February 09, 2007

Truthmove.org is peddling disinformation

Truthmove.org, another nicely polished 9/11 planehugger site, just set up a new page about disinformation amongst the 9/11 truth movement.

The purpose of this page, according to them, is [bolding mine]:

The 9/11 truth movement is a prime target for disinformation, infiltration, and other forms of sabotage by forces who do not want the truth to be known.


Disinformation requires intentionality while misinformation does not. In the 9/11 truth movement, you will come across both—evidence, materials, researchers, and groups that either consciously or unconsciously promote false or misleading information. Much incorrect information within the 9/11 truth community likely began as disinformation but has been perpetuated as unintentional misinformation.

They say that you will come across groups that is either “consciously or unconsciously promote false or misleading information”.

Ok, let’s look what Truthmove.org says about the high controversial topic of no-planes and TV-fakery at the WTC in which a lot of truthers accuse people who believe in no-planes/TV-fakery are peddling disinformation:

Truthmove.org brings up the hologram theory when mentioning no-planers. To me they seem to be suggesting that most no-planers subscribe to the hologram theory at the WTC. This is interesting because I know a lot of no-planers and I think a handfull no-planers still subscribe to the hologram theory in which the WebFairy is not one of them.

So who are all these other no-planers that subscribe to holograms? Well I asked those at Truthmove.org to write me a long list of who they all are and so far, the big long list of all the no-planers that subscribe to the hologram theory comes out to be a whooping two.

There are at least 50 no-planers out there I know of and Truthmove.org, in their new “disinformation” page, makes it seem like most no-planers subscribe to the hologram theory, yet they can only list two no-planers who allegedly believe in this theory.

So I ask: which group is peddling disinformation now?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great work Killtown. Keep it up.

truth911.net said...

· Jeff King, aka "MIT Engeneer", aka PlaguePuppy, explains the physical anomolies [AUDIO] (05:15)


Anonymous said...

Excellent post again, Killtown. Anyone who is still hugging planes has serious mental issues or is willfully ignorant.


Anonymous said...

Killtown you are an idiot. You are clearly crazy and mentally unstable. You try to soil the name of Truthmove.org by saying they say all NPT agree with the hologram theory. That's a blatant lie from your part. They are clearing doubts and explaining what a No Planer is. And they mentioned Holograms AND / OR TV Faker. AND / OR. AND / OR. AND / OR. AND / OR!! Are you blind? Or are you willfully idiot.

You are the one spreading misinformation with your lies and attacks to other truthers.

You have gone too far, Killtown. You have become a disgrace to the 9/11 Movement. You should back down.

Anonymous said...

Agent Albanese? Is that you? or is it the useful idiot Gold?

Anonymous said...

There are at least 50 no-planers out there I know of...

Yup, yer movement is sweeping the antion...

Anonymous said...

I laugh at you all.

Conspiracy theorists are more interested in bashing each other than saving the world. I am amused.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Killtown, what's the best defense of the no-planer position that you know of? I don't think you're "peddling disinformation" (i.e., deliberately spreading crap in order to embarrass the 9/11 movement or cause other problems), but I do think the no-planes idea is simply untenable and I understand why some people get frustrated with those promoting the idea.

Killtown said...

That's is fine, but when no-plane hater sites spew disinformation about no-planers, that's were I draw the line and everybody who supports credibility should too.

Julian said...

Well, we responded to your concerns and edited the website. But I have my doubts that your attitude is based on this issue alone, as you have not amended the site, or responded to our willingness to respect your opinion.

No, we were not trying to mis-characterize the work of Judy Wood. We don't need to. She makes herself look bad. But we did make an error in characterization that we were happy to correct.

Honestly Killtown, this half-assed hit piece is really more embarrassing for you than critical of us. But I wrote to thank you for all the hits.

Julian said...
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Julian said...

Once again, thanks for all the hits. This thread continues to rank high when doing a Google search for 'truthmove.' It provides traffic to our popular 'disinformation' page, and demonstrates very clearly why we published that page and more recently the "2008 Declaration of Standards and Strategies for 9/11 truth."


Killtown said...

How many no-planers think holograms are what appear on the 2nd hit videos Jules?