December 20, 2006

Shanksville students see 'fighter plane' seconds after explosion

John: We think it was shot down because as soon as it crashed a big fighter plane flew over the school.

We saw that [fighter] plane like right after it happened. We were the only ones who saw it pretty much from the school. Nobody one else saw.

Narrator: How long after did you guys see the fighter plane?

John: Like ten seconds. As soon as we saw the mushroom cloud, this plane goes flying over.

Brian: Right there. It was right after everything.

I stumbled on this clip from GNN’s UA 93: The Road To Shanksville (part 2). This is a HUGE smoking gun that these three students saw a 2nd plane in the area at the same time the explosion happened because the FBI’s story is that another plane didn’t come near the scene until “minutes” after the explosion which proves the FBI lied about there not being a 2nd plane at the crater scene.

Remember that at least ten people besides these three Shanksville students said they witnessed a mysterious 2nd plane in the area and two of these people, Susan Mcelwain and Tom Spinelli, said they saw it before the explosion.

Now don’t be distracted by the students belief that Flight 93 got shot down because no 757 crashed in Shanksville. Their belief that it was shot down would be natural since the heard a hijacked plane was flying in their area, they saw an explosion and seconds afterward a big fighter plane flew by.

What’s important is that their testimony proves a part of the official 9/11 story is a lie.

Also note that Shanksville is a military flight corridor and John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport that's about 19 miles from the crater is home to:

The John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County (JMJCC) Airport is home to several military units. The airport houses the Pennsylvania Army National Guard 1-104th Attack Battalion (Company's A,C, D, and E). It also houses the 258th Air Traffic Control Squadron of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, the Marine Wing Support Squadron 474, Detachment A, and the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HMLA) 775, Detachment A.[1] - Wikipedia

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spooked said...

ooh! good find!

there's still gold in them thar' hills!

spooked said...

I'm wondering
a) what direction the school was from the crash site-- Shanksville was southwest -- so the plane came from the west?
b) what a "big fighter" means-- presumably not a C-130?

Anonymous said...

J-10 Chinese new fighter