 2007. - daylife.com

49 Killed in Airplane Crash in Kentucky - The flight data recorder, foreground, and the cockpit voice recorder were recovered and taken to the offices of the National Transportation Safety Board. - nytimes.com

U.S. Navy Lt. j.g. Jason S. Hall (right) watches as FBI Agent Duback (left) tags the cockpit voice recorder from EgyptAir Flight 990 on the deck of the USS Grapple (ARS 53) at the crash site on Nov. 13, 1999. The flight recorder will be flown to Washington, D.C., where National Transportation Safety Board personnel will analyze the recording for clues to the plane's crash. The recorder was found by the remotely operated vehicle Deep Drone operating from the USS Grapple. - DoD

The cockpit voice recorder from the downed Alaska Airlines Flight 261, held by the robotic arm of the remotely piloted vehicle that retrieved it. - howstuffworks.com

The other photo the shows the cylinder "UA93 recorder" sitting outside the crater on top of the ground is at least somewhat believable since I found a similar photo from a real crash:

Photograph of the flight data recorder found at the scene in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, where Flight 93 crashed. - rcfp.org

The flight data recorder, still being investigated in Ottawa, lies at the crash site earlier this week. - iasa.com.au

However in the bottom photo from the real crash, notice the recorder has been set down on the plastic ziplock bag that it will go in it afterward to be sent away for analysis.


What's wrong with this picture?

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