November 20, 2006

New 9/11 site and forum:

A new 9/11 site and forum has “officially” opened that is well laid out and looks promising to be a good place for all 9/11 researchers to convene. Please check it out and register at their forum: - forum


Anonymous said...

Great. Another 9/11 forum. I started using People for 911 justice a week ago and that looks kind of nice, it is based on the phpfox CMS - which is basically a MySpace clone. So it's sort of a networking site for 9/11 people.

As for StudyOf911, looks nice, not that there isn't a huge amount of 9/11 forums already (but actually, none that I actually like..).

Go nuts there killtown, if you don't get banned by two weeks then I'll consider it an acceptable forum and join myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

Pssst. The planes were FAKE! Ooops. Now i'm totally banned. Heeheehee!